United States of America · 6 Days · 19 Moments · May 2018

Captain and Crew: Adventures in Destin

1 June 2018

Thanks to everyone who took the time to follow my Journi! Spending time with family has been fun to say the least! That being said, the cherry on top is getting to share my favorite moments with the people I love. Thanks for following, see you again next trip!
We weren’t too happy about packing up today to head home, but we got to the beach one last time this morning. It was water and sand toys for the responsible adults and Aden, while I had the slightly more difficult job of napping under the umbrella. Another memory for the books!

31 May 2018

We got to enjoy a gorgeous sunset on the beach tonight, a fitting end to an unforgettable day! We tried to get the new kite up but had some technical issues getting it together in the fading light. It was okay though, because Lance and I still got to play glow-in-the-dark frisbee well after sunset. When we got too tired for that, we joined Mom and Jordyn on the beach mat and spent some quality time talking and stargazing. And yes, it was every bit as magical as it sounds!
After my second lap through Harbor Walk Village, I finally found the pineapple smoothies! They pulled the fruit out of a fresh pineapple and filled it with a piña colada smoothie. The actual pineapple was served on the side, which was the best part. I love pineapple. And when I say I love pineapple, I mean... I REALLY LOVE PINEAPPLE. In summary, this entire post is about a smoothie that I had after supper. Such a cool story, I know. Please don’t get overwhelmed by emotion 😂
McGuire’s Irish Pub: home to 1.8 million dollar bills and a scrumptious menu. I barely made a dent in my shepherd’s pie but it wasn’t for lack of effort! If I’d eaten any more, my brother would’ve had to roll me to the car 😂 By the end of the meal we were all happily stuffed and content. There were smiles all around. Despite the poor lighting, I managed a picture of Mom and Aden (and Peppa Pig, who was there in spirit in the form of YouTube videos).
So... an update on yesterday’s comment about getting “a little too much sun.” Unsurprisingly, I came back and realized that I got way too much sun. My back is crispy enough that I lost sleep last night and my T-shirt is failing to protect it from the heat today. Hopefully this is my first and last sunburn of the year. ☀️🥓
Me, Jordyn, and Lance had a blast this morning gliding through Destin on a segway tour. Lance and I were a little hesitant at first but I’m so glad we went! Our tour guide was amazing and she knew all the best spots for pictures and touristy activities. Definitely the highlight of the trip so far!

30 May 2018

Just a little art journaling to conclude the day! I’m missing my vast assortment of paints and art supplies but it’s forced me to branch out and practice my sketching / doodling.
We should’ve let Jack pick the restaurant every night this week because his Italian place was spot on! By far the best fettuccini alfredo I’ve ever had and that’s no exaggeration. If you’re ever in the Destin area, I highly recommend Christiano’s!
We finally got some sunshine today! Everyone in the group got a little too much sun but that’s okay, it just means we’re putting the aloe to good use. Aden had us running around like crazy trying to keep up with him, which wasn’t anything unusual. Luckily for Jordyn and Lance, there was still plenty of time for flying kites!

29 May 2018

Do I even need a caption? 😂
Dinner tonight was my treat so we splurged at Dewey Destin’s Harborside seafood restaurant. I could only eat my crab so fast, so Aden had to take a walk along the boardwalk while I finished. Talk about delicious though! 😋
Just a couple more stops to wrap up our shopping expedition! It’s not vacation without ice cream so we had to stop at The Cone for dessert. That was followed by some shenanigans at the Treasure Island Beach Shop, hence the funny hats and Lance’s giant ring.
The rain held off long enough to enjoy some retail therapy at the outdoor mall! I definitely looked like a tourist walking around with a caramel apple at 10:30am, but it’s not vacation unless I’m eating sugar at random times throughout the day. Zoës Kitchen sort of made up for it since I had Moroccan chicken. That’s healthy, right? 😂

28 May 2018

A storm rolled in today and left us stuck indoors, but it wasn’t all bad. I ate entirely too many pancakes for breakfast, watched Lilo & Stitch, and started a new book. With any luck the weather will clear up tomorrow and we’ll catch some rays!
The cutest little guy in the house!

27 May 2018

I didn’t get as much time on the beach as I would’ve liked, but I can’t complain. I still got to spend the day with family. I finished a good book, played with Aden, and discovered a new favorite board game! Hopefully tomorrow has some sunshine in store for us!... but looking at the forecast I kind of doubt it. Could be another board game day 😅
Lunch today is served at Pompano Joe’s, an open-air shack on the beach with the biggest fish tacos I’ve ever attempted to finish! It’s a good start to the week 😋 (more fish tacos to come).