North America · 146 Days · 47 Moments · February 2018

Canada & USA

29 June 2018

San Francisco again for the last 2 days. Met my tour guide again and had some fun together. Thanks Now is it time to say goodbye and go back home. I'm really happy to see all my friends and family soon. But also feeling a little bit sad. I had a unbelievable time here in the U.S. and Canada. I mad a lot of new friends and I hope I see them soon again. Thanks to everyone who mad this trip so great for me. And I now I'm not done with travel in my life. Explore the World, have fun and meet new amazing people. I never done with that.❤❤❤ And never forget BAD IDEES MAKE GOOD MEMORIES 😉

28 June 2018

Stamford University

27 June 2018

Some places again L.A. Las Vegas Zion Nationalpark
Driving down to San Carlos all at the Highway 101 and 1. In 4 days

25 June 2018

One of the last places Kings Canyon National Park
Hikking in Kings Canyon Nationalpark It was so amazing just wow. 😍 A little bit like Switzerland

11 June 2018

What a place 😍😍😍 I need definitely have to come back to this Forest and Beach. A hikking day and at the evening ond the beach. Wonderful

10 June 2018

And again driving with a hikking stop. What a beautiful place. lower-, middel- and upper- lewis falls

8 June 2018

An other drive day with a stop at the twin falls

6 June 2018

Drive from yesterday
Park City Biking and the Olympic park

5 June 2018

Driving from Denver to Arches National Park and to Park City. Started in the mountain going to the desert and back to the mountain. I made a stop in the Arches National Park. It's beautiful but it was hot 40°C (103°F)

3 June 2018

Denver is a grat City on 1'500 meters. All around you can finde some cool places for hikking or conzerts. What a cool place for conzerts red rocks. Then I was on Mount Evens 4'350 meters. I know I diden't hikke all because I had not 2 days time. On the way back I stopped by Buffalo Bill's grave it's also a great viewing point.
Driving days from Nashville to Denver. First day I started at 8.30 in Nashville and arrived in the middle of nowhere a little bit after 10. Secend day get up at 5 and starte to drive a bit befor 6. I arrived around 11 in the mornig in Denver thats becaus I won one houre I changed the time zone.

28 May 2018

Flight from New York to Nashville Nashville is my city I fall in love with you 😍😍😍. It was my second time here and it was again amazing. A lot of party and evreywhere music. I visit the Johnny Cash museum and belive it or not but I met hes youngest brother Tommy Cash in the museum. Than the Florida Georgia House it's a restaurant and bar from the band. Robert's Western World is A asewsome bar they play there old school Country. I come back Nashville

26 May 2018

Boat trip to New York. Thank you all so much for that it was beautiful.

25 May 2018

Bosten and Harvard University What a great city I love this place.😍 It's big but much nicer than New York.

24 May 2018

New York It was good to see that but it's not really my place.

19 May 2018

Home Town from our Tourguide. What a nice Town. It's really green ond lovely. And the white house is the house he life.

18 May 2018

Chicago Niagara falls And last night camping. Thanks for the great time I will miss you guys. The fantastic four we did the 6 week trip. Love you all guys and I will never forget you

16 May 2018

Badlands And our Tourguide have a little bit fun 😅

15 May 2018

Crazy Horse Memorial Mount Rushmore Memorial Deadwood In Deadwood we were in a real cowboy bar and in the same bar where Wild Bill Hickock was killed. They call the deadmans hand in poker two 8 two As and one 9 because he was killed with this hand

14 May 2018

I the middle of nowhere
Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. Bucket list check 🤣😅

12 May 2018

Yellostone National Park Finale we saw some Grizzly

10 May 2018

Jacksen-hole was a real cowboy village. Grand Teton National Park was so amazing. It can be dangerous but we didn't see bears.

8 May 2018

It was also on the trip with the group at Lake Tahoe

6 May 2018

Yosemite national park Hikking

4 May 2018

San Francisco I think I don't have to explain😍 The only thing I have to say, we met 2 beautiful people from our old group again it. ❤ Ah yeh breaking the rules since 1993 🤣

3 May 2018

The new group and some places between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

1 May 2018

VEGAS BABY I was surprised how crazy is there everything and also that I liked🤗 But you have to be very carful with your money there. I on the lucky side than I won a little bit but you have to know when you have to stop or you lose all.
Grand Canyon And Zion Nationalpark In the Grand Canyon we made a Helikopter round trip it's the best way to see a little bit of the Canyon. I had the best hikking ever in Zion. It was awesome you walk the most time in the river it was a big fun with my friend Sophie 😉
Los Angeles: - Hollywood - Santa Monica And a really sad goodbye to the crew it was wonderful love this amizing group

29 April 2018

Seceond part monument vally What a great place Can you see the eagle head?😉

23 April 2018

Some Route 66 stuff Than some nice placese in New Mexico The Road and place where Forest Gump stopped to walk 😅 Monument Vally just beautiful

19 April 2018

After 2 nights in New Orleans we had a long driveing day. We stopped at a beach and sleeped there. At the next day we was gone to Austin. First stop ther was the Grafitiwall than we was at the river for ah short swim. In the evening we was ate a big BBQ. The second day in Austin we're chilled at the morning and than we was at a Football game. In the evenig we enjoyed the nigth live from Austin. Than we had an other long drive day to Amarillo one from us tryed to eat the 2.5 kg steak and sides. On the way to Santa Fee we stopped at some places from the Route 66. And stopped also for a swim in the blue hole. The water was really fresh but it was fantastic.

18 April 2018

Treffen sich 2 Deutsche 2 Österreicherinnen 2 Schweizer 1 Schwede In New Orleans auf einem kleinem Balkon reiner zufall oder mehr? 😂

16 April 2018

Memphis: Sun Studio & Martin Luther King Swamp Tour somewhere😅 New Orleans: THE BIG EASY
3 day hikking 4 day whitewater rafting 5 day Nashville It was so funny. And for sure Niashville I come back. This city is after last night my second home. I love it. ❤❤❤

11 April 2018

Trek America tour has started First stop was in Philadelphia Then we drove to Washington to build our tents. On the second day we had a bicycle tour in Washington D.C. and visited some museums. After that we enjoyed the sun. In the evening three of us went to the first Hockey Playoff Game. Capitols vs. Blue Jackets The score of the game was 2:3 after Overtime.

10 April 2018

Sunrise over the clouds 😍 Somewher in the USA

31 March 2018

After Whistler i traveled to Victoria A really beautiful City with a lot of amazing places. Thanks to my friends that I could stay at there home for a vew days. I will come back to Victoria in the future because it's a wonderful places.

21 March 2018

It was an incredible time here in Whistler. In my last two weeks I had a lot experienced. First we were Ax throwing so much fun. 😅 The same evening we were still a little chill in the student house. Sunny Saturday enjoy the weather and drink wine. 🤗 Last sunday was my last skiing day. On Tuesday was Bingo night and one from us won the skis 👍 Last party night here in Whistler with my travel friend MINION🤣 This is the house where I was living the last 8 weeks. Bye Whistler see you agian in the future

22 February 2018

What a great time here. I'm allowed to experience many great things with many great people Eat with school, pub evenings, bobsleigh, for the 2nd time to Vancouver to a hockey match, heliskiing... It's a real pleasure. Unfortunately, the latter had a miserable end for me. I injured my knee and shoulder in the second run. Luckily it was not so bad but this day was over. And the village is just beautiful at night and when it's snowing just wow.

10 February 2018

On Saturday morning we were on a snowmobile tour. It was a great fun and what an view!! Then it went on the ski in the afternoon what else.😊 The day was just perfect. Beautiful this view. That's it too. On Sunday, only skiing was said to be perfect weather.😍 At this sight, time stops for a moment Öbersetzig: 😉 Am Samschtig morge semmer ofere Schneemobile Tour gse. S esch eifach mega gseil gse ond dä Usbleck en troum. Am Nomittag semmer de uf d Ski was ou sösch. Eifach en Perfekte Tag. Ond de Ussecht esch Wonderschön. Das wärs de ou gse. Am Sonntig esch nor Skifahre ahgseid gse bi glich Perfektem Wätter wie am Samschtig. Bi däm Ahbleck blibt Zit för en chorze momänt stoh.😍

8 February 2018

The first sunny day in Whistler for me. It's really beautiful😍 but the snow is like spring snow in Switzerland.

3 February 2018

First days in Canada. In Vancouver i stand for 1 day. After this day i'm travel to Whistler