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12 August 2015

Lovely to come back to Orlando - but a unanimous decision by the Granvilles was made - no parks! We had a great time with lots of pool hang, Ninna's first margarita, alligators at the hotel and a little shopping. Nice meals with fun people!
Lovely photo of Bob at Kennedy space centre!
Today we visited an old favourite - Spennedy Kace Centre - or as everybody apart from auntie Sally call it - Kennedy Space Centre! We really enjoyed coming back here - but the tour has changed and you no longer have access to the international space station laboratory or the viewing platform by the launch pad. Still enjoyed it though. Now we are on our way to Miami for our last night... Will be sad to say goodbye - what a fantastic adventure... Some highlights- Jersey boys, cinnamon donuts, Philadelphia, monuments in Washington, Dorothy's ruby slippers, Williamsburg,Empire state, line dancing, blues on Memphis, GRACELAND, shopping in New Orleans, alligator sausages, foot long spare ribs, farmstead in the mountains, Lincoln memorial, Smithsonian museums, 9/11 memorial, river cruise on the Mississippi etc etc. best time ever...

9 August 2015

Beautiful afternoon at Pensacola beach!
A stop at Belingrath gardens - we were not looking forward to this - but had a fabulous morning in fabulous gardens and nature.

8 August 2015

New Orleans This is definitely the party town of the South! Reminded us of Brighton on a rowdy night - but on a much larger scale! Bourbon street was interesting to see - but not for us... Lars wanted to try one of the meals he has seen on Man Versus Food so we went to have a Debris sandwich at Mother's restaurant. A real institution from 1938 with crowds queuing in 40 degrees heat to get in! A great afternoon shopping and then for the highlight of the day - a river cruise on the Mississippi with a proper old steamboat with The Dixieland jazz band. Fantastic! We had an unforgettable time with beautiful views of Mississippi and New Orleans by night! Still sweating in 40 degrees at 9.30 at night! All feeling amazingly spoilt! This morning we leave New Orleans for our journey to Florida and some sunny beaches!

6 August 2015

Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee - a walk down the music highway and a fabulous evening at ' The Blues City Cafe' with Sally, Nick and their kids. Bob had a rack of ribs from what must have been the largest pig alive - meat falling off the bone... Ninna and Lars tucked into seafood. Really enjoyed the live band who played rockabilly, blues, jazz and a few Elvis covers! What a night! We all sang along, clapped and thoroughly enjoyed the moment. CD purchased and signed - great memory!
Elvis Presley's Graceland, Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee. An amazing place - a tour of Elvis' home and a look at all the memorabilia. Very moving and interesting. Lars had a little jive in the Graceland diner - a memorable afternoon that makes me want to download some music by the king. Incredibly handsome man - looks a lot like Bob, don't you think?
Sightseeing in Memphis! Mississippi - much wider than expected. Looking forward to a bit of river cruising tomorrow. We visited the Lorraine Motel, where a wreath marks the spot where Martin Luther King was murdered and where his motorcade is still waiting... Memphis is very different to the other cities we saw. Sadly, Mr Peabody's Ducks had already gone to bed by the time we saw the Peabody hotel... Something to come back for...

5 August 2015

Nashville. Line dancing at the Wild Horse Saloon - a fabulous evening when we all had a go and saw the need for a hat and some groovin' boots. Classic moment when the cowboy behind Bob helpfully interrupted to say - 'Don't do it like that , mate. But I've got an advantage - I've got the right boot and the right hat! Even Lars joined in without any prompting... Nina and Sally took over the floor at one point!
Nashville. Great little Honky Tonk bars and hundreds of shops selling cowboy boots...
Anniversary and birthday boys on their way to Nashville xx
Birthday boy!

4 August 2015

Smokey Mountains - beautiful place where we visited Cherokee - the Indian Reservation and a small museum around a farmstead settlement by Deep Creek- absolutely beautiful. Great meal in Asheville and on to the hotel - which again was very nice! Met great people - had a nice evening on hotel patio with them, spicy nuts and a glass of wine. Lars and two friends had pool all to themselves - perfect!
Deep in the Smokey Mountains we visited Dolly Parton's hometown - yes - we ALMOST went to Dollywood - but decided not to.
Enjoying the Deep South from their rocking chairs.
Today our journey goes from Roanoke to Ashville (without an N) across the Blue Ridge mountains and the sSmokey Mountains. Appalachian banjo music, stops at truckers cafes, beatific scenery and sketchy wifi. Lots of time to read my Swedish book and crunch on cinnamon pretzels whilst Lars plays games and banters with his friend and Bob kills pirates.

3 August 2015

An interesting trip to Williamsburg! A historical town with much re-enactment and pretty colonial shops. Enjoyed lovely sandwiches and then a ferry trip across the Potomac river to then continue through Virginia to Roanoke- the star of the blue ridge mountains. A nice meal in the hotel and early to bed for a 5.30 wake up call! Another long day ahead of us tomorrow x
Washington, D.C. To Roanoke - our route today! Virginia is for lovers!❤️

2 August 2015

Last part of our Washington sightseeing - the White House and the Capitol building. We were surprised at how close we got to the front door of the White House - walked straight up to the gate and could get some pics. The flag was on top of the dome - but it is not like at Buckingham Palace - does not mean that Mr Obama is home... Little did we know that Me Obama would visit our hotel two hours after our departure... Such a shame - would have been amazing to see him. Great hotel though- lots of history - Sinatra sang here, Bill Clinton had his inauguration party here, president Truman used to meet his mates here for a game of cards etc. love Washington DC.
A beautiful morning on Arlington National Cemetery. Interesting place with a great guide who could answer any question asked. We saw the Kennedy graves with the eternal flame. I did not know the cementery was founded on the property of Robert E Lee as a slight as he would not agree to lead the Northern army during the Civil war- but instead became commander of the South. Any soldier with an homer able discharge and his wife can be buried here - still 25 burials daily!
Sightseeing around the memorials. Lincoln memorial was our favourite- brave man who United the country. We particularly enjoyed the inside with the famous Lincoln statue. Have decided I will read some books about Limcoln -interesting man. It was amazing to stand on the steps from where Martin Luther King did ' I have a dream...'.
OK - enough of pancakes with bacon and maple syrap - today this was our breakfast! Apologies for the detail to anybody reading this - loving the opportunity of capturing moments to saviour on a November night.

1 August 2015

A fantastic night tour of Washington memorials! Such a beautiful, spacious place with breathtaking views. Joined our group for a meal - were not sure if we would or not - but now so please asked we did! We paid for a set meal - clearly hugely discounted as main courses were about $30 ... We had a five course meal of the. Best Italian food I have ever had. Carmine was the name. A long day - but what a day!
A great afternoon in Philadelphia, seeing Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Found a great cafe with the best raspberry smoothie - son approves!
Another sight in Philadelphia!
A stop to admire the view of the Philadelphia skyline. Bob teens red Ricky's training regime by running up the stairs to the Museum of Arts. Beautiful - very different to New York with wide sidewalks and lots of space.
Fabulous last night watching 'Jersey Boys' - amazing music and great talent. Exhausted by the time we had walked back to hotel!

31 July 2015

And the husband just bought me a souvenir!
So - busy dag in New York. Resting feet in hotel before the excitement of a visit to the theatre tonight. Love New York - so unique... I love the 20s brownstones and the Art Deco feel! Next time (because we will come back) we must see Guggenheim and Metropolitan. We did today manage to also see parts of Natural Hustory Museum, Central Park - lovely lunch, Harlem, Battery Park, Pier 13 etc etc.
Building at ground 0. Visited the 9.11 memorial - very emotional and beautiful. We were all glad we went.❤️
Empire State - we scaled this last night but not by stairs in 9.5 mins like some lunatic did😋
Hop on hop off bus around Downtown Manhattan. Fabulous sights and excited Granvilles. Great moments 😎
Times Square -so much to see - look at these gorgeous ones.
Starting the day at Times Square. Full of American pancakes...
Lobby of Hotel Edison - perfect location.
Great hotel right next to Times Square! Empire State at 2 o'clock am British time! No wifi so no pics at the moment... Off to find breakfast - oh - and was called Miss America by a random man whilst taking earlyornings photos in Times Square. Should probably not go out on my own - slightly bonkers people about...

30 July 2015

Slight delay - but we are on our way - looking forward to in flight delights!
Enjoying the wifi!
And we're off - chilling in the No 1 lounge at Heathrow terminal 3

24 July 2015

One week until we start our adventure...

7 July 2015

Can not wait... And am trying to learn to use the journi xx