Canada · 2 Days · 13 Moments · May 2017

Catherine's adventure in North Bay, ON, Canad

21 May 2017

The rain didn't let up all day Sunday so we allowed ourselves the pleasure of an all-you-can-eat meal at an Asian place downtown followed by a relaxing afternoon nap back at the hotel.
Starting our rainy second day in North Bay with a visit to the Pro-Cathedral Church of the Assumption to attend Sunday mass.

20 May 2017

More parks before we call it a day.
Fun at the large waterfront playground.
Fun with selfies.
Posing for the group shots.
Nathan's solo pictures.
Evening stroll of the downtown waterfront area of North Bay just in time to catch the sunset.
Feeling at home as we enjoy our apartment suite and the lounge all to ourselves as we eat our own cooked foods.
Hiking the the walking trails of the East and West Duchesnay Falls and admiring the various levels of cascading falls.
We have to check out the beach, too, at Lake Nipissing. Sand is the color of copper with reddish tones. The water is still cold even though the sun shines brightly and warm to the face. Nathan had to do his small sand fort in the absence of any tools.
The welcoming waterfront of Lake Nipissing in North Bay.
Our first stop in North Bay is the Farmer's Market which is held on Saturday and Wednesday mornings.