Switzerland · 46 Days · 14 Moments · January 2018

Carol's journi to Switzerland

8 March 2018

I decided to take the train to Fribourg today in the western (French speaking) area of Switzerland. It was so pretty and lots of old buildings. The little statue on the corner of the building has the year 1548 on it!

3 March 2018

These are pictures from our trip to Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, this past weekend. The mountains were so breathtaking and the town was small but nice. Not many tourists there - almost felt like we had the town to ourselves.

28 February 2018

(Sorry for the duplication - I realized after posting that it went to the wrong Journi.)Today I took the train to Berne, about an hour away. It was fun exploring a new city! I’m not the best photographer but it gives you an idea of what it’s like there. The doorway to the cathedral has tiny 3D sculptures imbedded in the frame. If you zoom in you can see them better. Quite amazing!

19 February 2018

Today I took the train to Zürich. I went specifically to see a couple of churches. One has stained glass windows by Marc Chagall. They were so beautiful but no pictures were allowed. The other church has agate windows where the agate is sliced so thin that light shines through but it was closed today. But here are some pictures I took there.

14 February 2018

These are some shots from wandering around Luzern on a couple different days. I’m trying to get a good walk in every day.

8 February 2018

Today is Dirty Thursday and the beginning of a six day carnival. It started at 5am this morning and lasts until Tuesday. I guess it’s Lucerne’s version of Mardi Gras. It is loud and raucous and almost everyone is in costume. Bands and parades all over the place.

7 February 2018

Yesterday I walked to the museum of Transport in Luzern. These are pics of the museum and some sculptures on my way back. It was about a 2 mile walk each way.

6 February 2018

Today I took the train to Olten. There was an old section with a nice clock tower and a covered walking bridge. The last three pictures are in Aarburg, a few miles away. There was a castle up on a hill but I couldn’t figure out how to get up there. I’ll try again another day.

31 January 2018

Ken and I took a bus from Lugano to Morcote. Had no idea what was in store for us there but after a cup of coffee in a local cafe we climbed stairs toward a beautiful church. The stairs just kept going and going. It was a gorgeous climb and such a quaint village. We looked around the church, then kept climbing. It’s so much fun to be spontaneous and find amazing places!

29 January 2018

Ken and I traveled to Lugano at the southern end of Switzerland for a couple days. It’s very close to the Italian border and is so beautiful. Right in the middle of the Alps. We took a bus up Monte Bré and then walked the rest of the way to the summit.

23 January 2018

I went on a hike today, starting from the apartment. Here are some pictures that show climbing higher and higher and then the long descent. It was great until I got tired and wanted to head home. The nearest train station was another 37 minutes away. Then the train didn’t stop at the station so I had to take a couple of busses to get home.

22 January 2018

First full day in Luzern. It was cloudy, rainy but I wanted to at least do something so I took a train to Sursee - about 20 minutes away.