Denmark · 3 Days · 4 Moments · September 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark

8 September 2017

These photos comprise a couple of days, I think. Took night walks every day I spent in Copenhagen just because it is a very walkable city. And the nigjt views of København are very nice. One day I went with Fer to Roskilde to the Vikings Museum. It was another rainy day in Denmark, but we managed to enjoy it anyway. The museum was not that impressive to tell the truth, but it was interesting. Short and sweer visit to Copenhagen. Off to the airport to fly to Vienna and meet mi buen.
Went to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art which is 40 mins ago by train. I loved going in there by myself and exploring this museum. The exhibit by Marina Abramovic was the main one, and it is quite shocking. Yayoi Kusama was also included among other artists I can't recall their names. I had that typical Danish bread and salad, nothing impressive for lunch. It was a rainy day but withstandable. People don't seem to care about rain here, they just live their normal lives. I realized I really love travelling by train, listening to a podcast preferably. I also love the fact that there is a "Silent Zone" in Denmark's trains.

7 September 2017

Walked around Copenhagen on my own, and went to a stand-up comedy show later that night. People in Copenhagen are very kind and the city has a very relaxed, multicultural vibe.

6 September 2017

This was the first time I used the Priority Pass card abroad, was able to get into the Korean Air lounge in New York before boarding the flight to Copenhagen. Arrived in CPH and went directly to Fer's house by metro. Nørreport Station has a huge bike parking lot, my heart jumped a little bit. Later that night I met Matteo di Laurenti for diner and some beers. Last time we saw each other was 12 years ago, we had a bit to catch up on. It was a great encounter besides going to visit and Fer and Iker.