Germany · 8 Days · 7 Moments · July 2016

A month in Germany

15 July 2016

A large city in north Germany. Speicherstadt was amazing especially Miniature Wunderland. Admiring the details in the models. Enjoying every "days" and "nights" there ☺️ For those who likes to know more the history of Hamburg, Speiche Stadt Museum nearby is a good place. Hong Kong has a long history in trading with Hamburg 😲

13 July 2016

A day trip in the lovely city which was the capital of West Germany A visit to Beethoven's home and a relax walk in around the university of Bonn. I should have spent more time here, to know more about one of the oldest city in Germany. For those who like music, Bonn is a city you shouldn't miss 🎡🎢

11 July 2016

A church that toooooooo huge for taking a pic πŸ˜† Walking more than 500 steps for the view of the city. An unforgettable challenge to a person (me) who seldom do exercises πŸ˜„ Absolutely it was worth trying because the scenery was sooooo amazing 😲

10 July 2016

What a lovely town with a great castle ☺️

8 July 2016

Dom Frankfurt am Main
Walking around the city
First city in Germany... so exciting πŸ˜†