Asia, Australia and Oceania · 4 Days · 14 Moments · April 2017

The Robinsons adventure in Singapore

24 April 2017

Made it back... tired and emotional after the overnight flight

23 April 2017

Goodbye Singapore and Vietnam - we will miss you! Tough flight from 9pm to 6am (losing 2 hours for the time difference - hoped we would sleep but didn't really!

22 April 2017

After Artbox we went for a look at the Marina Bay Sands Shops - way out of our price range - all Gucci and Prada and the like! We did by some tea-flavoured Macarons which we shared. We wanted to check out the Gardens by the Bay but it was quite expensive and we didn't think the kids would enjoy it that much. So onto the train again back to get some Thai food for dinner. Back to the hotel and then a trip to Singapore wouldn't be complete without trying a Singapore Sling! We quite liked it!
This afternoon we caught the train to check out Artbox Singapore which has been dubbed a temporary hispter market installation. We made the mistake of waiting until the weekend to visit and tomorrow is the last day it's open so it was absolutely packed! Think first Bendigo Moonlight Market x3 and stinking hot! Shane and the kids made a quick escape while I had a quick look. The food stalls were the most interesting part and we had some Coconut soft serve and some Mango sticky rice which was so yummy!
Today is the last full day of our holiday. After a late, slow brekkie it was packing ready for departure tomorrow then relaxing by the pool and enjoying the sauna. The kids loved the pool time.

21 April 2017

Bye bye Malaysia. A good view over the bridge between Malaysia and Singapore as we wait in line for an hour to immigrate back into Singapore. Then it was back on the train and a late dinner at a Mexican Restaurant.
The mini city area of the park had Asian landmarks including the Singapore Flyer and our favourite part of Vietnam - Hoi An! The kids picked a small box of Lego each and then it was another 2 hour ride back through customs into Singapore again
The kids had a drive in the cars then we went to tackle The Dragon roller coaster which was the biggest in the park. Shane had a go then we took the kids to The Dragon's Apprentice which was a smaller version of The Dragon and Cody was tall enough to go on. We nearly had to drag Blair on and he looked like a ghost the whole ride but Cody loved every minute of it and asked to go again! Like chalk and cheese these two! The kids had a few goes in the horse jousting ride which according to Blair was more his style - definitely not a thrill seeker! Another highlight was the Ninjago interactive ride.
Blair was not keen on the rollercoasters but we managed to convince him to have a go at this one. Blair and Shane went on together as Cody was too little for most of the rollercoasters despite being very keen to go on. They got absolutely soaked at the bottom! Carly asked Blair if he would go on with her but he wouldn't go again! If you zoom in you can probably see the terror on his face! The kids ended up standing at the entrance while we both went on.
The StarWars exhibit at Legoland
We woke up to pouring rain this morning - of course it would be raining the day we had booked to go to Legoland Malaysia! Before we even hopped on the bus, the screw in Cody's glasses fell out so she had to spend the day with only one lens in! We had spare glasses but they were back at the hotel. What we thought was a 45 minute trip ended up taking 2 hours due to the customs checks leaving Singapore and entering Malaysia.

20 April 2017

We caught the metro train to Little India. The train was cheap, quick and pretty easy. We went to the Tekka Centre to find some dinner. The first shops we passed by were selling raw meat and the smell made me want to vomit! Once we got through that part we found all the food stalls - it was like a food court on speed. It was hot and busy, but cheap and delicious. About $20 for all 4 of us to eat. We tried a few things including naan breads that were cooked fresh in front of us. After some food we went for a bit of a wander then caught the train back to the supermarket to buy some milk. We wandered through the supermarket checking out different foods and prices which was really interesting.
Today was window shopping in Orchard Road and watching The Boss Baby at the cinema. Cody was asleep before the previews finished!
I think I can get used to this over the next few days!