North America · 6 Days · 12 Moments · January 2016

Canada Bound

12 January 2016

So let's try this again... Due to a delay at the Vancouver airport I missed my connection to Washington DC and had to crash in Portland for the night. Even though the delay was not Alaska airlines fault they did set me up with a room and gave me a free meal too, I also got a call letting me know that my bag made it to DC. The lady seemed really confused of why my bag was in DC and I am on the opposite coast, me too lady, me to. There is always an up-side though! I got to visit with my friends Tawnya and Steve who I had originally met over 4 years ago when I got into my bicycle accident. They fed me and made me feel better when we were stuck in a KOA campground. So glad we kept in touch!

11 January 2016

Finally made it to my bed after a long but amazingly fun day. I feel so grateful that I have had the ability to attend PCMA for 3 years in a row. I met many new people and learned so much that will benefit me and my career. I ended the night perfectly on top of Grouse Mountain frolicking through the snow in inappropriate shoes and my purse. Make sure to swipe right through the pictures, the setting really was a magical way to reflect on this trip and life in general. See you tomorrow DC!

10 January 2016

Phew! What a long day! It is about 2am here and I have been at it since 6am... So glad to be back in my room! It was a great conference and networking day, but so happy sleep is in my near future.

9 January 2016

Today was the first full day of the ESPA conference. It is so great being under one roof with my peers from other Destination Marketing Organizations! We may have the best jobs ever! Take a look at some of the amazing food I ate today... It is impossible to loose weight in this industry!

8 January 2016

We also explored Stanley park walked some of the sea wall. Such beautiful and so close to downtown!
Yesterday we rented a car and drove out to Steveston to check out the cute little fishing village where the show Once Upon a Time is filmed. I have never seen the show, but now I will have to once I get home!

7 January 2016

Last night was great! Checked into the hotel and was greeted by the doggy ambassador! Went to water street and the historic district for a bite and a drink, ended up staying for the band. I met some nice folks that offered to be my friends for the night!
Touch down! I was greeted into Canada by the all mighty totems. I am now on the Canada line heading downtown, I opted for this instead of a taxi because I feel up for an adventure! I love the feeling of trying to navigate a city you have never been to!
Made my connecting flight in Seattle! I get to ride on the small plane with propellers!
Oh and one of my flight attendants looks like Sarah Palin... I'm not even going to Alaska but I am confident that I am getting a true authentic experience flying with Alaskan Airlines! Salmons and Sarah, it all seems so real.
Apparently my plane is the worlds largest flying fish... It looks like a salmon... Man I hope I can get a picture :)
Sitting at gate 18 anxiously awaiting flight #1 to Vancouver. I am headed to the ESPA and PCMA conference, I have been in attendance the last two years, but this is the first time someone else is paying for me to go, so hey that's cool! And lucky me, this time I am leaving the country (sort of)