United States of America · 3 Days · 15 Moments · November 2017

The Windy City

12 November 2017

Ramen-San // Absolutely LOVED this place, they have rnb mystic, brick walls, projectors, great vibes, and food so great you’ll want to keep eating even though you are stuffed!
Holy Name Cathedral // The name says it all, the architecture of this church is beautiful and the service was straight, to the point, and very relatable to life.
Chinatown Part 2 // We loves Chinatown so much, we went back on our last day! Only this time, we decided to try out hot pot and let me tell you, the spicy pot is SPICY. Our mouths were dying, but it was still tasty. In addition, we went to Ice Max which is a rolled ice cream place that also sells crepes and of course, we had to get our boba fix again at Kung Fu Tea.
Giordano’s // Another much do in Chicago is try deep dish pizza, which was so great I️ also forgot to take a picture of it. Do note, however, that it takes roughly 45 minutes to make the pizza, so if you go in starving, get an appetizer! We had some salad and we drank so much soda, that our waiter gave us a whole pitcher 😅
Do-Rite Donuts // we began our last day with these donuts and they didn’t disappoint...oh how I️ wish I️ got about candied maple bacon donut
Willis Tower // Were you even in Chicago if you don’t go on the Skydeck? Not gonna lie, being 103 floors up, is a bit overwhelming, but the view is definitely worth it!

11 November 2017

Honey Butter Fried Chicken /: I️ don’t have a picture of my Kimchi Fried Chicken Sandwich, but all you have to know is that it was mouth watering. The place is super quirky with good vibes and excellent service. It does get a little crowded with the influx of people, but the food is worth it!
Hostel Living // Welcome to our hostel! It was a pretty nice place with a game room, complimentary breakfast, a community kitchen on each floor, AND it’s right next to a public library! 😍
Water Tower Place // What’s a vacation without shopping? After hitting up Chinatown, we went to Water Tower Place to see what we could find in the stores! Along the way, we found a Dr. Seuss store and a lego store.
Chinatown // We started day 2 with Chinatown after befriending a dorm mate in the hostel! We had dim sum for breakfast where we stuffed our faces and then went to Kung Fu Tea.

10 November 2017

Dylan’s Candy Bar // I️ originally didn’t want to go to here because I️ thought they just sold candy, but I️ was sold when I️ saw a menu on the window and saw they had cheesecake! This cheesecake fantasy was all I️ could ever ask for and more. Not only did it have a slice of cheesecake, but it had Oreo ice cream, strawberries, Oreos, and whip cream! 😍
Nando’s // I️ now know what all the rave is about! This was my first time at Nando’s and it was yummy in my tummy. If you’ve never been, I️ got the classic chicken burger with medium sauce. It comes with pineapples and is so packed with flavor, you won’t regret it!
Nutella Cafe // I️ didn’t think anything could be better than Nutella....until we found the cafe. It’s super cute inside and the food was delicious! Oh, and if you don’t like Nutella, they have an amazing lemon curd and berry crepe! 😋
Stop Number One: Millennium Park // 3 hours of traffic later, we made it to the bean, and it surely didn’t disappoint! Snow plus the Bean, made for a magical moment in the park. In addition, we saw some trees that had leaves that were actually changing!
First Impression of Chicago: Snow // After getting off the plane, we were ecstatic to see that it was snowing for the first time this year, especially because it was one of our first times seeing snow. As we departed the airport and started driving through town, we realized that snow wasn’t just fun, it was annoying. It was so cold that cars couldn’t drive on the highway and we ended up PUSHING our uber. So yes, snow is cool...to an extent.