Sri Lanka · 7 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

Carly's tour through Sri Lanka

1 May 2017

Cinnamon iced tea with ginger and apple juice, welcome drink at the Galle Forte Hotel, stunning lobby view!
Last morning in Tangalle then off to Galle by private driver (1.5 hrs for $100 via hotel)

30 April 2017

Why Sri Lanka? This is not enough butter for that much bread!
Room service on the balcony, western food to give our bellies a rest from chilli and curry.

28 April 2017

Tangalle - 3 nights Drove from Ella with private driver, crap car, very cramped! 3 hrs, $99. Anantara resort and spa is beautiful, amazing beach view, room 436. Nothing to do in town, very local, NO other tourists. We checked out the Food City supermarket. Cassava chips are the best! Didn't bother site seeing here (safari, turtles) as crap reviews and too expensive. Just did lots of beach walks and poolside relaxing.

27 April 2017

Ella - 1 night Drove from Colombo to Ella with a private driver from Kangaroo tours (arranged by our Tuk Tuk driver!). 6.5 hr drive, cost 16,000 rp ($145) (hotel wanted 36,000). Train booked out, would have only cost 700 Rp 😩 98 Acres resort and Ella is stunning! Love it here, only one night sadly, resort is booked out. Enjoyed hike up Little Adams peak. Also Tuk Tuk then hike down to 9 arches bridge. Not much to see in town. Saw Rawana falls on way out of town, worth a look.

24 April 2017

Colombo - 3 nights Loved the Galle Face hotel, British colonial style, built 1846. Colombo itself is a bit of a dump, not really anything to do. Smallish city. Hardly any tourists, just a few passing through to other areas of Sri Lanka. Dutch hospital is nice for crab. Had Pepper Crab at Pepper Crab one night, amazing food!! Ministry of crab was ok, not as good. Did tour of Colombo in Tuk Tuk for 3 hrs for $15. 😄 saw Galangalamaya temple and Cinnamon Garden (rich suburb). Galle face green was dirt, no grass! Lots of local food, shame we can't taste it. The Cricket Bar looked good for western food, we just had a drink there.