Italy · 9 Days · 66 Moments · July 2014

Canals, cannoli, chianti and cinque terre.

8 August 2014

Then we ate fried bits. We deserved it. Oh and we ate gelato before the fried bits. Priorities.
This is my. I finally made it shot.
Another one of vernazza.
This is the wine machine rollercpaster that they use to get the grapes. We followed its track for a while. I wondered if they could come get me if I died up there.
En route down. Finally! Some views if vernazza. I think that it is the prettiest one.
Exhausted. Notice the hair. That's not water people. That is sweat. My hair is wet from it.
Hiking trail. (The easy part) and some costal views. 4 boat collision! Look out. The one costal picture is where we tried to swim to once we go down from the hike. Let it be known that Tim got tired first. He can't float well. I win!
Found a homeless cat sanctuary. Funny story. We were talking to our roommate in nice and he went to cinque terre 2 years ago. His highlight. The homeless cat sanctuary. Still exists 2 years later!
Then we continued. Found some locks. And more stairs. Up up up up. Oh and did I mention that it was 35 degrees out.
Needed another water break.
Phew. Break time.
Day 3 started with a train to monterosso so that we could hike along the trail. There were 3 trails open and two closed. The two closed were the easy 20 minute ones. The two open were the climb this mountain 1.5 and 2 hour ones. This shows where we started. The climb up was very steep stairs for what felt like a year.
Then we went to monterosso for a swim. Not our favourite place. We ate a salad for lunch. Yay greens. Then went to the beach. There's an actual beach here. But a lot of it has chairs that you have to pay for. Bits very busy. And not as much fun as the other places. We only jumped into the water so that we could say that we went swimming at all of them. Oh and we got gelato. Because my other goal wad to get gelato at all 5 towns. Achieved!
Swimming and Tim climbed the rock. Be careful.
See the similarities? Wait have I posted a picture if riomaggiore yet? Maybe not. Well remover this picture because it will look very similar to the riomaggiore one.
This is where we swam. Not bad huh!?
Day 2 we started in manarola for some swimming. All of the towns look very similar. Except for the water.
Looks downright tropical. I took this right after the sunset pictures. Don't know how that worked.
Found it. Well the most sunset that we could actually get. These turned out pretty well.
Some views in corniglia. Pretty pretty. This is also the smallest one. We hiked to the tip of the town to see if we could find the sunset.
Guess what you have to do to get into corniglia. Climb climb climb. Phew. That's about half of the stairs.
We took a train to corniglia. It's the only one that you can't swim at. So we figured we would go see it at night. Also it's the highest one so we thought we might see a sunset. This is the view of manarola from corniglia.
We hiked up top a bit. That's where we were swimming earlier.
Then Tim climbed the rocks on the far side. He had me take photos of him. Don't jump! Although there was some kids jumping from the end of that set of rocks.
Tim jumping and diving. And me posing. Pardon my middle. Cute houses though huh? And Tim. Watch out for that rock. I couldn't dive in the same way he did. I was too scared that I wouldn't clear that rock.
Made it to cinque terre. First step swim. As soon as we both sat down in the rocks we said. Dang. Should have stayed for four nights. It's that beautiful. Just look! This is in riomaggiore. The first of the five towns.
Hiked out of town to a winery. Too bad the first one was all downhill. And closed. Uphill back to town. Then around town. Finally found one after too many wrong turns. And they only had red wine. And a dessert wine the had a taste of tequila. Nothing like ice wine. My mistake Probably tastes like tequila because they have lots if agave plants. Which Tim thought were only in Mexico. His mistake.
Hey dad. This is your souvenir. Just kidding. Look at the price!
We climbed to the top. Had some good views. GNÖmie was tired. Saw some olive trees. Can't eat them though. They can only be used for olive oil.
Italy. Ha. Penis shaped noodles. Only in Italy.
Tim got some sheep cheese. He chose the one with the hay on it. Weird. Then asked if he could eat the peel. Even weirder.
Had the world gelato champion. We may have had gelato twice here. Mmm gelato.
The next day we decided to get out of the city. So we took a train to poggibonsi. Funny name. Then a bus to San gimignano Tuscan wine country here we come. But first we explored the walled medical city. Pretty cute!
One last view of the bridge from another bridge. Look at that handsome guy. And a pan from the top of again.
Can't forget about Roberta. Ya arsehole. Jiggers jiggers.
Views of the vecchio bridge. Views on it. Sorry mom I didn't buy anything. Just window shopped.
Saw the fake David. Tim was surprised to find out that I had no idea who or why this was so famous. I didn't even know that Michael Angelo's David was a statue. I learned. Pam and bill. This is a hint for your post card to come. Ha.
Back down to go inside. This place is massive! The ceilings were so high! And you can see where we were for part of the climb. We got to walk around the ceiling section. Had to have our knees and shoulders covered for this one!
View from the top. Aaah I'm falling. Just kidding mamma. I'm still alive. For now.
Ok. We climbed the dome. Not the tower. We could have done both though. Thank goodness we didn't. Phew that was a tight climb. Same way going up and down. More than one traffic jam. And coins the wee wees on the ceiling. Tehe.
And Tim.
We couldn't resist going for dinner here. Does matti translate to fool/joker? Because that would make perfect sense. Here's to matti.
We arrived to florence late. We wandered to see the duomo. Pretty spectacular. Maybe the best I've seen so far... Up next. What can we climb.
End of Venice. Onto florence.
Oh canada. That's a long ways to boat eh?
Last morning in Venice we went out on the water. And since we couldn't afford a gondola we took the water bus for a different view. And because in Venice you have to go on the water some way or another. It was worth it. Although it was so slow that we definitely could have walked faster. Took 1.5 hours to go through the grand canal. That's it! Good views though.
So pretty. It was tough to take pictures at night because there wasn't much light and I don't have a tripod for my camera. I tried to set it on the railings of the bridges. At least I got a few good ones. I probably have 10 bad ones for everyone that I posed here! Lol
Venice at dusk. It gets better at night.
Dinner time. Tim found this place online. Known for their seafood. So Tim got the squid ink pasta. Weird right? Could you eat a plate of black gooey pasta? My gnocchis were very good. Melted in your mouth. No chewing involved.
For Dana. These were the ambulances in Venice. Hope there isn't too big of an emergency since they can't get to most peoples front doors. They had a whole fleet of boats!
Some more canals and alleys. Look how small that one is. Eventually if you wander into the small back alleys enough you'll find one with no people on them. That was our goal. Also dad. I can see 3 bridges in this shot, and I'm standing on a bridge to take it. That makes 4. Let's see if I found more.
Ice cream gondola!
The bridge if sighs. Sigh. I'd sigh if there were taking me across this bridge because it probably means I'd be sentenced to death! You'll never know why...
Ok. Here I go again. Venice day 2 still. At the church. We waited in a long line. Got to the top, realized we were in the wrong line And had to pay to go into the museum. But we got some good views of the square. Look at all if those tourists. Darn tourists.
Some views with a lot of gondolas. That's all.

30 July 2014

That means 4000 photos. In 4 weeks. Wow I'm good. The commitment that I have to you guys is unbelievable. Currently I am on a train in Tuscany and instead of looking out the windows I have spent 3 hours uploading Zell am see st anton and Venice pictures. You're welcome!
Then we ventured to San Marco square to see the church. Do t worry I had my shoulders and knees covered. Even though they didn't care at all. All they cared about were our backpacks. Ran out of space on this memory card. Onto the next one!
Some views from the top. Once again the construction panels with the pictures of what the place behind them looks like. I like it. Oh and count the goldolas in picture three. We saw many many traffic jams all over Venice. Looked fun.
Then we made it to the Rialto bridge. So many tourists. Tim got distracted by the manly rowing team during his photo. I wonder why.
Canals and water and canals some more. Found some locks. Saw a gondola get stuck in the tiny canals. Fun times.
We wandered some more. Found the cruise ship terminal. And it poured again. End day 1 in Venice.
We found a little home brew wine store. 2 euro for a litre. I took a pic of the sign to prove it. Deal and tasty.
This is our street and this is our house. Cute huh?
I got a cannoli. Hoped to skype my dad while eating It. He was at work. So I ate it and bought another cannoli later to eat and skype with. You can never have too many cannoli. Holy cannoli
Step number one. Pizza for lunch. I hear it's not the best here because it's illegal to have a wood fired stove. Still good to me. And not as expensive as I expected.
Got into Venice. We left very early in the morning. 5 am wake up call anyone. It was pouring rain. It was the craziest thunder that I have ever heard. Wicked cool. We got soaked.