North America, Asia · 50 Days · 129 Moments · July 2016

South East Asia Extravaganza!

31 August 2016

Until next time world!! ขอขอบคุณ

29 August 2016

27 August 2016

Dog beach! ❤️

26 August 2016

Nooooooooo. Okay it's not so bad- San Diego here we come :)

25 August 2016

Just a few more from our Luang Prabang trek
Time to wind down this journey. Back to Bangkok for one more pad Thai and then off to Cali tomorrow. I can't believe this wild ride is coming to an end. Elephants, markets, typhoons, motorbikes, treks, kayaks, monks, temples, jungles, rivers, food, four countries, a ring and so much more.

24 August 2016

Well god damn!
Last full day before we head back to Bangkok for the night. Rented a bike again for a final thrill across the Mekong into the chomphet district- definitely a taste of the real Laos. Of to catch a glorious sunset tonight and a real farewell drink with the Cambodia crew who we ran into again. 😂

23 August 2016

Spent the day kayaking the Mekong river it was amazing. Exhausted now and back at the hotel for our final two nights in Laos. Can't believe we're leaving in a few days. 😫

22 August 2016

30km (6 hourrrrs) hike today. Hiking after a typhoon is not easy. Spent half the day on my butt. Got so bad our guide made us walking sticks. 😂 Home stay tonight in a Lao village and then spending the day kayaking back to Luang Prabang, conveniently through some caves and "whiskey village" tomorrow. 😍👍🏼
Off on a two day trekking, kayaking, village homestay adventure. Luang Prabang is glorious.

21 August 2016

Tad Se!
Such an amazing day. Woke up to watch the monk alms giving then sipped some coffee at a cute cafe. Next we rented a tuk tuk for the day and went to two amazzzzzzzzzzing waterfalls. During dry season the water is supposedly a turquoise blue. It definitely was not blue today but it was amazing regardless. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

20 August 2016

Ive been here 5 minutes and I'm absolutely in love. Luang Prabang has my ❤️👍🏼😘😍😊🤗

19 August 2016

Today we're just strolling around until it's time to head to the airport. We visited a temple, ate way too much and are anxiously awaiting our next adventure. Vietnam is not even close to being crossed off my list. So so so much more to see. One day. 😊
Storm has got us stuck an Hanoi one more night. Upside- trying so much more amazing food, meeting other stuck travelers and meeting up with our Cambodia crew again!

18 August 2016

Our castaway trip for canceled because of a tropical storm :( today we went Chua Tram- a small mountain 20k out of Hanoi. Was nice to be back on a bike although the drive was nothing special. Creepy creepy cave on the small hike- pics to come soon!

17 August 2016

Amazing day trekking in the mountains around Sapa. So so so hot but glad we got a clear day 🤗👍🏼😍

15 August 2016

B52 bomber shot down Dec 1972
Spending the day getting lost in all the alleys of Hanoi!

14 August 2016

Beautiful day in nha trang!

13 August 2016

Perfect end to this two days! Nha trang is lovely. Beer festival tonight and beach day tomorrow!

12 August 2016

What an amazing day. Cruised coffee and mushroom farms. Stopped by an old silk factory, hiked up to a beautiful waterfall, had an amazing lunch, went through endless villages and markets and beautiful scenery the entire time. Perfect day. Good to be back on a bike.
What a day so far and we're not even done !
68 degrees and they're in winter coats lol
With eggs annnnd bacon. Good morning DaLat!

11 August 2016

Landed in Dalat. Spencer says it's cold put this on. 😂😂
Fun day walking the alley ways of Saigon! So glad we spent an extra day here. Off to Dalat tonight for the next leg of our adventure!!
Bun Bo Hue for breakfast. Noodle heaven.

10 August 2016

I don't 100% know what this is but it was delightful! He food court at Ben thanh market was great. This dish was recommended to me by a friend of a friend on Facebook lol. Some sort of gnocchi like rice dumplingy things with dried shrimp and pork. It was awesome. Tonight we're meeting up with a friend of a guy we met in LA (who happens to live five min away from us in Brooklyn) for some local street food away from the tourist spots. Yum. Dalat tomorrow night to meet up with our easy rider!
Last day wth our group from Cambodia! Today we're off to check out the American War Remnants museum and then off to explore more of Saigon. Tomorrow night we fly a little north to Da Lat where we'll meet our easy rider , Spencer! We won't be able to ride the whole way up north, we're kind of strapped for time at this point. We will cruise with him to the coast for two days and then likely fly to Hanoi to do some day trips to Sa Pa, Ninh Binh, ha long bay etc.... We shall see :)

9 August 2016

First bahn mi made by this darling 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
When your bus breaks down and you choose to hold it.

8 August 2016

Spent the night under mosquito nets at our home stay. Off to explore the village and check out the local floating market (attempt 2) before heading to Saigon! Really great start to Vietnam with some reallllly great food 🤗
Walked on over to Vietnam after some brief begging after a slight visa date mishap. $15 goes a long way!

7 August 2016

Quite the boat adventure today. Our bus picked us up an hour late. Broke down. Started up again kind of fast. Got us to the pier. Missed our boat. Were instructed to "follow him"- loaded in the back of a pickup- 20 minute drive no English. Down an alley. Passed a murderously large ice chopping machine. Onto a beat up rusty boat. Two hours later- we reunited with our group and had an amazing amazing day island hopping! 😂😂 Vietnam tomorrow!

6 August 2016

How lovely a beach day is! Snorkeling, island hopping and bbqing tomorrow !

5 August 2016

After an emotional and educational day we took some time to unwind! Off to Sihanoukville today!
Today we had a guided tour of S21 prison and the killing fields. It was more horrific than you could imagine. Our tour guide was amazing and educated us on how unbelievably complex the history of Cambodia really is.

4 August 2016

Lunch stop en route to phnom phen

3 August 2016

What an awesome day. Went to Angkor Wat for sunrise, and then back again to explore some other temple ruins. Along the way we found a family of monkeys on the side of the road. One little guy drank right from my water bottle. They were so gentle and playful! Tonight we're off to visit some of the local villages and then on the road again tomorrow!
Sunrise at Angkor Wat

2 August 2016

Long day today! Crossing the border into foot. Visiting new hope school ( which you should all send a few bucks too) night market and a night cap on pub street. Tomorrow we're visiting Angkor Wat... Looking forward to waking up at 4:30 am to make it there by sunrise and the returning later in the day to continue to explore.
Made it to Cambodia! Quick stop for lunch before heading to Siem Reap for the next two days.
Cambodia bound today. Met up with our group last night, was told we likely won't have any wifi etc often whole we're there... Sorry mom ;)

1 August 2016

Lounge by the pool or take up an adorable taxi drivers offer to see the floating market by his "mamma and papas home"? No brainier. Market time. Never mind. Market sucks. 90% closed. First time we've been screwed since we've been here. I guess it was over due. 😂
Me in the Bangkok heat.
Back in Bangkok. Breakfast of champions.

31 July 2016

It's so damn cold on this train ahhhh
Feels like a blast from the bast
Made it to the Chiang Mai train station. Two hours before the night train. Time for a cold cold cold beer and some snacks. Ps if you think for a second that I drove that bike you're a fool.
Off to Chiang Mai! Last day with our sweet ride 😫 absolutely going to get one when we hit Vietnam! Anyway- night train to Bangkok tonight to meet up with our Cambodia group! Two more nights in Thailand.

30 July 2016

Went hiking after the caves to the pai canyon and the land split. Canyon was beautiful and scary and the land split was unexpectedly charming. After arriving we were greeted wh a huge free tray of fruit and snacks and roselle wine. Bought a bottle to share later ;) loving pai !
Today we went through the lod caves! Awesome experience :)

29 July 2016

Successfully made it to Pai! Adorable little town. Touristy but charming. :)
En route to Pai .... Our last stop on the Mae Hong Son loop! 🙏🏼
Shan style breakfast from the local Mae Hong Son market. Soooooooooooooooooo good.
Bamboo bridge- Su Tong Pae Bridge. Beautiful, but sketchy to walk on 😂
Saw this little bugger on the way home from the Kayan village.
A trip to see the longneck women. There's a weird guilt with coming to visit, it feels kind of like visiting a zoo. Mixed feelings about this experience but the people were welcoming and kind. The Kayan people aren't considered citizens as they're refugees from Burma, and aren't allowed to work. When visiting the tourist villages they set up they often charge a fee. Before entering we asked if the money goes directly to the women of the village because a lot of times the money "disappears". We're lucky to have met Piak and his friends to help us make sure our travels are all ethical :)

28 July 2016

Made it to Mae Hong Son! Just over the mountains from Burma.
Our last day with Piak before we head off to Mae hon song. He took us to his farm in Mae Sariang and then to have lunch with monks in a small local temple. The "chief" monk blessed our journey and provided us with a feast!

27 July 2016

Spent the day hiking and roaming through farms and small villages. Off to the waterfall now and then to Mae Sariang tonight!

26 July 2016

Made it to Maeho! We'll be staying in the village tonight.
Check out our sweet new ride! Next 5 days were heading off to do the Mae Hong Son loop. Don't worry mom we got helmets. Stay left!!! PS this bad boy cost us a whopping $10 a day!

25 July 2016

What an AMAZING day. Spent a full day at elephant nature park. A sanctuary that does not allow riding/ tricks/ gimmicks and allows these beautiful creatures to roam free. We fed them, hiked with them and ended the day playing in the river with them. Love love love love.

24 July 2016

Khao Ka Moo Chiang Phueak-Cowboy lady! Stewed pork leg over rice. So so so good. Chiang Mai > Bangkok!
Made it to Chiang Mai!!!
Saying adios to Bangkok- off to Chiang Mai this afternoon :) next five days are hopefully filled with elephants, hiking, night markets and motorbikes!

23 July 2016

An adventure through the alleys of china town lead to waiting on a loooong line to have some pork coconut curry. It knew it was a good choice when a little old man nodded for us to get on line. 😊
Holy Thai massage. What a way to wake up. $7 and an hour later I'm enlightened by how bendy I could be!
Greg now owns three pairs of puffy pants. He's never been happier.

22 July 2016

Duck noodle! Wish I knew the real name but it was glorious. Found this little gem packed with locals.
Wat Pho reclining Buddha
One of our adventures lead us to spending a few hours discussing Buddhism and the road from novist to monk one of the most kind and smart people I've ever met. He took time to show us around the temple, explore the roots of Buddhism and laugh about silly things like Chinese tourists flags. Amazing day!
Spend the day strolling around Bangkok with our new friend Rich. Turns out rich frequents Bangkok often and was the perfect tour guide. He's currently a professor at a few colleges in NJ and gave us a great experience of fun and learning and good eats!
So the tuk tuk game is crazy. Always hustling for a deal and Greg and I never seem to win. Pretty fair to say I'm an awful negotiator and would be a terrible lawyer. I'll keep handling feelings for now 😂 Stoping for a quick bite now and then hopefully getting a massage and off to the night market tonight!
Tuk tuk-ing in circles.

21 July 2016

Jet lag is weird.
After what seems like a 9million hour journey we made it and checked in. Quick stop for a beer to settle in and then bedtime !
Landed! 🙏🏼😍😀🎉
And we made it! Running. Sweating. Amazing airline attendants relay race. Time for wine and a nap.
Fingers crossed we make our connection to bangkok!!!

20 July 2016

And we're off! LAX to BKK!
Preparing for takeoff! 2 hours till boarding. Got through security super fast 😀

19 July 2016

Last dinner in america until the end of August. Coconut margarita and fish tacos at el cholo. Nom.
Remember that time we got coffee with David Beckham? Ok maybe not with. Next to though! Baaahhhhhh. Should have kept my wildcats jacket. 🙃
At Gregs happy place!

18 July 2016

Took a break to see mono lake on the ride to LA. We decided to take the scenic route rather than the quick route. ❤️

17 July 2016

Last day in Tahoe was beautiful. We hitched a ride back to the lake house and found $101 in the middle of the street 😂🎉🙏🏼😀it was a good day. LA bound tomorrow.

16 July 2016

Look at these dapper young gents!
Lake Tahoe is everything. Mountains. Caribbean blue water. Sand. Sunshine. Hiking. It's perfect here.

15 July 2016

Oh Nevada.
Wedding prep day, maybe a hike later :)

14 July 2016

Snow capped mountains on an unbelievably sunny warm day! Perfect.
Pretty little guy on the walk to the supermarket. Off to the beach soon- Gimmie some lake!!

13 July 2016

Just got to incline village on Lake Tahoe. The lake is amazing! So amazing. Cannot wait to get out there tomorrow!
Downtown riverwalk, had to escape casino land :)
This is Reno. All of Reno. 😂
Bear Lake , northern half in Idaho, southern in Utah . Also flew past grand Teton national park, Wyoming you are beautiful!
Starting the first chapter! Mini layover in Chicago then off to Reno for the rest of the day!