United Kingdom · 1 Days · 3 Moments · September 2017

London - Chelmsford - Cambridge

16 September 2017

Louise and I took a train to Chelmsford to meet with Zoë. She's teaching there and lives there during the week. She showed us around her school and we caught up wit our lives. These are the only 2 photos I have of the weekend with Zoë because my phone broke that day and couldn't take any photos. I had to reset it and start again, luckily the google back up worked. Overall great to be back in London, Chelmsford and Cambridge (to meet Mabbo).
Visit to Tate Modern + view from the rooftop.

15 September 2017

Flew to London the very day an attack happened in the subway. I felt a little frightned about this but things were ok when I arrived into the city. What was kind of a mess and reminded me of how travel sometimes is too bizarre was that I was going to meet Louise at one of her friend's but he was not going to be there so we had the contact of his roommate who was supposed to be there to let us in. I was following the instructions in terms of transportation to get there but the delay in one of the buses and me not having internet available to search other options quickly or let people know I was late was complicating things a little bit. But seasoned travelers don't panic, a lesson I learned a while ago. Many many steps later, everything went fine. Next day: great breakfast and walked around London. I love this city.