North America, Europe · 8 Days · 26 Moments · October 2017

Guenther adventure in Europe

21 October 2017

Castle nestled on a huge cliff in Beaux de Provence, France. The castle village is still perfectly functional and inhabited and oh-so French. Beautiful but I am really tired of climbing up the side of mountains on cobblestone steps.

20 October 2017

3 countries: Monaco to the left, France to the right, and Italy in the distance on the left.
Climbed up this medieval village built on the side of a giant cliff. Wicked cool but damn , that was a lot of stone steps.
Browsed around Monte Carlo. Rode the route of the Grande Prix, but much slower.
What we want to own.
What we can afford to own.
Had lunch in Monaco. The yachts were very impressive as was the Lamborghini's.
The Alps are in the background
In Nice France
Sunrise on the French Riviera.

19 October 2017

The leaning tower of Pisa.
The view from above Florence
Lunch in Italy. Definitely going to miss the fine dining.
Today we are in Florence. Going to Pisa this afternoon.

18 October 2017

Tried to say hello to the Pope but Kris scared him off. Unfortunately not allowed to take pictures inside the Sistine Chapel.
Touring the Piazza's.
Now off to visit the Pope.
At the Colosseum.

17 October 2017

All the Italian food choices and we end up with pizza.
Having lunch in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast.
In Pompei. Luckily, no eruptions except from some rowdy tourists.

14 October 2017

Up for 30 hours straight and Jessy fell asleep at the Barcelona Hard Rock Cafe.
In Barcelona touring Gaudi architecture.
Olympic stadium from 1992.

13 October 2017

An exciting start at Logan airport. We are now in the hurry up and wait portion of the trip. Thank goodness there are recharging ports everywhere.