United Kingdom · 11 Days · 48 Moments · July 2015

Cassie's adventure in United Kingdom

22 July 2015

Very common flower around Manchester. This picture depicts the three most common colours but I also saw white.
The oldest pub in Manchester, the spires of the cathedral and the Corn Exchange building.
One of the displays in the library, research on cataracts. A mural dedicated to the Gothic showcase.
John Rylands Library.
St. Mary's Cathedral or "The Hidden Gem"
Two forefathers of science! Dalton and Joule. The other outside of City Hall
Manchester Central Library and Town Hall. Better opportunity for telephone booth pictures (these ones weren't near as smelly)

21 July 2015

Erdigg House
Chirk Castles gardens. The daisies at the end are what they consider weeds. I would rather the tiny daisies to dandelions.
Chirk Castle in Northern Wales. Was rewarded to Roger Mortimer after the betrayal of Llewelyn, the last Prince of Wales. The little wall is called a Ha-ha and it is just high enough to prevent animals from jumping it (mostly the sheep)
Beautiful aqueduct in Northern Wales.

20 July 2015

Probably the most over-the-top thing I have ever drank. Mine was Barbie flavoured. Totally worth the 8 pounds.
Very beautiful flowers at Biddulph Gardens.
Other things from Biddulph Gardens. (My "totally jumped the chain and am not supposed to be here" face 😁)
Baa baa black sheep, Have you any wool? Little Morton House where I had wonderful, fantastic and very filling food. (Asparagus and cheese tart and cream tea 😋) No pictures from yesterday. Very much needed rest day!

18 July 2015

Manchester sights and Wedding Day selfies.

17 July 2015

Manchester! Coach ride, rope swing and Nazarene Theological College.

16 July 2015

Happy Birthday to me! Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes tour.
Happy Birthday to me! Big Ben and Parliament!
Happy Birthday to me! Westminster Abbey.
Happy Birthday to me! London Eye. More selfies, the capsule, Big Ben in the distance and a long way down.
Happy Birthday to me! With my bestie!
Happy Birthday to me! Birthday selfies and Tower of London.
Happy Birthday to me! Continues down the River Thames to see Tower Bridge and overlook downtown London.
Happy Birthday to me! Random shots. The Eye, the tube and cracking out the selfie stick.
Happy Birthday to me!!! Started the day with London Bridge. (It wasn't falling down) Also saw a big war ship.

15 July 2015

Baker Street! (Sharon's never been into a Disney store)
More of Trafalgar Square.
Bond, James Bond. Cinema Museum. Lots of cars and other vehicles. Also had some passports and Bond personal effects.
Bond, James Bond. Cinema Museum. Lots of cars and other vehicles. Also had some passports and Bond personal effects.
Buckingham Palace. Queen V Memorial. Black and Gold Gates. Guards (still in red coats and goofy hats)
Walking back through Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace. See you Thursday Eye of London!

14 July 2015

Wicked was...... WICKED! 😉 Loved it as much as the first time.
Piccadilly Circus! Shakespeare, a huge Casino, the shields of the Swiss Court and Ponies!
See you Thursday Ben!
Trafalgar Square! More Fountains and statues, but these ones were alive! Well, some of them. There was silver man, Yoda and the Grim Reaper. I officially shook hands with death.
Piccadilly Circus. First stop, M&M Store!

13 July 2015

Dinner night 2! It was bigger then my head.
Hyde Park has a lot of fountains. The Marble Arch was the start and end of our cycling adventure and the Griffin was an added bonus.
Hyde Park. Princess Di Memorial Walk and Fountain. Pretty Flowers and Achilles.
Best. Dessert. Ever. Pavlova!!! Quick pit stop at Lido's Cafe
Biking around Hyde Park (literally, around it) where we found a carousel (Aiden), Kensington Palace (Queen V) and Isis. We both donated and made a wish (not telling what mine was)

12 July 2015

Dinner with this beauty!!
Just got asked if I was a girl named Zoey because this guy swears I look exactly like her from Australia. I believe that bumps me up to 5 doppelgängers around the globe! 👍🏻
Adventures on Baker Street!
LONDON BABY! Leaving YYC, Arriving LGW, Express from LGW into inner London!

11 July 2015

Packed up in the car and ready to go!