North America, Europe · 5 Days · 21 Moments · April 2018


8 April 2018

What a fun night. These dudes know how to party!! Great times.

7 April 2018

If the wedding and the resort wasn’t impressive enough, we ended the night at the Forte de Cruz. It was intended to avoid an eventual enemy landing for the purpose of occupying the capital.
The main event! Talk about an entrance and a show!! This was theatrical. music...chanting...a white horse!! An amazing ritual to present the groom and his family to the bride and hers.
To say that the Penha Longa Resort was incredible would be an understatement. The venue and the subsequent activities blew me away.
Stepped out of my comfort zone and enjoyed a delicious lunch. I wasn’t adventurous enough to try the sardines, though.
Started another great morning with a little walk to meet Carl and Amanda. Along the way I snapped a few pics of things that stood out. One of those being a remarkable beach and roaring ocean. It was the calm before the storm, as waves rolled in shortly after these shots.

6 April 2018

So it rained a little in Madrid. We didn’t care. We still scooted around and almost got killed.
Finally made it to see the one piece of art that has been an infatuation of mine for years. So glad that I was able to see this in person. Even more amazing than I imagined.
Another beautiful aerial view. This one is Madrid.
Early morning start as we head to Madrid for the day! Excited to finally see Guernica, by Picasso, in person.

5 April 2018

Tiny hotel elevator...
Cascais is a city respite with creativity. A few examples of those that captured our eye: murals, tiling, and architecture.
Once we finished demolishing dinner, we sat outside...walked a little...and generally enjoyed the sunset.
Pretty good meal at Cafe Boca Do Inferno. Started with a salad and some prosciutto. Ended with the seafood platter here. Also found a new favorite beer! A regional brand, “Super Bock.” Notice the damage done to the plate.
Picture perfect view.. doesn't get better than this
Melissa and I walked around today. In spite of our exhaustion we managed to get out and enjoy the beautiful architecture of Cascais.
Trying to figure parking amongst the crazy drivers
Beautiful view as we prepare for landing. Love the alternate energy installations. Pretty progressive Portugal.

4 April 2018

Made it to Toronto airport. Delayed. A little nauseas. But we made it in time to catch our connecting flight to Lisbon. Portugal here we come!!
Love Shack grub at DFW. Boarding in a few hours.
Kicking off our trip in about 4 hours. All packed and wondering if we’re gonna blow the scales or not ; )