Vietnam · 33 Days · 36 Moments · January 2017

Cassandra's journi to Vietnam

15 February 2017

Last day in Vietnam... This morning when I got up I had the hotel room all to my self, so I had a really nice bath and packed my suitcases properly. Spent the afternoon at the orphanage with the baby's, said my goodbyes to them, it was so hard! Had tea with Anna and waited for everyone else at the restaurant for dinner. My goodbyes dinner. The food as always was delicious! Got back to district 4 and meat Jenny the coordinator to say my goodbyes. And everyone else as well! Jenny, Skylar and Hayleigh took me to the airport, finished the day on the plain to Dubai.

14 February 2017

Got up this morning went to the gym with Anna, then went to the pool for a bit before lunch. After lunch went to the orphanage, today was girls day so it's super relaxing, just letting them braid your here and play with your phone. After work had dinner and head of to the grocery store to buy lots of chocolate and ice cream etc so we girls could all treat our selfs on Valentine's Day. Got a room in a 4 star hotel and just eat and watched a movie.

13 February 2017

Got up late today, had lunch then leaded of to the pool. Met up for tea with some of my friends. Started packing my things and just relaxed out side in this great weather!

12 February 2017

Got up and went to have brunch at a really nice cafe with delicious smoothies. Then spent the afternoon at the marble mountain. It was absolutely beautiful, with lots of sightseeing and caves! Then past on to the hells cave and it was kind of scary, but worth seeing! Had dinner in Da Nang and headed of to the airport. Got back to Ho Chi Minh at night.

11 February 2017

After tea decided to walk a bit more along the river until it got dark so we could see the lanterns show. Saw all the city village light up, it's soooo beautiful!! Got a candle and made a wish and put it in the river. Had street food for dinner and got a taxi to go to Da Nang to see the Dragon Bridge show. Where the mouth of the dragon spits fire and then water. Had a cocktail and then went to out hotel.
Started the day with a nice breakfast at the home stay, then went to go and see the old part of town of Hoi An, viajantes multiple pagodas. Saw how they make the lanterns, had lunch with Marley and then got on a boat ride. After decided to go to a really nice coffee shop for tea.

10 February 2017

Slipped in, then in the afternoon went to orphanage. Had dinner, said our goodbyes to the boys and then headed of to the airport to go to Da Nang. Got there and headed to Hoi An, and staid the night at this lovely "home stay/hostel"

9 February 2017

Went to the gym in the morning, when placement in the afternoon. Went to district 1 for dinner at a lovely pizza restaurant as it was our last dinner with the boys ( Pierre, Kshitij and Eric )

8 February 2017

Had breakfast out, came back to the collage and had lunch. Went to bed and got up at 4pm. Went out for dinner, then backpackers street and came home.

7 February 2017

Went to the gym in the morning came back for lunch. Afternoon spent at the orphanage just relaxing with the kids, came back, didn't like dinner so went to lotaria and got ready to go out clubbing. Finished the night going to McDonald's and spending the night at a really nice hotel with two friends.

6 February 2017

Had our Monday meeting at 9am, where I ended up drawing a elephant for the children to learn the animals, then just relaxed at the pool until lunch. After lunch went to the orphanage and spent the afternoon there. Came back for dinner and just hanged about here

5 February 2017

Lazy Sunday!! Got up late, had breakfast and headed of to the pool where we spent the afternoon. Went for a smoothie and headed back home for dinner.

4 February 2017

Got up early and got on a boat to go and see the Mecong floating market. When stoped at a local village for lunch and rented a bicycle to go around the village. Next stop was a rice farm where we learned how to make rice noodles. Got back to the main city and caught the 6hour and a half bus back to Ho Chi Minh. Had a treat and went to Pizza Hut for dinner and then went out clubbing.

3 February 2017

Got up early to catch a bus of 5h to Mecong Delta with the girls. Arrived and went to visit a Bee farm, and then caught a typical boat to the next farm were we had lunch. After lunch went to visit a enormous and famous Pagoda. Spent the rest of the day discovering the city.

2 February 2017

Got up early and just relaxed and did a mini photo shoot on the cruse. After lunch got of and headed back to Ha Noi. Did a full body massage of an hour that was super painful ahahaha. Had dinner and caught the plain back to Ho Chi Minh.

1 February 2017

Got up early to catch the bus to Ha Long Bay! 4hours ride, and we got there! Got to the cruse and did some caiaquing around the islands, it was super beautiful! Got back on the board and did a jump from the top of the cruse. Had dinner and then partied for the rest of the night. Lots of fun went I started putting on my regeton music!!!

31 January 2017

Today we spent the day in Ha Noi. Had breakfast at the hostel, when went to the ethology museum. Walked around the city and stoped at the lake for a smoothie. Got back to the hostel, had dinner at the local restaurant and set a hot pot. Got ready for clubbing.

30 January 2017

This morning had a lovely breakfast at the home stay, then the family invited us to have drinks with them (peach and rice licor made by them) so we had like 5 shots of that. Said our goodbyes and headed up to Sa Pa for lunch. Saw the main town and then caught the 5hour bus back to Ha Noi. Met up with Eric and Nicolas for dinner and went out clubbing.

29 January 2017

Caught a 5hour bus to Sa Pa, arrived at the main village and then got a taxi down to Ta Van. Arrived at our Hostel/Home stay house with a local family. Had some lunch and then rented a scooter and just went exploring around the valleys. Got back, had some dinner and just spent the evening at the hostel. They offered us some Vietnamese New Year food and drinks. Super nice family!!

28 January 2017

Spent the day in Ha Noi with Kshitij it's new year here so everyone is dressed in traditional clothing. Went to visit 2 temples, visited Eric at the hospital and later went to a water puppet show. Henrique to have dinner out with Nicolas and Kshitij and ended the night hoping bars. We started at the Vietnam Backpacks Hostel

27 January 2017

Today spent the day at the pool. Went out for dinner for Flos goodbye, and headed to the airport!

26 January 2017

Today I slept in, went to the cinema in the afternoon with a bunch of people from here (volunteers) came back, went to have a coffee where I met this cute girl taking photos of me, came home and we all went out for the night! Clubbing 🎉🎉

25 January 2017

Today I didn't go to work, spent the morning sleeping and then went out for lunch with Thug, came back to the collage to sleep. After dinner went out for disserte and ended up at 4K.

24 January 2017

Spent the day in the morning orphanage and in the afternoon went to the Buddhist orphanage. Went to have dinner out and then went clubbing at Lush. Spent the night at the hotel next door

23 January 2017

Today we spent the day at the Buda orphanage!

22 January 2017

Today we went up north to the beaches. Had dinner at a nice restaurant and finished the day flying back to Ho Chi Minh.

21 January 2017

Arrived to Phu Quoc, went to this pretty hotel called Sun set Villa resort then went to rent motorbikes to go round the Island. Went to the beach for lunch and then head of to go and see the waterfalls. Drives to the south beaches to go and see the sunset. Got back to the hotel and head of for dinner in a fancy restaurant on the beach. Finished the day going out for drinks at a bar. Had a mid night swim on the beach and later on in the swimming pool.

20 January 2017

Last day of the cultural week! Had a meeting in the morning, in the afternoon went to the orphanage were I had to feed, play, bath and give dinner to the 0-3 years olds. Finished the day packing to go to Phu Quoc for the weekend

19 January 2017

Lats day of culture week! In the morning we went to the Cu Chi tunnels! I shot a AK-47! In the afternoon came back here for lunch and then went to the pool. At night went to a sky bar 360, Vespa bar and ended the night at Piu Piu a disco/bar

18 January 2017

Today we started with a Vietnamese class. In the afternoon we went to the local market and then had a spring roll class. Finished the day at the poll

17 January 2017

Started the day visiting the Reunification Palace, then walked to the Notre Damme Cathedral and to the post office( the big yellow building). Came back for lunch and in the afternoon made bracelets for the children and did group activities with the older children. At night we went to the same bar as yesterday.

16 January 2017

Today we started cultural week! Went to the supermarket in the morning, after lunch went to the the War Remnent Museum and the Ben Thanh Market. After dinner went out for drinks

15 January 2017

Today just went out for brunch with the girls, did some shopping, came back home for a nap then went out for dinner! At night we did a skin mask

14 January 2017

See the lights at night 🌌 1st tour!
Today when to have brunch with 2 girls room mates, one from LA and the other from Australia, then went to by my SIM card for internet. This is my bedroom

13 January 2017

On my way to Vietnam, and the first hours there