North America, Europe · 5 Days · 8 Moments · June 2017

Catalina's adventure in Germany

17 June 2017

Bye bye Germany, till next time !

16 June 2017

Country side walk and cherry picking during our last de in Baden 🍒

14 June 2017

Just relaxing in this beautiful place with lovely company, perfect combination 😊
Every mile traveled was worth it for this view, my baby and the scenery 😍

13 June 2017

After several hours of flying I finally arrived to Frankfurt and as soon as I step out of the airplane I couldn't resist but to buy an authentic German sausage 😋 simply delicious !
First stop: Mad - Barajas ! Isn't this a beautiful airport ? I love it 😍
Bye bye Miami 👋🏼 Hoping to be able to sleep, it is a long journey till I arrive in Baden-Baden, Germany

12 June 2017

In preparation to my journey... trying to pack for two months in a 10kg carry-on 😱🎒