Europe, Asia · 27 Days · 46 Moments · July 2017

Exploring Vietnam & Meditating in Cambodia

7 August 2017

goodbye internet, see you on august, 18th! vipassana meditation course: starting now!

6 August 2017

aaand here we are. phnom penh! tuk-tuk, night market, streetfood. it's all there. and it's pretty. now: trying to figure out how to get to kampong cham tomorrow in order to be in time for the checkin of my vipassana meditation course ❤️
slowly saying goodbye to vietnam: with one last banh mi + vietnamese iced coffee. see you soon ❤️

5 August 2017

not completely happy about being back in the city after the wonderful time in mui ne, i treated myself to a fancy craft beer at one of the many rooftop bars around town :)
new favorite dessert: grilled sticky banana ❤️
only one picture about the war remnant museum. haunting and horrifying pictures about the vietnam war. definitely an important place in order to learn about the country's history.
arrived in ho chi minh as i have to be in kampong cham, cambodia, already on monday because my vipassana meditation course is starting. it's a rainy day and therefore i'm getting a manicure and a pedicure, followed by a foot massage. in total this cost me... 13 euros 😅

4 August 2017

best motorbike so far. leather pockets, bamboo and coconut tree handles and a longboard strapped to it. the owner travelled from the far north all the way to south vietnam :) i only joined to getting breakfast outside the hostel 😅

31 July 2017

i present: the beach. didn't think i could enjoy it that much 😅
i have now, after a 4 hour bus trip from the highlands down south to the coast arrived in heaven. the longson mui ne hostel/campground is the best place i've stayed in so far. open dorm rooms or tents to stay in and listen to the ocean waves when waking up, fun people, relaxed atmosphere, a clean beach to go for sunset runs and cheap food and drinks. i planned to stay 2 nights, but i just asked them if i could stay for... my fourth night. 😅
new favorite fruit: custard apple ❤️

30 July 2017

together with katherine, sofie and thomas who i've met in my hostel i hiked up lang biang mountain - a mountain outside dalat you can actually hike up alone! no guide needed 😱 as i ended up going ahead because some trails were making me want to run a bit, i was alone at the peak for a bit. bliss! alone time is difficult to find over here!

29 July 2017

had the most delicious street food in dalat! huge night market! no idea what the green stuff on the stick was, but it was AWESOME.

28 July 2017

today i went on "mr. rot's secret tour" - a tour through the villages around dalat in order to understand the culture better. we also visited a cricket farm (didn't know eating crickets were on my bucket list, but i most certainly ticked it off now!) 😅 afterwards we moved on to visit the local market and a silk farm before spending the afternoon in an ethnic minority village 20km outside of dalat.

27 July 2017

dalat is filled with weird architecture stuff - so also the bar everybody goes to (maze bar)... is different. lonely planet puts it quite nicely: what if dalí and tolkien would take acid and design something together? well :D
catching up with my entries and starting with: the story about fish and my backpack. after the strenuous journey from hoi an to dalat, yet another surprise was awaiting me when starting to unpack. as my backpack had spent a couple of hours next to fish stuff in the bus, it had adapted a kind of... strong scent. including everything inside! so i ended up spending the afternoon trying to handwash my backpack and the raincover and gave everything else to laundry in the hostel. it's better now. not perfect, but... okayish. that brings me to the one thing i'm really missing from back home. clean and dry clothes. the humid air isn't really the perfect place to dry towls and wet clothes.
so much space in the final 4 hour ride up to dalat. from sea level up to 1.500m 😍😍 #mountains
the most random thing just happened. on my 18 hour bus journey from hoi an to dalat we made a stop in nha trang (i kind of knew we would). the only people continuing to dalat with me were two italians and one mexican guy. after being told to get off the bus and wait (by wild gestures of the driver) we just sat down at the petrol station we stopped at. after half an hour a woman shows up, telling the 3 guys they would have to pay 100.000 VND to get onto the next bus. she told me to stay put and led the guys to a bus station around the corner. upon her return she organised a motorbike helmet for me and had me climb up the backseat of her scooter with my luggage. we then drove through half the random town and arrived at a small office. they put out a plastic chair for me to sit in front of the office and wait for my bus. so here i am, taking in the morning traffic in (i think) somewhere in the centre of nha trang 😅

26 July 2017

titled "small angkor wat", the my son temples outside hoi an are still quite impressive. also due to vietnam's history the temples aren't as preserved because of severe bombings. interesting place and great marketing line for all people who don't get to go to angkor wat on their southeast asia trip. like me 😅

25 July 2017

after one full day of staying in bed because of horrible stomach pains, i managed to have breakfast again and after procrastinating a bit i started exploring hoi an. pretty town (the old town is UNESCO world heritage), just not that much in the rain 😅

23 July 2017

and off i go from hue to hoi an. i rented a little motorbike in hue which i could return in hoi an. they even transported my backpack, so i wouldn't have to strap it to the back of my bike. the hai van pass was pretty, the streets were chaotic, it rained for about an hour and i learned to honk before taking a turn. definitely some kind of survival training.
this waterpark was abandoned 4 years ago. the aquarium housed all kinds of sea animals and apparently the crocodiles escaped when the place was closed. it's very much recommended not to go into the water 😅

22 July 2017

there was no space in the bus, so the driver put two little chairs on the floor and seated those 2 dutch girls that way. #safety
lazy days after the jungle trek - relaxing in a hammock & at the pool in phong nha until heading off to hue.

20 July 2017

after 2 days of hiking through the jungle, exploring caves, crossing wet passages and rivers by swimming, camping next to a waterfall and fighting my way through mud while trying to avoid the leeches, i think "carina wetzlhütter, cave explorer" would make for a quite fantastic and progressive job title. vietnam - you're beautiful. ❤️🦇🏞🦎🌴

19 July 2017

motorbike trip to the national park 🛵
exploring phong nha cave.

18 July 2017

about the heat: once you've accepted the fact that you're constantly smelling like a mixture out of sunscreen and bug repellent, sweating all the time gets quite okay. didn't think i would EVER say that. 💦💦💦
after this rather not successful trip to the north due thunderstorms and rain, i've spontaneously booked a flight (less than $40!! 😂) to central vietnam. at the airport i met other people who did the same and we shared a taxi to the little town son trach in the phong nha ke bang national park 😍 it's freaking hot in here and the next few days will be full of exploring the park with the largest caves in the whole world! YAY!

17 July 2017

quick visit to sapa. you should have been able to see fansipan, the highest mountain in indochina but a cute little storm and a "little" bit of rain got in the way. 🌨💦🏞 no hiking for me then. therefore, next stop: central vietnam and the great weather down there 😅

16 July 2017

five star night bus to sapa 😍

15 July 2017

crazy town 😅🎉
the flag.
bun... something. working hard on killing my stomach. with delicious food though 😍🍜
breakfast time: dragon fruit smoothie & a coffee with an beaten egg white on top 😅 #goodmorningvietnam

14 July 2017

hanoi love. amazed, happy and full of anticipation.

13 July 2017

pad thai 😍😍😍
aaand number two: wat pho. including the biggest reclining buddha in the world 😱
one day in bangkok: temple sightseeing. first stop: wat arun, the temple of dawn.
prettiest map of the river boat stations 😍
fighting the jetlag with fruits and thai iced coffee: sugarsugarsugar 😳
first walk along khao san road 😎 #tuktuk

12 July 2017

hello bangkok, hello singha beer! btw thanks for overcharging dear taxi driver.
doha stopover. 😴😴😴

11 July 2017

so. much. space. YAY 😍
packing, narrated in images. bald gehts los 😱😍