Philippines · 312 Days · 6 Moments · December 2017

15 October 2018

My dream...sorry God.

23 March 2018

Scarecrow Today i had an headache, so i tried to sleep outside our classroom during our breaktime. Before i sleep i thought abt something related with my classmates maybe abt jhas and Fritz abt their ways maybe. Then suddenly i saw SSN sitting on chair in the pillar of ND building. Then after 1 seconds his body turned into a scarecrow. I think its a 1 second dream or a vision. SSN is a scarecrow who protects the crops (us) from birds which pertains to satan.

13 January 2018

Steven's red chestmark 2/2 i think it's own by our father. I try to get it to give it back to my father but he doesn't want to give it. He strongly hold it on his hands. In the end my father told us "Kung ganyan kang ginagawa nila sa tin.....or ganyan lang pala ginagawa nila sa atin." I realized to love other people that are not close to me. To be higher level so i will be able to cast away satan and be able to control my emotions. To understand my father too and to take care for steven more.
5:00 sleep, wake up at 5:30 i wake up at 5:44 Steven red chest mark 1/2 I dreamt of steven he had a red mark on his chest near his clavicle. It looks like a punch of someone, he said it was done by joshua and j's friend he told me. We look for Joshua, while lookin for joshua, i hugged him and told him not to be angry, not to revenge. I felt my love for him. I dont want him to be harmed. I saw j infront of our house, inside rdc. They were removing grass inside, cleaning the area. And there was a basketball court inside too. Some are playing basketball and some are cleaning. I was super angry abt joshua. I know that my spirit will be harm with my actions but i still did not control it. Because i was super angry. We told it to our father and he said "i will take care of it". I get mad because he did not take action. In my thoughts i said "useless father". Then after steven did something to samantha that made her cry. Steven came to me showing someones phone..i think it's own by our

26 December 2017

Sala set background

7 December 2017

My new dream house