Asia · 19 Days · 22 Moments · February 2016

Candy's adventure in Southeast Asia.

17 March 2016

Rest day at Green Beach.
Wednesday - 7am pickup at Green Beach for 1.5 hour drive to boat launch. 1 hour speedboat trip to Surin Island. World class snorkeling. Fantastic! Lunch on island. More snorkeling. Hour speedboat to van and 1.5 hour home. Out to Pad Thai dinner with Prapa and Ron. Ice cream and sleep.
Tuesday - Rest day at Green Beach. Picnic.
Monday - Drive to Phang Nga and find local long tail boat. Boat breaks down in mangrove forest. Singing. Transfer to working boat and take your. James Bond beach and caves. Drive home.
Sunday - Rest day at Green Beach. Picnics

13 March 2016

Saturday - second long day of travel by pick-up truck. Beautiful scenery of Thailand but very thankful to reach destination of Khaolak on the Endaman Sea. Dinner of pad Thai at local restaurant and retire to bungalow for restful night.

12 March 2016

Ron was exhausted from driving so we found a hotel but it only had two rooms. So, it's a girls room and a boys room.

11 March 2016

Friday - Clean monastery barge and pack belongings for long tail boat ride back to truck. Back at farm, pack everything in pickup truck. Robin and Tim lay on luggage in can covered back. Alan and Candy in back of extended cab. Ron driving and Prepaw rides shotgun. We stop for coffee and gas. We stop at the Hellfire Pass Museum, to see elephants and the Brigde Over the River Kwai. Stop at mall for errand for Ron.
Thursday-Laundry day, Thai style. Then Prepaw takes us to farm and we pick pimellow fruit. Then we pack for overnight aboard the floating monastery barge. We eat food that we bought at the market. After dark, we take boat to land and climb mountain jungle with lights for ceremonial chanting in small church in the jungle. Return to boat for fitfull night sleep.
Wednesday-Get up late and visit forest monastery. Short drive to lake and travel by monk driven long tail boat to monastery owned barge building. Go swimming and take long tail boat tour around lake. Stop at ViP Restaurant for Thailand food. Later, at Ron and Propaw farm, help to set table and cleanup, while Prepaw makes delicious Thai meal. Early night to sleep.

8 March 2016

Tuesday - Saigon Airport to Bangkok airport. Four hour pickup truck ride to Ron and Prepaw farm home. Road thug tried to pull over truck by pretending to be police. Late night arrival about 2 pm.
Last day in Ho Chi Minh City. Pack-up and off to Bangkok, Thailand.

7 March 2016

Monday - breakfast with Alan in Victory Hotel breakfast buffet. Off to the Notre Dame Cathedral and then to market. Coffee at Starbucks. Picnic in park. Taxi scam. Robin not well. Hang out at Victory Hotel pool. Met a new friend. Snack in room for dinner.
Saturday - Woke with face , feet, fingers edema. Met with local doctor and diagnosed with allergy. Got medicine. All four of us walked to War Museum. Alan and I enjoyed buffet dinner in hotel.
Sunday - private tour with Tam to Cu Chee tunnels and then to weasel coffee. Alan and I go to Mo Mo for traditional Shabu Shabu Japanese hot pot dinner.
Friday - Arrival at Victory Hotel. Snack in hotel lobby. Restful nap to catch-up on sleep. Alan and I went to dinner at local traditional pho restaurant.
Thursday - Yoga on the veranda at the villa at Lo Tik Wan, Lamma Island. Packing. Catch a sanpun ferry to Aberdeen. Taxi to Central Station. Check baggage at locker in Central Station and take MTR to Kowloon to pickup passports. MTR back to Central Station and check baggage. Airport Express to Hong Kong Airport. Night flight to Singapore and 6 hour layover in Singapore. Flight to Saigon Airport.

4 March 2016

Yoga on the veranda overlooking Hong Kong Harbor. Hand washing clothes. Day hike to Yong Shue Wan and a wonderful lunch of peppered deep fried squid with Alan overlooking the ferry harbor at Andy's Seafood. Onto the ferry to Central Station and shopping at IFC mall. Delicious sushi meal at Sen-Ryo. Next, the Star Ferry and the harbor light show. Back to the Yong Shue Wan ferry and a night hike thru the jungle to Lo Tik Wan before collapsing in bed.

29 February 2016

Yoga on the veranda overlooking the beach at sunrise. Tending to some housekeeping by washing and drying some clothes. Face timing family. Hike from Lo Tik Wan to Yong Shue Wan then to Central Station by ferry. Hike to a marvelous dim sum lunch with locals showing us the ropes of enjoying dim sum. Peruse the antiquities market in SoHo. Grab a taxi to the top of Victoria Peak and enjoy sunset as the city of Hong Kong lights-up - an unforgettable breath-taking view. Taxi back to Central Station, ferry to Yong Shue Wan, night hike thru the forest to Lo Tik Wan returns us home.
Hiked to the main village on Lamma Island (Yung Shue Wan)and enjoyed shopping the village stores and perusing the alleys and walkways. There are no cars on the island and it is pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

28 February 2016

Hike from Lo Tik Wan to Yung Shue Wan. Ferry from Yung Shue Wan to Central Station in Hong Kong. Vietnamese lunch and gelato for dessert. Up the incline walkways and shopping in antiquities market. Visit Tim's friend and family. Gemini raft across the channel from Tin Wan with bioluminescence blooming around the raft. Collapsed in sleep in Villa at Lo Tik Wan.
Lo Tik Wan is a village of about 6 houses on Lamma Island. House 43 is located right on the beach and faces Hong Kong. We hike from Lo Tik Wan to Yung Shue Wan and enjoyed some Dim Sun before catching the ferry to Hong Kong. We visited Ladies Market and enjoyed Hong Kong Park. Returned to the villa via Gemini raft.