Austria, Slovenia, Croatia · 7 Days · 27 Moments · September 2017

Crazy Road Trip

8 September 2017

Now at the Triglav National Park
We went for a coffee with the best view

7 September 2017

We set our foot on Bled. Beautiful town built by the lake. We went to the top of the Bled Castle to have a panorama view of the city.
The weather dramatically changed. There is no way to enjoy the beach in the following days. We decided to enjoy some nice cities on the way back to Vienna. After some planning, we are packing our stuff and heading to Slovenia. There are some nice places there that we already wanted to visit anyway.

6 September 2017

As the last touch, we had an amazing dinner in Krk.

5 September 2017

4 September 2017

What is better than watch the sunset? Watch the sunset while learning German 😄
Time to relax and see the sunset in our campsite
The weather completely changed! Uhuuu! Now we can enjoy this amazing beach.

3 September 2017

Almost done with our setup for today! Now for the final touches. Not that bad for starters. Thanks to Andy and Bianca for all the equipment 😄
Coffee time ☕️
After a great day in Rovinj, we decided to move on. Driving just 30 min to Pula. Walking around the city in the hope of getting a better wether tomorrow to enjoy the beach.
Where's Wally? 😂
We got up early. 7AM we were set. Went down to the city center to see this amazing place.

2 September 2017

We didn't have much luck when we got in Rovinj. It was raining a lot and mounting our tent wasn't an option. We decided to sleep in the car. Wasn't that bad after all.
Just a quick walk before hitting the road again. Ljubljana is small but super cozy.
On our way to Croatia, we had to cross the whole Slovenia. Lunch time already passed and we kept driving. Why not a quick stop to have some food? Looking on TripAdvisor we have found this really nice place, Druga Violina. Food is really good and also super cheap.
And we are taking off now. Just got back from the car rental. I was in the hope of getting a free upgrade but didn't work. But this one is totally fine. We are going to drive through Austria, Slovenia and finally Croatia. Lets see what Croatia has to offer! 🚘