Australia, Papua New Guinea · 4 Days · 14 Moments · November 2017

Caroline's trip to Port Moresby

30 November 2017

Geez Dad the more things change the more they stay the same!!! Landowners radicalism is still threatening many of the mines and their production rates. Mind you the production forecasts are still strong on minerals.
You know its humid when you step out of the lift and your glasses immediately fog up on your face at 7:00am!!!

29 November 2017

Have I mentioned how good this pool is? Every afternoon I gone for a swim (yep real strokes). Not like the women who were in the pool before me... 4 of them about early 30's doing their leg exercises whilst having a glass of champers and nattering like a CWA meeting. Must say I was mildly jealous.
I do believe I'm up to my eyeballs in oil and gas exploration info overload.... as much as I know we need oil and gas, I can't help but feel saddened at how much the earth is being plundered dry by these mega companies who boast they've won a world record for drilling the deepest waters of 3130 metres for Hydrocarbon production fuels. My tailbone is also screaming from sitting on my butt so long.

28 November 2017

First day has been pretty good. Some of the big players attending... Newcrest Mining, OK Tedi, Harmony Gold and the like. Whats been great is that all of them recognise the issue that PNG has with the extreme high rate of not only domestic violence in the homes but violence in general here. All of them are trying to educate their workers on the unacceptable behaviours and raising awareness of zero tolerance. In fact Newcrest on Lihir island have started a campaign which the government is now sponsoring to take it to the nation. Its called 'trupela man and trupela meri' which is pidgin for real man real woman. It calls for equality in the workplace and in the home. Some of the stories have been truly inspirational to listen to which is not what I was expecting from a Mining conference. So glad these companies are implementing these programs which the PNG government hasn't addressed.
After a hot day sitting and listening all I wanted was to go for a swim and cool down... unfortunately my door wouldn't open so had to wait 45 mins in the hallway before a technician arrived. So eventually got my swim and then caught up on the emails. Here's a pic of my new office😯🤣
Just sat next to this bloke at the conference. I noticed he had a Bougainville logo on his bag. So I said g'day, we got talking and he knows Ray Smart (friend from then). Lovely chap.
Dad, you would have loved this conference. 760 delegates registered for the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum conference. A room full of old fogies listening to 3 days of talks about new and existing mining resources , gold, copper, gas, drilling and the like. This morning the PM Peter O'Neil opened the proceedings.
Now I'm hoping that I'm not the central factor here, but this morning at 6am I was woken by the fire alarm, and a loud voice coming over the room intercom saying 'Evacuate Now, this is not a drill'. Needless to say I jumped out of bed, put some clothes on shoved my passport and phone in my carry bag and went downstairs..... where everyone was told to return to their rooms, there had been an mistake. Lots of 'Not Happy Jans' around I can tell you. So thats the 2nd fire 'emergency' in 2 days.

27 November 2017

It was so hot in POM yesterday 34 degrees, so after my meeting I took a dip in the pool.... beautiful.
Here are some pics flying in yesterday and my hotel room. The Stanley Hotel and Suites.
I really do love flying, especially when you see these beautiful vistas from your window. Caloundra, Mooloolaba with 'Old Woman Island', and the amazing Barrier Reef
Arrive at Brisbane International Airport this morning at 6:45 having a dream run for a Monday morning. Get to the airport to a fire alarm blasting out. Needless to say it then took me 1.5 hours just to check in...... bleh. The 2 photos show the lines before even going down the escalator to go thru security. The security was tripled and everything was pulled out of bags. I swear people are just dumb, the number of people (also known as idiots) who had aerosol cans, lighters or had forgotten their wallets was awe inspiring to say the least. I know, I know I famously forgot an ipad on one of my first trips, but this morning was just painful. Anyway, looking forward to the conference, it will either be interesting or dull as dust.