Italy · 5 Days · 24 Moments · July 2016

Norwich Cathedral Girls Choir's Rome tour!!!

27 July 2016

Coming home

26 July 2016

The colosseum
Gelato! 😍
The roman Forum
The palatine gardens

25 July 2016

Post concert ice creams at the trevi fountain!
Lunch was carbonara and Nutella and cherry ice cream
St Peter's
We earned them!
The view from the top
We reached the top of St. Peter's Basilica after 551 steps

24 July 2016

We had an amazing supper!
St. Peter's basilica
St Peter's basilica
Italian streets
St Paul's

23 July 2016

Italian Funghi Pizza
Our first siting of the colosseum!
The ancient city
The trevi fountain!
We went on a tour of the Santa Maria Maggiore after we sang
We sang a mass in one of the side chapels of Santa Maria Maggiore

22 July 2016

Travelling to our accommadation