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Camille's Reise nach Australia/ Neuseeland

7 April 2017

31 March 2017

28 March 2017

18 March 2017

Sorry for the late update 🙈 Indonesia was amazing! I had such a great time. Reunion with Lorin (really good friend from home💕) The start of our trip was Jakarta. First I had a little culture "shock", because the people asked us always if they can take a picture with us.. But than I started to fall in love with this country. 😊 In Java we did a lot of sightseeing, hiking and city discover. Three times we woke up at 2am for seeing the sunrise. Borobudur Temple, Mt. Bromo and Mt. Ijen.. It was so worth 🤗 In Bali we chilled more 😊 Little paradise for foodlovers like us, Granola over Muesli and Fruitheaven.😍 We joined a surfcamp for 6days, went to Gili Trawangan for diving (unfortunately not possible because I got a middle ear infection 😕) After Gili we went back to Lombok and went surfing for 4days again. Little passion and we met so many kind people. Our trip ended in Bali, there we had some really nice last days full of scooter driving, relaxing, shopping and eating. Now back i

25 February 2017

20 February 2017

Weiter ging es auf die Coromandel Halbinsel leider mit Regen. Aber hatten trotzdem schöne Tage bevor wir in den Norden starteten. Wir gingen zum Hot Water Beach - dort kann man sich ein Loch in den Sand graben und irgendwann kommt dann sehr heisses Wasser. Kleiner natürlicher Hotpool. 😊 Ich hab meine Haare noch geschnitten, der Coiffeur hat es gut gemeint und sie sind relativ kurz. Umstellung aber bin zufrieden. 👱🏼‍♀️ Im Northland waren endlich Strandtage angesagt! 🌞 Von viel Sonne, über einen natürlichen Mermaidpool, ein Autounfall (nur Parkunfall), Campingplatz mit einem Babypossum an einer Leine bis zum nördlichsten Punkt von Nz. Wir haben so viele schöne Orte gesehen und nun neigt sich unsere Reise dem Ende zu. Die letzten Tag waren wir noch am Piha Beach surfen und machen noch ein wenig Sightseeing in Aukland. Am 6. März startet meine 10 Tägige Tour in Nz und dann geht es schon nach Indonesien. Freue mich sehr☺️ Ps: Ich werde am 8. Mai wieder Zuhause sein und freue mich seh

12 February 2017

Ich melde mich auch wieder einmal mit Fotos. Es brechen leider schon die letzten Tage an mit Janna 😞 Wir waren dann insgesamt 3 Monate unterwegs und wir haben so viele tolle Orte gesehen und Momente erlebt! Nach dem Tongariro Crossing gings es weiter Inland zum Lake Taupo: kleines Cliffjumping haben wir gemacht in den kalten See, Fifty Shades Darker geschaut und die kleine "Stadt" angeschaut. Weiter in den Norden haben wir Roturua besucht. Eine Schwefel-Stadt wortwörtlich. Es stinkt extrem nach Schwefel. Wir waren in einem Park wo es natürliche Schwefelbäder hat bis zu 200 grad heiss. Sehr eindrücklich waren dann aber froh als wir weg von diesem Gestank waren 😜 Danach ging es nach Tauranga, kleine Wanderung auf den Mt. Maunganui. Ich Tollpatsch bin natürlich hingefallen und hab mir mein Knie aufgeschürft🙈 Zeit für mehr Strandtage.. auf dem Campingplatz hatte es eine so schöne & süsse Katze. Hätte sie am liebsten mitgenommen. 🐱 Fortsetzung folgt..

11 February 2017

TONGARIRO CROSSING, 19.4km, 6hours, up and down, wonderful view and exhausting! What a expiercing! It was incredible, the nature, the view over the landscape and all in all a perfect day! 😊 I would do it again!😌 Xoxo Camille

7 February 2017

Northisland, new hope for better weather 🌞 First Stop was Wellington ☺️ What a special feeling to be in a bug city again. We made a New Piercing, took the famous cable car, walked through the botanic garden.. Wonderful city and you can do a lot there! ☺️ After that we went more North on the Westcoast. Again more landscape and beautiful mountains. We did little hikes up to 2 hours and prepared us for a big hike the next day! 20km.. famous hike in NZ, we were a little bit afraid😎 but it was our goal and on our bucketlist to do it😊 All in all is the Northisland warmer, but the landscape not so special and not so varied. 😜 But the sun is here and that is what we need🌞

1 February 2017

28 January 2017

Big trip to a beautiful National Park! Abel Tasman National Park. We did a boat trip who bring us up to one Bay and than we walked to the next Bay. 15km - 4 hours - up and down - stunning view - and a final swim😊 It was awesome and the colour of the nature is incredible. Our last days we spent on a Parking - Campingplace in the middle of Nelson. All young people with Campervans were there and we met a lot of nice people. We went to the beach there, did some sightseeing, went on the Saturday market and before we took the ferry to the Northisland we had one last night in a wonderful bay called Robin Hood Bay. Wonderful view under a sky full of stars! ✨ From Piction we took the Ferry the next day to Wellington! Save in Wellington and now we have one month left for the NorthIsland before Janna will leave 😞 So we enjoy every second here and we are so happy to be here 😘 Xoxo Camille

23 January 2017

Hi there 😊 A saw a lot of new beautiful places in NZ. After Queenstown, we went to Wanaka. There we saw the famous and most photographed tree: The Wanaka Tree in the lake. Sunny day, we went for a dip and on a wine tasting tour🍷 A little bit more north we visited the blue pools. (They are so blue, even though it was bad wheater!) After that we planned to see the two Glaciers called Fox Glacier and Franz Josef. But it was raining all the time and we had no really a chance to see the glaciers. Our alternative soulution was to go relaxing in Hot Pools. Perfect bad weather idea😜 We drove up all the West Coast, made a few stops in Hokitika, Greymouth and the Pancake Rocks. All up to Westport🏄🏻 On a camping ground, we saw Glowworms in the night. What a expierience! 💕 Last days on the South Island were calling.. We met on the way to Nelson, two school friends from Janna and it was quiet funny to met someone from home! ☺️

20 January 2017

But there are sometimes bad moments.. We were stocked in the gras on the way to Milford, we had some problems with the brakes from our car.. so one extra day in Te Anau because we went to the garage. But we learn a lot and have so much fun together 😜 We are always positiv and do the best out of every situation😊 After our extra day, we drove more north to Queenstown. 💕 Omg what a cute town, little bit like St. Moritz☺️ We hiked up to the Queenstown hill, joined a free tour through Queenstown (It was really interesting!) and in the evening we went out for dancing 💃🏼🍸 Today, 22.01.17 we did the craziest thing ever. Nevis Swing, 70m freefall, 300m long, feeling like "Heidi" (ufem Rittiseili i de Berge) Adrenalin pur 😅🙈 It was amazing and a perfect goodbye to this wonderful town and ready for the next adventures more north on the Southisland❣️ See you soon, take care and enjoy the wonderful winter at home for me ❄️😘❤️ Cheers Camille🙋🏼

13 January 2017

Long time no post from me, I'm so sorry. The internet connection here in NZ is really bad 😋 We did a lot in this time🏃🏼‍♀️ We went to a wonderful Bay called Curio Bay, enjoyed a great view at the cliffs, saw yellow-eyed penguins 🐧 and a nice waterfall on the way.. We drove down to the most southern point of New Zealand. What a feeling, 18'000 km away from home.. ❤️ We had 3 days of free camping, so no shower, only water & TOITOIS 😜 We met 3 cool Kiwi guys (Kiwis=New Zealand guys) and learnt a lot about people in Nz. Quiet funny evening, saw a wonderful sunset 🌅, deepest lake in Nz. After that back to a expensive camping with showers😂 in TEANAU. Sweet little town, walked a lot and relaxed. In this part of Nz, the rain quantity is so high, 260 days raining / a year☔️ But still wonderful. From there we drove up to Milford Sound - unforgettable place - did a 2 hour Cruise in the Fjords, what a view, waterfalls and we saw Dolphins 🐬 All in all my life is full of adventures, surpris

9 January 2017

HELLO New Zealand 😍 Gugus alli zeme us de chalte Schwiz❄️ ja da in Nz isch es nöd viel wärmer. Mir vo Australie.. 30 grad gwöhnt sind grad es bizeli überforderet gsi mit de chüele 15 grad. Es isch sehr windig da aber wunderschön! ✨ Our roadtrip start: Christchurch🚐 Eusi Reis startet uf de Südinsle richtig Süde und denn de Westküste entlang ufe bis mer uf Nordinsle gönd ☺️ First Desti; Christchurch zum euse Campervan in Empfang nä. Mir händ de gueti Christian gnännt😁Am erste Tag hämmer alles igrichtet und eus i de Stadt umegluegt. Mir händ eus e Chappe unf Kuschelsocke kauft als ersts 🙈 Denn het euse Roadtrip richtig gstartet; 1h30min richtig Küste: AKAROA💗 Süesses chlises Dörfli mitme Hafe wo en Franzöische Charme hätt☺️ Highlight: Dolphin watching tour 🐬 isch es unvergesslichs Erlebnis gsi😍 Süesse Campingplatz ufme Hügel zwüsched Hühner und Schöfli 🐣🐔🐐 Mir gnüsseds sehr und schicked liebi Grüessli i die schöni verschneiti Schwiz ❄️ gnüsseds & vermisse eu😘❤️ xoxo Cam
hey 👋🏼 from the other side of the world 😁 Our Next Stop was Lake Tekapo / Mount Cook. For the first time free camping without a shower or electricity 😜 But we made it and had a great time. Lake Tekapo is so special because of his intense blue colour 💙 We had our daily big breakfast in front of the lake. In the afternoon we drove about 2 hours more in-land to the famous Mount Cook. The Maori call the mountain Aoraki and he is 3754m high. So we went hiking 3 hours - 2200 steps up to have a panorama view💪🏼😎 The nature is so similiar to 🇨🇭! 😍 After that we had one night stop in a sweet Campingplace in Moeraki. There we visited the Moeraki Boulders. Next Stop was Dunedin. Again a city, but so small that you can see everything in one day 😋 We went to the steepest street of the world, to the Otago Museum and learned a lot about the Maori culture, saw the big University, Railway station and the Otago Peninsula Beach called Sandfly Bay. All in all we are enjoying every second😘 xo

3 January 2017

1 January 2017

31 December 2016

SYDNEY for New Year ✨🎉 We spend New Years Eve in Syney. Omg I never saw so many people in one city🙈 We went to the city at 8am just to stand in the queue to have a good place in the botanic garden😅 12 hours waiting in the sun for the firework🎉 But it was worth it! We had a funny day, playing cards, eating, drinking, sleeping and relaxing 😎 The next days we went to the famous Bondi Beach, we did a day trip to the Blue Mountains to go hiking there and I did the Harbour Bridge Climb. Sydney is so big! Just a few days were too little 😌 But I'm glad that I could see a little part of this wonderful city☺️ Now we are off to New Zealand 🇳🇿❤️ Ready for our 2 months Roadtrip 🚐

28 December 2016

MELBOURNE ✨ After Christmas we spend a few days in Melbourne. After a happy reunion with Cindy (last pic), now a super good friend I met in school, I took the train to visit friends in Bairnsdale☺️ 4hours to go.. Finally I met the Fusco Family😍 I had two wonderful days full of fun and family feeling💕 It felt like home and I was so happy to see them again. Thank you again Sonja😘 I tried for the first time to wakeboard (It is quiet hard😜) and had a great time☺️ After that I went back to Mel City🎉 Next day we did a lot of typical "touri-stuff". We went to the big library, walked around in the city, walked through the botanic garden and saw penguins 🐧 in St. Kilda ☺️ I love Melbourne but it chanced in the last years... There were a lot of homeless people and the city is not so clean. But still really nice and you see a lot of art there🤗 It was not my last time there 😌 I will definitely go back 💕

25 December 2016

Noosa for Christmas 🎄✨☺️ We had 2 wonderful days in this little town😌 Christmas at the beach 🏊🏻‍♀️ why not? A Christmas BBQ in our Airbnb Apartment with a few friends.. It was really funny and we had a nice evening.. but not really christmas feeling😞 I missed my family and friends a lot❤️ But anyway I have a wonderful time in Australia and enjoy it😊 Next Stop was Brisbane again for 1 night. 26 Dec. off to Melbourne🤗 Now we are enjoying our days in Mel 🌃 Melbourne post will follow in the next days ☺️

21 December 2016

Last day of our tour we did a wonderful 5k walk to a lake called Lake Wabby. The Lake is in the middle of a sand dune. And in the morning we visited a lake and went stand up paddling (SUP). I tried a headstand 💪🏼 Next to this awesome weekend, things went wrong.. A girl got lost (Our guide found her again in the middle of Fraser😂), broken finger and one time we were stocked in the sand. Yes it was a really funny weekend and I'm so happy to have the oppurtunity to live the aussi dream 😜 Now our next stop is Noosa for Christmas. 🎄 I wish you all wonderful and relaxing christmas days🎄 Enjoy it and I miss you all😘 See you soon ❤️ Lots of love, Camille 🙋🏼

20 December 2016

FRASER ISLAND 😍 3 day Tour - Cool Dingo 🤗 Again three wonderful days with great people 💕 We hiked a lot and swimming in 3 different lakes. First famous stop was Lake McKenzie. This lake is so clear and have the same PH-wert like our skin. So the sand is really good for our hairs, like a conditioner. 😉 We met three guys from London and had a lot of fun with them. So many people from the UK are travelling in Australia. That is perfect for our English 😋 We went to the Champagne Pools which are cliffs where the waves from the sea breaking over. It looks like 🍾. We did a little hike up to Indian Head. Had a great view. (group foto) After that we saw the Maheno Wreck. So many memories.. I was there with my family 5 years ago❤️ Before heading back to the Resort we had a short stop at Eli Creek. This is a river where you can swim with the current. So you can float🏊🏻‍♀️ More is following in the next Post🤗

18 December 2016

We had a little stop over after our Sailing tour in AGNES WATER. We had two relaxing days, beachday and surfing 🏄🏼‍♀️🌅 It is a wonderful little town called 1770, because Captain Cook arrived there. 😊 Between the relaxing part there we had also stressful moments.. Our Greyhound Bus was full booked and we had no opportunity to go to our next Stop. So we booked another Bus which departed at 2:15am. It was horrible! We were so happy when we finally arrived in RAINBOW BEACH🤗 However, we arrived safe and were ready for the next adventure: FRASER ISLAND; the biggest Sand Island ☺️

16 December 2016

14 December 2016

Our next Stop was Airlie Beach - the worldfamous Whiteheaven Beach 🌞 First I met Sonja🤗 (Was für en Zuefall) She is a good friend from Carole and she moved with her Family 6years ago to Australia. However, I planned to visit her in Melbourne after Christmas. But she was in Airlie in Holiday and I saw her by chance 🤗 After that we went on a 3night/4day Sailing tour ⛵️️ Our boat called Anaconda. I had such wonderful 3 days🐠 First we sailed to the famous Whiteheaven beach and I had a little introduction about diving🐠 We went to a Lookout and in the afternoon I dived for the first time in my life! Omg! It was amazing and I got addicted! 😍 The next day we sailed to the Great Barrier Reef, I dived there 2 times and saw a turtle and a shark🐢 I met a lot of lovely people from all over the world and had a great time. To say goodbye was even harder.. 😌 But it was not my last time to dive.. ⛵️️🐢🐠💕 More pictures in the next post😘 Xoxo Camille

9 December 2016

Our next Stop was MAGNETIC ISLAND 🌴⚓️☀️ We had a sweet and calm accomodation. We did a few hikes, chilling at the beach and two days more relaxing than action. This island is wonderful, we met a lot of people and cooked with them. We saw a little Wallaby and we had a great time. Now we are off to Airlie Beach. On Tuesday we are going on a Sailing tour in the Whitesundays ⛵️ Great Barrier Reef 🐠🐟🐬🐢 No Christmas feeling at all here. It is almost 30 degrees. I miss it. So enjoy it for me even more🎄

7 December 2016

More pictures☺️💕 the blonde girl is my travelbuddy Janna from Germany. 😚

6 December 2016

2 days Cairns ☺️ over 30 degrees, croco danger, rainforest, beautiful place. 🌴🐊🔥 First day, we had a relax day. In Cairns is it no allowed to go swimming, because of the Crocos and Jellyfish season. So we went to a Lagoon, directly in the centre of Cairns. We booked really spontanous Trip to the Daintree River/Rainforest🌴🐊 in Cairns is the oldest Rainforest and so special because the Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef come togehter and have the same lenght. After a few drinks on Tuesday evening witj a girl from the UK, we went on this trip the next day 🤗 It was fantastic. We had a Croco River tour, swimmig in the nature and we met a lot of new people☺️ It was unforgettable! 💘 Now we are in Mission Beach, 2h South from Cairns but just for 1 night😌 Tomorrow we will go to Magnetic Island💕 Happy Travels😘 Take Care, xoxo Camille

5 December 2016

Travelling started 🌴🌏🏙 First Stop in Brisbane: Sightseeing, Ferry Tour, little Park Walk and reunion with my travel buddy Janna. We will travel together for 3 months. (1 Australia, 2 New Zealand) Today our real adventure started: ✈️ to Cairns. Travel down the East coast of Australia. 😍 Good night from Cairns and see you soon 💕

30 November 2016

Friends from all over the world 🌎❤️ Happy Camille 👩🏼😍😘

22 November 2016

It is time to say goodbye.. I felt in love with Surfers Paradise.💘 I had 3 amazing months here, had a lot of fun and met so many friendly people. I could not be more thankful for this unforgettable time ☺️ Now I'm ready for new adventures, travelling through Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia😍 4 months to go.. 🌴 I miss you all ❤️. But I have my time of my life and enjoy every moment😚 So glad that I'm here🤗 I had my graduation, 12 weeks done 🎓 My test on Wednesday was really hard, but always think positiv 😌

19 November 2016

Rainforest Trip - Springbrook✨🐍 After the Christmas party, (organised by my school🎅🏼), I went to a Rainforest Trip. (With only 3 hours of sleep.. Ups😄😜😎) BUT, I promise it was it worth! Waterfalls, Animals, pur Nature. I like 😍 I saw a snake.. Yes I did a selfie with her 🐍 Whole day hiking and be in the nature, was a perfect recovery from the party 🙈 Hope you are all fine🌞 Take Care! 😘

12 November 2016

Weekendtrip to Noosa 🚗🌴🌊💕 Ganz es schöns Wucheend hani gha mit dene 2 girls.😊

11 November 2016

SUNRISE 🌅 4:51 🌞

9 November 2016

Immer fliessig am trainiere bini au in Australia. (So viel wie möglich!) Bootcamp (1h) for free🤗 Jetzt bini nur no 2 Wuche i de Schuel und 1 Wuche woni dPrüfig han. Bald gahts reise los und ich freue mich sehr! 🌴 Dunnstig hani scho "Speaking Test" ✊🏼 und am 30. November denn die grossi Prüfig! 🍀🐷 Hoffemers BEST☺️

5 November 2016

A perfect Saturday 👌🏼 We ate a really good chicken-burger and went out! 💃🏼Perfect weekend! 😊 Sunday was a normal beach day🌞
I'm so glad to be here! 🤗😊 enjoy every moment❣️
Saturday: On the way to a new adventure.. Yes! We two are a little bit crazy 😋 Tree Top Challence🌳 7 Ziplines in the Rainforest🙈 It was incredible 🤗 We had a really kind shuttle driver, he was like a Touriguide😎 So we had some breaks on the mountain, with an unforgettable view.. and a wonderful sunset🌄❣️ Ps: 31 Grad für alli us de Schwiz🌞 ich gnüsses sehr❄️

4 November 2016

International Day 🇨🇭 Switzerland won! Best decoration and dish 🎉

30 October 2016

Unforgettable impressions ❤️

29 October 2016

MORETON ISLAND 🌴⚓️🌞🐠 A wonderful weekend at Moreton! It was amazing! Snorkling🐠Canoing, Hiking💪🏼 and swimming👙 I will never forget this weekend! 😍

20 October 2016

Morningrun👟 - Beachdays🌞 - Going out with people all around the world! 😊🎉 - breakfast with my housemates💖 and always a good time! 🤗🌄

19 October 2016

I was really busy last week. So I'm fine, a little bit sick right now, but okay. I hope it will be better in the next days😊 Last Wednesday we had the Langport Games finally! Touch-Football and Volleyball for me 🏈🏐 WE WON! It was a great day and afterwards we had a BBQ next to the beach. A wonderful sunset and great people! ✨😘

15 October 2016

Weekendtrip to Brisbane📍✨🍺 Oktoberfest in Brisbane!🍺 It was really funny! 😊 Händ viel Australier kenneglernt und das Wucheend sehr gnosse 🤗 Have a nice Sunday everyone💗

11 October 2016

Throwback to this unforgettable weekend! South Stradebroke Island😊💗🌞🌴🌏🐠🐳🐬❤️

7 October 2016

Clubbing 💃🏼 - Sushi heaven 🍣 - Openair cinema🎥 (BAD MOMS❤️) It was an amazing movie! 😊 - Tropical drinks, yes it is a pineapple 🍍- Saturday chill on a boat🛥🚤⚓️ Ich chan mich nöd glücklicher schätze! Ich bin so dankbar das alles döfe z'erlebe😍☺️💗 Miss you all 🇨🇭❤️

2 October 2016

Ich bin so glücklich und bin eifach so dankbar so schöni Sache z'döfe erlebe! 😊 So tolli Mensche, so schöni Moment.. Ich gnüss jedi Sekunde da! 🤗 Happy Camille ❤️

1 October 2016

Weekend trip to South Stradebroke Island ☺️ It was a blast! Wonderful moments and great people! ❤️ We had surflessons, sandboarding, canoeing, sunsets and a campfire! 🏄🏼🔥💪🏼🐬 Just sport and relax! It was amazing😊💗 I'm so happy to be here! ☺️

28 September 2016

hey hey 🌏 Today we had "volleyball -training" for Langportsgames. (Games, like Volley, Soccer etc. between the Langport School in Surfers Paradise and Brisbane) We also found a super cool Bootcamp Training at the beach.. FOR FREE! (Alli wo mich guet kenned: voll mis Ding😍, ich liebe so Sport zmache😊) The girl on the Photo is my "housemate". She is very nice and already a good friend! 💗 Schöns Wucheend allne 😘
Morning- run 🏃🏼 and I found my housemate sleeping on the "sofa"😂 hard night for him..

25 September 2016

Whales watching 🐋🐋🐋 An unforgettable impression 😍

23 September 2016

Sunsetlover! 🌞🌅😍 oh yes I love the sunsets here! Today we played volleyball the whole afternoon and after that we went to the beach! Nice Friday and a perfect weekend-start🤗 I wish everyone a nice Weekend! Do what you love and enjoy it to the fullest! 😘

21 September 2016

Rainy day ☔️💧 but only good vibes ! 🌞🌞🌞

17 September 2016


16 September 2016

Weekend Trip to Byron Bay! 😍 It was indescribable, awesome and a perfect weekend. I did so many activities! Fridayevening: Cheecky Monkey - Colourful Party💛💚💙💜❤️ Saturday: Skydive! 😍 and a wonderful biketour to the lighthouse in Byron. ✈️🌞And today a little bit shopping, because the wheater wasn't so good 😁
On Friday I had my first surf lesson 🏄🏼 It was amazing! And I will do it again😍 Mega cool gsi & die Girls sind ganz tolli uf de Föteli😊

14 September 2016

On my way home 🌞😊 time for homework🙄
Hütt ufm Weg id Schuel: s'Erste wilde Tier(li) 🙉 besser als e Schlange 🐍😂

11 September 2016

Beachday 🏄🏼🇦🇺❤️

10 September 2016

Mini 3 Mitbewohner. Sind alli sehr lieb😊 Hütt isch schlecht Wetter gsi und somit simmer go shoppe. Ich bin im Shopping - Paradis da😍👌🏼 Starbucks - feine Crêpe zum Zmittag und en grosse Food-Shopping-Haul 🍴😋🇦🇺
My arm after a "pub-crawl" 😅 It was so funny. I met so many new people😊

8 September 2016

Homework for tomorrow.. 😁Not so funny but normal for my teacher Bryan 🤓😜🤓

7 September 2016

Crazy food here.. unhealthy stuff and protein snacks 😅🙈🍫🍼
Beautiful location for a lunch break 🌞☺️😘 life at the beach 👌🏼

6 September 2016

School all-day-long 😅 and new friends 🌞💗

5 September 2016

Aussie Steak mhhhhmm 🍗🍴👌🏼
First day at school! ☺️ so many swiss-people.. I think 90% 😅 and some after-school-drinks with the teachers 😂

4 September 2016

Surfer's by night 🌚
Ich bin guet acho in Surfers! Herzigs Zimmer - netti Mitbewohner. 3 Swiss People 🇨🇭
Surfers Paradise! 😍 I'm happy to stay here for the next 3 months! ☺️

2 September 2016

A380 ✈️ crazy de grossi Flüger! 🙈
Ready to take off ✈️ bye beautiful Switzerland! ❤️
I will miss you so much! 😭 aber ich chume ja wieder! ☺️😘 passed uf eu uf 💗