North America · 14 Days · 38 Moments · July 2017

Candace's Hawaiian Holiday

24 July 2017

Everyone absolutely exhausted in the party bus ride home.

22 July 2017

Had to stop and take a picture at the Surf Board fence. This was in Paia on our way back from the Twin Falls hike. We stopped in at the little "hippie" town.
We decided to stop my Hook a pai lookout so that Vail could see the sea turtles but none were on the beach. Instead Vail and I looked at bracelets. It was a fundraiser for a dog rescue place on the island. Vail befriended one. Needless to say we bought some bracelets.
Vail and her coconut juice.

20 July 2017

Lighting of the torches. Every night at the resort a man will blow the conch in all four directions and light all the tiki lanterns on the property.

18 July 2017

Happy Birthday Papa. I am regretting not taking more pictures.
Back seat with the kids.
Today the kids went surfing. Apparently it was way to windy so they are going back tomorrow morning.

17 July 2017

Lei making at the Fairmount. The flowers are orchids.

16 July 2017

Hookipa lookout is where we watched kite surfers. But is also a resting area for the green sea turtle. There is a little preservation area on this beach and when we were there 92 turtles were basking in the sun.
Took a trip to the famous Mammas Fish house. What a cool little restuarant.

15 July 2017

Happy Birthday Larry!!!
And his grandchildren who absolutely adore their Papa.
Three generations of the Ketsa men.
Love the pictures of Larry and his two sons. What a treasured memory.
Was very difficult to get a good picture since these two men where trying to make sure that they were the taller person.
Nothing like family.
I love braiding Ella's hair. She looks like a little princess
Coconut Porter.
Nothing really to say about this.

14 July 2017

Penny and Larry are very special people.
Boyd and Joyce complete the family. They are always there for one another.
Trevor and Lore are her pride and joy.
Happy Birthday Penny. Aloha!!
Getting into the Hawaiian traditions
Ahi tuna on the rock. Loving the adventure
And her dear friend Rak and friend Georgia who came from Pebble Beach to celebrate.
Penny loves her grandchildren with all of her heart. She would do anything for them.
Enjoying the pool. Wow is it warm!!!
Still going!!!
The agility is incredible to climb the tree to prune the trees and cut baby coconut

13 July 2017

We have arrived at the fairmont in Maui. What a beautiful property.
Cheers Vail.
Our group takes up almost the entire first class section.
Our transportation to the airport. And our adventure begins. Happy birthday Penny.
One hour to pick up. Just getting last minute details done. Aloha

11 July 2017

Packing is always fun. 48 hrs till car pickup.