Costa Rica · 7 Days · 15 Moments · February 2015

Manzanillo, Costa Rica 2015

21 February 2015

A few selfies.
A day by the pool before we head back to 5 degree weather. Love how much the kids drew this vacation: sketchbooks took the place of iPads. Wish they would keep that up.

20 February 2015

Good bye beach. Slowly making our way back to reality...

19 February 2015

Punta Uva
Jaguar Reserve

18 February 2015

Dinner in Puerto Viejo
Kayak trip down local river in Punta Uva. Howler monkeys, toucans, spider monkeys & turtles everywhere!
Sloth in our driveway! So adorable- crawled right up to us & just kept on crawling. Sweetest face! In love!

17 February 2015

Tattoo afternoon & more beach time...
Horseback ride - huge hit! So much fun to see the area this way!
My version of huevos rancheros. Nailed it!

16 February 2015

Sunny day at the beach. Can't believe how much the kids can swim! Headed to bed quite early, mosquito nets tucked all around. Hoping the lizard we saw in the kitchen stays put.

15 February 2015

Taken yesterday- walked to the black sand beach during downpour. Kids took a nice mud bath.
First day- downpour! Forecast clears up tomorrow. Love just spending time together- no devices to distract the kids. Rare.
Happy Birthday Petra! Having an extra special 6th birthday celebration in CR!