North America, Europe · 11 Days · 53 Moments · March 2018

Carter in London, United Kingdom

26 March 2018

Now being back from London, I am a little sad to be back. I loved the city, the history, and the culture. It was an amazing trip, and I am very grateful for the opportunity. I had an incredible time! I made so many great memories and many new great friends. It is a trip I will never forget.

24 March 2018

Pictures taken while walking around London
Stops along the Harry Potter filming sites tour and Leadenhall Market
Horse Guards and 10 Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives)
Churchill War Rooms

23 March 2018

Piccadilly Circus
It’s 7pm on Friday night and I’m sitting in my room with a glass of wine looking out the window. The widow is cracked open and I can see and hear what’s happening below. There are people talking, car breaks squeaking, ambulances blaring, but for some reason I find it so peaceful. I am looking down to many people below going wherever they may be going. Some are alone, some are in groups, some are on their phone, some are listening to music, and I am just sitting here watching. I love this city, and it makes me sad that my time here is coming to an end. I’ve cherished everything London has to offer, and if there is one thing I know, it’s that I’ll be back again someday.
Abbey Road and Abbey Road Studios
Camden Market
More pictures of St. Paul’s and some pictures from the top
St. Paul’s cathedral
Last night we went on a Jack the Ripper tour. It was very interesting, and I learned a lot! I did not know much about Jack the Ripper beforehand. We walked the streets of London, stopping at various sites where the gruesome murders took place. Not all the places looked the same as they did back in the Victorian era, for obvious reasons, but we could still see some of the old Victorian style buildings that Jack the Ripper and his victims would have seen.

22 March 2018

London’s subway system is called the Underground, but most people call it “the tube.” We use it to get around a lot as it is very quick and efficient. There are many different lines that can take you all over the city. After being here for over 5 days, I’ve really gotten use to riding the tube. Even when we aren’t with the whole group and only a small group , I find it quite easy to navigate around the city using the tube. There can be a lot of people, especially around 8:00am and 5:00pm, but I love the big city rush with huge crowds and packed trains. I know that living in a big city is for me, especially since I won’t need to have a car!
Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, and high tea afterwards
Trafalgar Square
More from the National Portrait Gallery
National Portrait Gallery

21 March 2018

Ballie Ballerson
More of Shoreditch
Sky Garden and pictures taken from Sky Garden
More of Hampton Court
More of Hampton Court
Hampton Court

20 March 2018

More of The Tower of London
The Tower of London
Ye Ole Cheshire Cheese- This is where we had lunch
Pictures taken while walking around London
Globe Theatre

19 March 2018

I’ve been getting to know my classmates a lot better throughout the past few days. It’s funny how adventuring a foreign city can bring people together. My roommate and I get along really well, and I really like a lot of people in my class. We mesh well and have had a lot of fun sightseeing and going out together.
Pictures from the Shard at sunset
Pictures from the top of the Shard
Pictures taken from the Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge
Buckingham Palace
Westminster/ Parliament
Westminster Abbey- we were not allowed to take pictures inside, but I snuck one in and a friend did too.
Pictures taken while walking around London
Our room is very different than a “normal” American hotel room. Our bathroom is split to 2 rooms. One has a toilet and one has a shower and sink. We have 2 twin beds; the room is not very big. Also, in the bathroom, the hot and cold water is separated, so there are 2 faucet heads. Also, all the building floors are numbered starting with ground and then 1, 2, 3, etc.

18 March 2018

We just drove past Bupa Cromwell Hospital, which is where Freddy Mercury died. He also had a flat in that neighborhood.
Christ Church College- Oxford
More of Oxford
The English countryside is very different than America. There were many grass fields and sheep pastures. The farm houses were also made of stone, not wood, and looked very old.
More Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

17 March 2018

Street at night and London Pub
Greek section
Egyptian section
British Museum
Building near hotel
Sunrise on the Atlantic

16 March 2018