United Kingdom · 8 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Cassandra's trip through Brighton

6 May 2017

Our flight back home was amazingly beautiful. We saw the sunset and it was beautiful. I was tired after the flight of course, but I was so happy to see my parents again. I slept so good that night. I was happy to be back home, but I will miss the trip in the UK. It was an amazing experience! Thank you RPK for making that trip possible!! ❤️😇

5 May 2017

Last day in Brighton was memorable, I had my last Starbucks, I saw Matt for the last time and I saw the shops for the last time. We presented our presentations (wow, what a sentence) and went on a treasure hunt. Our legs were dead after that. We bought some stuff and went home. At home we had the best dinner we had had so far. Literally, the best one. And then we went to sleep, for the last time in Brighton.

3 May 2017

London, oh, London. One of the most interesting cities. I mean by its history of kings and queens. I saw pretty much everything you could see in London. Elisabeth Tower, Queens Palace, churches and of course the red solders. I would like to go back and visit the other places I couldn't see. Over all I really enjoyed the trip.

2 May 2017

Today was a school day and we had to ask people how to pronounce Estonian words and then guess them. It was so fun. I bought some more Starbucks and Lucky Charms. They were so delicious!!! We also went to Brightons pavilions and I learned that the Crazy George (prince/King) was really fat. 😆😆 There is also a picture of Tilly who is 3 months old and is our families other dog.

1 May 2017

So today was the first school day!! It was amazing and so fun. Matt is such a good teacher. We talked about his life, our life, The Queen, alibis, Shrek, Harry Potter and the Hobbit. Later we went shopping with Brianna and Anna. I had my first Starbucks (Caramel Frappuccino) and my first Fish and Chips! #delicious And there are also some pictures of our families dog Jessie!! She is the cutest!!!!!

30 April 2017

Our dead legs were totally worth it! The seven sisters were amazing and I almost flew away, because of the wind. Also, we got a lil' tour in Brighton and we learned a lot about history! Did you know that Brighton salesman were great smugglers? Well, I don't know why I only remember that... *cough* *cough*

29 April 2017

Our big trip to Cambridge!!! Totally worth seeing places are of course the universities and the biggest and most amazing candy shop ever!!! Nerds, Harry Potter stuff, Oreos and Reese's Pieces!! There was everything!!! I bought Nerds of course, because they are my favorite!! 😍😍
Frankfurt 🔜 London
And on the plane!! ✈️
Waiting for the plane!!!!