North America, Europe · 14 Days · 75 Moments · May 2017

Carol and Donald's journi to Italy

7 June 2017

The church of Santa Maria in Piano from our window in Loreto-we'll have to go back to see the 12th & 13th century frescos as it was closed for restoration-
The scenery is stunning, coming and going!
This image from inside a church says it all. I
The village of Villalago.
The ceiling of the church of San Donato is covered with tiles made by local artisans in the 15th & 16th centuries.

5 June 2017

Now this is the way to wait for a flight! The "food court" in Rome Fumicino.

3 June 2017

And a gelato for the stroll home. I've been making the effort to walk as slowly as Italians do when on their "passiagiatta"- but it ain't easy!
Ok, so I realize this has become mostly about the food 😊- but look what I had for dinner last night! The local fish stew called Brodetto. Bigger than my head and a lot of things looking back at me from in there- but good? Unbelievable!
Picked up some hand harvested saffron in Navelli--I want to come back in the fall when they pick!
We just can't seem to pass a pasticceria!
Another heartbreaking reality after the 2009 terremoto-the entire town of Fossa is closed off- abandoned. The 12th century bell tower gone.
We had our picnic today overlooking the entire valley from Castello do Ocre (1km above sea level!)
The view from the castle of Fossa - it was part of the castle walls that rained down on the town at 3:30am in 2009.
The Roman ruins just north of L'Aquila at Amiternum-1stcentury BC
One of the few monuments in L'Aquila that isn't under wraps or cranes- the Fontana delle 99 Cannelle- 99 spouts each with different carved faces and beautiful stone work.
The darker side of our visit to L'Aquila- evidence everywhere of the devastation of 2009. So much lost, including human lives.
Porchetta for our picnic--
Another gorgeous day in Abruzzo!

2 June 2017

An evening storm passing by our windows in the castle- I'm going to miss this view!
He makes his own wine (delicious!) and his own gelato- Donald tried all three flavors-
I had the ricotta tart chef renamed the "cloud tart" after my clumsy attempt to describe it in Italian!
Dinner was so amazing last night, we went back to Girasole for lunch today where chef Adriano did it again! This was the secundi- most tender skewers of beef with delicate little surprises of fois gras in between!
Terremoto damage is evident everywhere- so many churches closed for restoration--
The duomo in Penne

1 June 2017

Kiss the cook! Owner and chef at THE best restaurant we ate at on our trip to Abruzzo!
When Carol gets her way at dinner-
Ok, it just keeps getting better- the best meal yet at Girasole in Loreto-handmade pasta rings with pancetta, ricotta, ground pistachios and olive oil. We're going to need to learn to make this!
In the little church at the end of the road-amazing! St Thomas Aquinas
Another beautiful view on the walk to dinner in Loreto-
The miracle of the Eucharist-it happened here in Lanciano!
The abbey at Fossacia-
The trabocchi coast- dotted with these unique fishing platforms
Breakfast of champions- porchetta!

31 May 2017

And what's inside! Pan D'ursa-bear bread- sweet bread covered in dark chocolate and a tart from the best pasticceria in Scanno!
The Italians treat their food with such respect- look at the packaging on our pastries in Scanno-
Wildflowers are everywhere and so gorgeous!
Just another roadside attraction in Abruzzo- outside of Scanno- fresh made ricotta!
Navelli saffron in the sauce for the ravioli in the Secundo and scamorza to round it out (rounding me out too!)
Another start to an amazing lunch- this time in Scanno--
Every day is a winding road...this one from Castrovalva to Scanno
Tiny hamlet of Castrovalva- 2 streets wide!
Anversa degli Abruzzo- una bella citta!
The face of God in Manoppello- Vostre Santo- no really! Amazing- the image is identical on both sides, and superimposes perfectly on the facial image on the shroud of Turin.

30 May 2017

When was the last time someone pumped your gas?🙂
Doing a little shopping in Castelli!

29 May 2017

One of Donald's best shots!
Donald got a great shot in Castlevecchio Calvisio
A beautiful doorway in a deserted town
From (almost) the top of Roccacalascio-
A very peaceful walk in the mostly abandoned hill town of Castelvecchio Calvisio
The lunch that dreams are made of in Santo Stefano do Sessanio- this was just the first course!
Castle del Monte- what a gorgeous day!

28 May 2017

Sunset from our window at the castle
Another day, another hill town! It will be a LONG time before I tire of this! This is Celano.
Catching the poppies before the wheat is cut in Abruzzo
Our picnic in the ruins at Alba Fucens -302 BC

27 May 2017

After dinner "passiagiate" in Loreto. Truly feels like we are the only visitors here!
Getting (and staying) off the beaten track- olive groves are everywhere!
The view from one side of our room- over the old town.
Arriving at our home for the week-Castelli Chiola in stunning Loreto Apertino!
The porchetta man is in town today in Atri-whole pig, deboned, filled with spice and slow roasted- a noble treatment!
I went back to Francavilla -to Camping Paola- where I misspent a good part of my youth!i had no italinehe I arrived, no money , no stuff and I can honestly say that I have never been happier before or since. Such joy to see Renzo working on the property- Il padrone!

26 May 2017

Breakfast! Garafalo buffala mozzarella in Roma Centrale!

25 May 2017

It's official- we're off to Abruzzo!
So far, so good! Charlotte is a zoo!
Take two on getting out of Savannah- at least we got to go home last night- looks like lots of folks didn't!
We'll, the inbound flight has arrived. Now let's pray the outbound goes well.