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AuPair in the US

28 August 2018

Very last pictures with the girls❤️! Gwen {8 years and 6 months} Dylan & Delaney {7 years and 1 month}

27 August 2018

Last BBQ party here... We got ready at Anna‘s and ubered there then. It wasn’t as good as usually though, maybe because Lina couldn’t go there.

26 August 2018

Little farewell party for me at our private beach. We also ordered some cheesecake (one original with strawberries and one with Nutella).

24 August 2018

Such a beautiful sunset at Harbor Point😍.

23 August 2018

Last moments together before I started my travelmonth.

22 August 2018

And another one😂.

20 August 2018

Little ice-cream-monster 🍦.

19 August 2018

Our last weekend together! Marisa, her new AuPair, Lina and I went to Coney Island.

18 August 2018

I baked a cake for Lina because I won’t be there on her actual birthday... So, we pre-celebrated. It’s normal here in the US anyways. The layers were: Graham crumbs, peanutbutter, vanilla cake, Creme (Greek yoghurt, vanillin sugar, whipped cream, fruit), cake, Creme, chocolate pudding and then purple frosting around it and fruit on top. It was delicious!

17 August 2018

16 August 2018

Baby Torin is the cutest Baby!😍
In this specific moment, Shep was chewing on the wood of the bed. He knew that he wasn’t supposed to do that though, so whenever I looked at him or said his name, he would freeze but his teeth would still be on the wood haha.

15 August 2018

Lea, Lina and I met at Scalzi Park. It was our second last meeting. We had lots of fun and just hung out and talked.

14 August 2018

The whole family (kids included) was cleaning up the house!

13 August 2018

Summary of the last two weeks.

10 August 2018

Love you 💗
What time is it? It’s summertime☀️

9 August 2018

Two Lina’s😍😍

8 August 2018

Open-air movies at Harbors Point with Lea and some of her friends.

7 August 2018

6 August 2018

My first (and last tattoo!!). As usual lately, I was by myself though...

5 August 2018

I went to a little Italy feast in Boston and there are some more pictures of Niagara Falls.

4 August 2018

It literally fell through (because of rain).

3 August 2018

Next stop: Boston.
In the club🤔.

2 August 2018

After a free comedy- night, we got some drinks and went to a club after.
From left to right: Roger, Jenny, Bradley, Albert, Semini
The best part about Canada: the drinking age is 19🙃. Oh and we even had a jacuzzi on the rooftop of our hostel...
Poutine (soo delicious!) and Gay village.
I met the greatest people there!❤️

1 August 2018

First time, I’ve ever had Canadian money haha I had to capture that! 🇨🇦
After a walk (what they call hike) up Mont Royale we got to this view.
Cathedral in Montréal.
My hostel in Montréal (M Montréal) was more like a Hotel, it was the best I’ve ever been in!

31 July 2018

Ripley’s Aquarium.

30 July 2018

The best thing you can do after a whole day gone is eating a really nice burger and French fries 🍔 😍.
The impressive Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

29 July 2018

Toronto‘s ‚castles‘.
What does being young mean? Being able to go to a party and then directly to the airport without any sleep that night 🤨.

28 July 2018

From not being happy .... to getting ready for another BBQ and being excited🤷🏼‍♀️😂.

25 July 2018

Lina and I went playing Lazertag😍.
Money, money, money 💵 😂

23 July 2018

Package from Germany😍.

21 July 2018

Sporty girls😄

20 July 2018

Lazy dogs😂

19 July 2018

Summer is definitely here ☀️!
Snapshot of an usual morning.

18 July 2018


14 July 2018

Twins birthday party with around 90 guests 🎈🎊
The twins are turning 7!

13 July 2018

Slowly but surely it is getting there 🏋🏼‍♀️.

9 July 2018

8 July 2018

7 July 2018

Camping at Great Captain’s Island❣️

6 July 2018

Some DIY recipe for our 4th of July camping trip.

5 July 2018

The famous rainbow-poop.

4 July 2018

Apparently, this young lady is 21🤨.

3 July 2018

DIY is always a good idea.
Teaching them how to play Rommée😏.
4th of July at Camp.

30 June 2018

27 June 2018


26 June 2018

Nice towel Gwen!😂

25 June 2018

24 June 2018

I took poor Baxter out for a walk.

23 June 2018

Picking up all the camp stuff. As you can see, they are excited!

22 June 2018

21 June 2018

Little ‚Schleckermäulchen‘🍦.
Last day of school!

19 June 2018

Catching moments.

18 June 2018

17 June 2018

Successfully graduated this class🎓.
I met Zac Efron!!

16 June 2018

Our group was the dream team. We had every personality and so much fun!
Blessed, to be in the US 🇺🇸!
I made friends with Juanita (Nita) from Finland. We stayed together for the weekend and had a really good time.

15 June 2018

We even had some time to take pictures 📷!
Just arrived in Los Angeles in the middle of the night for my travel class there (by apw).

14 June 2018

Germany is playing in the World Cup 🇩🇪 ⚽️ . Unfortunately, we lost pretty early and were out.
She is so proud, to have a shirt with an attached sports-bra now😄

12 June 2018

Crazy Laney

9 June 2018

I got teased down by some guy who jumped on me while trying to catch a ball. his elbow hit my lip and I bleeded right before it started... But it was fun!
Night Nation Run in Brooklyn with Lina, Marisa and Emily.

8 June 2018

Crazy hair and hat day at school, we have to participate of course!

7 June 2018

Delaneys class at her end-of-the-year class-party.

6 June 2018

Dessert 🍪
No words needed❣

3 June 2018

When all your friends are gone for the weekend but you are at home, you just go to New York City on your own and enjoy the markets and ice cream there!

1 June 2018

It’s nice to have a hottie on the front porch now! 🛀 Also, Dylan got sick and stayed at home on Friday. She asked me if she could take a nap in my bed and fell asleep right away.

30 May 2018

Our daily way to school 📚. The twins have exactly the same body when you look at their backs.

26 May 2018

No words.
And later, over to the next BBQ (this time party 🎊 )
Typical (and first of the season) American BBQ at the private beach 🍗.
When you have to work at 6:30 a.m on a Saturday morning😴.

25 May 2018

Play date with Janna and Sophia ❣️

23 May 2018

Post-Clustermeeting and on Greenwich Ave - Lunch.

22 May 2018

But: When I got home the hot tub waited!😏

21 May 2018

And then it was over so soon already...😢
Of course, we would do a little fotoshooting 📸.
Golden Gate Bridge 🌉.

20 May 2018

Next day on Sunday, we rented mountainbikes and since we didn’t have enough to drink with us, we were so happy once we found a tiny random store on the side of the road to get some water 💦.

19 May 2018

We went for a hike in the sunset 🌅🚶🏼‍♀️.
Lonely road - just epic. And Lombard Street.
Reunion after 9 months❣️ We met in San Francisco.

15 May 2018

That was SO good! Two cookies with ice cream in between😍.
Date at Greenwich Ave❣️ Unfortunately he wasn’t that interested though haha.

11 May 2018

Silvia and me went to a bar called ‘Sign of the Whale’ where they actually let me in😏. A guy told me later they IDed him but obviously not girls haha.
So ready for summer!🌷☀️

9 May 2018

Some fun on the playground after school.
I couldn’t believe it! After going out to a fancy dinner on Tuesday evening, I found this Calvin Klein bag on my bed together with a coupon for a haircut!!🛍🎁😍

5 May 2018

Reads to partay🎉 We went to a BBQ party in Darien (still 05.05.18 and that was just the start for this summer).
HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY! We met in the park after breakfast and Lina even baked me a Nutella cake!😍
My birthday breakfast at ‘Elm Street Diner’. It was a really nice treat (Pancakes with Banana, Strawberries and Nutella 😋).

4 May 2018

Right before the ‚Pow-Wow‘ 🎢.

3 May 2018

We played with something like Fimo and Laney made the German flag 😎.

2 May 2018

Little bit of planning trips.

1 May 2018

Sheppy always picks the funniest sports to lay down 🐕

29 April 2018

Flower Power 🌺

24 April 2018

Sheppy Peppy seems horny from time to time hahah😂🤨.

22 April 2018

Of course I have to try the famous Philly Cheesesteak! Even with two vegans by my side. It was really good but it was way to expensive for what it was...😂
Beautiful view from the Museum of Art and on top of the Rockysteps.
Just a pretty church and the ‚Rocky‘-statue.
First meal outside since I am here! It really felt like in Germany😍.
Still in prison.
Eastern State Penitentiary💀 One of America’s prison with most history. It was pretty cool to see that because I could imagine how it was kind of.

21 April 2018

And we weent up the observation deck, which had a good view but it also was just the same as every other deck in big cities..
Liberty Bell, Chinatown and the Signer of the Constitution, Philly has a lot to offer and we had beautiful weather🌞.
Spring is coming!!🌺🌸🌷 I love it😍.
Roadtriip to Philadelphia with Janna (Germany) and Katia (Israel)😊.

17 April 2018

Meeting with Janna, to talk and have coffee. She even made an unexpected heart on top hahaha😍☕️.

14 April 2018

Niiice Frozen Yoghurt🍦 with Silvia.
After some stubborn twins, we still went to the beach but found that it was way too windy, so we went to the park after.

13 April 2018

Dylan is always so funny too!
Dogs can be so funny!🐕

10 April 2018

Library tiime 📚.
This Hefezöpfe turned out much better than the last one🤔.

8 April 2018

Janna and me went to the beach after we had lunch together. It it so cool that it is so close to our houses!😍🏖

6 April 2018

Cheesecake Factory for Lunch - Celebration cake

4 April 2018


3 April 2018

I could finally eat sweets and candy again, of course I’d eat some pancakes then🤨😍.

2 April 2018

And then there was a lot of snow in April.

1 April 2018

Sleepover at Lina‘s🙃.

31 March 2018

One day before Easter, this package from Germany still arrived. It was totally damaged (from the outside), but it arrived which is the most important part😊.🐣

30 March 2018

After a short trip to New Haven with Alex and the girls, we went to IT, which has the worlds largest indoor ropes course (after them). It was really cool and fun!

29 March 2018

This is literally a $4 bread!😳

28 March 2018

Steam night at school. Basically everything about maths or stuff related to it. But also about arts.
Delaney always asks me if I could make her hair, and then if I can take a picture of it😄

25 March 2018

I met Philipp in New York for half a day, which was really fun!
Little Camilla is in big America for 7 months already!🇺🇸

22 March 2018

18 March 2018

Paulina and I drove to New Haven on a beautiful, but freezing Sunday.

17 March 2018

Paulina, two other AuPairs and me went to New York to see the parade.
St. Patrick’s Cathedral on St. Patrick’s day.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!💚 ✳️

16 March 2018

I was able to have some alone time with Delaney, since she was feeling miserable this week🙃.

15 March 2018

Gwen’s choir concert at North Mianus Elementary School. It was quite interesting and international liberal.

14 March 2018

13 March 2018

Snow again ❄️

12 March 2018

11 March 2018

It was such a beautiful day in New York City!☀️
Although it was a beautiful day, we went to visit the museum MET (Metropolitan Art Museum) and it was really interesting! Especially because some things in history just made sense for me, after I saw them there.
We had kind of a brunch and it was SO good!!😍🍔
The girls were so excited to drive this carousel😄.
When Alex, the girls and me went to New York City, we first visited Alex‘s office, which gave us the direct view of the state of liberty🗽.

9 March 2018

They are SO cute!😍

7 March 2018

‚Snow day‘...🙄❄️

6 March 2018

Shep‘s usual position 😂🐕
I met another AuPair, this time she is polish, and she is currently watching two horses. Of course, we had to go visit them!🙃🐎

4 March 2018

It was Gwen’s 8th birthday on March 3rd and one day after, she had her birthday party which was a cooking class!🍝🥧
Now Laney discovered Snapchat🧐😂.

3 March 2018

After I met some other German AuPairs, they asked me if I wanted to go to a basketball game with them. It actually was in New Haven at the university of Yale and Yale played against Princeton. It was soo tense!! First, it looked like Yale will definitely win but then Princeton turned it around and at the end it was a tie! So there was extension and in the last seconds, Yale finally made the important basket🏀.
I used Julie’s trick and bought a really expensive Shirt just for the family Fotoshootings where they invited me to. After that, we easily brought it back😂.

2 March 2018

Dylan discovered Snapchat on my phone😅.

1 March 2018

28 February 2018

Compared to the Nissan I drove in Lake in the Hills, this car seems like a ship! But for Americans, it is just normal😄🚘

26 February 2018

My new home😍. The dog is Shep (he is not even a year old and already huge!)

25 February 2018

Leonie sacrificed 4 hours of time in the night, just to help me repacking!! In the end I didn’t even have overweight anymore which saved me $100😏😍.

24 February 2018

I had to sleep at Leonie‘s for two nights, because Chris & Laura wanted to have their new AuPair to come as soon as possible... I was so lucky that I. old sleep there!!😬😊

21 February 2018

20 February 2018

18 February 2018

Chicago-Wall 🎨
After sleeping in, we went branching and it was soo good!😍

17 February 2018

Back home (I slept at Verena‘s) we finally could drink some wine and enjoyed netflix with it🤔🙊)
After the fair, we went to Giordano‘s to eat a traditional deepdish pizza😊🤗
Verena and me went to the Autoshow Chicago 2018! There were literally all types of cars from about 30 different brands. Like typical American cars, racing cars and even small cars I would like!🚙

16 February 2018

Snuggle tiime🤗

14 February 2018

My very first valentines card in life😂😏 (from Addison🤫❤️)

11 February 2018

It was a really nice day, and afterwards we ate cake Nadja brought.🤗
Nadja and me went snowtubing at Buffalo Park!❄️😍

10 February 2018

Nadja and me went out for dinner, it was SO good! In that restaurant you can even drop your peanut shells on the ground!😏😄 After that we met Sebastian and his friends to go bowling. Since they were full already, we went to the movies (and I even watched a horror movie!!)
And it was.... a painting course! We were able to paint a specific painting (we changed it a little bit but that was our creative freedom!)🎨
What will it be...? It was a surprise valentines gift from Laura and Ulrike for Nadja and me!😍🤔

9 February 2018

And even more snow...❄️

8 February 2018

7 February 2018

Of course we are celebrating their 100th day of school this year!😂 (The pictures occurred while we were trying to find stuff to let them look like they are 100 years old, as asked from school).

6 February 2018

He always falls asleep on our way to soccer practice😴

4 February 2018


3 February 2018

Your next Clustermeeting was in correspondence with ‚Feed my starving children‘ which is an organization where people volunteer to pack food for, obviously starving kids in different countrys. It was so much fun because there was loud music and everyone was in a good mood! It was open for AuPairs, host families and friends. It ok Addison with me since the boys are not really listening and Laura & Chris had their own plans already. We packed rice, vitamins, vegetables and soy.🍚

31 January 2018

Work work work...🗂

30 January 2018

Another day at McHenry County College (MCC)📚

29 January 2018

28 January 2018

Just some more impressions 💦 Plus: There was something like bumping cars, just in boats! It was so much fun, but the water was extremely cold.

27 January 2018

In the evening, we all needed a drink...🤫🍹 But after, we all went to 3D blacklight minigolf.
There weren’t just pools and slides, there were playgrounds and even a high rope😊!
There were many different pools. Mostly, we went to the wave-pool though!

26 January 2018

Just arrived at the waterpark in Dells, Wisconsin!

24 January 2018

Phineos just went to bed (the doll bed haha)😄

22 January 2018

Does it really look like me🤔?

21 January 2018

Always happy when traveling with friends😊.
Ice skating in the Central Park, we wanted to go but then it was too expensive and we noticed, we don’t have enough time anymore before going back to the airport...⛸
Just a random picture with real American police officers👮🏼‍♂️🚓😄.
We found a place where they sell Raclette (in this case Baguette with salami and then melted raclette cheese on top😍):
These squirrels just literally hung out on the tree😂🤔. (Washington Square Park)
New York is SO dirty🤨! But, XOXO Gossip Girl🤫
Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge🌉
We discovered ‚Pret a manger‘ in New York which has reall good cheap with good prices and just organic food and drinks😏🤗.

20 January 2018

Going out, even if we won’t have much sleep and I am under 21 but we are just once in New York right?😄
Famous Times Square and really needed coffee shot (which was actually a mistake)😂.
Spotted: Camilla Preiss alias Serena van der Woodsen is back in town.😂
Serena Van der Woodsen‘s Hotel in the series Gossip Girl.
New York City, here we come🤗.

16 January 2018

Happy 12th Birthday Garrett🎈🎁!
In this first lesson, I almost understand nothing😂🙄.

15 January 2018


14 January 2018

13 January 2018

12 January 2018

‚Hoch die Hände Wochenende‘, houseparty 🎉
He just fell asleep in the middle of the day, seems to be tired.😄🤨
Trying his singing machine again 🎤.

8 January 2018

This was the girls-roadtrip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for one day _ it was amazing🤗!

7 January 2018

Finally breakfast after our arrival in Milwaukee😍. I overslept, so Leonie had a lot of drama finding my address. At the end she didn’t give up and luckily we made it!

6 January 2018

That happens when girls are on their own (even without drunkenness), they get crazy!🤨 The pose was Nadjas comfy one so we had to keep it in picture😂.

5 January 2018

Movies like at least once in a week😂🎥.

4 January 2018

Usual view🙄🎮.

2 January 2018

1 January 2018

The day after🙊🥂.

31 December 2017

For New Year’s eve, because I watched the kids and didn’t want them in front of their electronics the , I prepared some games or something like this rainbow drink.

30 December 2017

Laura took me to IKEA so I could see if it is the same as in Germany and it mostly looked the same. They even had the Hotdogs (but cheaper) but other stuff too (maybe I just never recognized those tho😅)🌭.

29 December 2017

Luckily we went in a day where they had karaoke 🎤😄. Of course we had to do it too!
We went to a bar where I could come in even though I wasn’t 21 yet (Chrystal Lake)😏🍹.
Nice work boys😂.

28 December 2017

Birthdaygirl turned 10🎈🎉❤️.

25 December 2017

Merry Christmaas! 🎄😍💝 Both of the christmas trees aren’t ours. One is at Chris‘ brothers and the other one at Laura’s brother.

23 December 2017

Pre-Christmas-Party with Lauras big family🤗.

22 December 2017

Christmas Market in Naperville with the whole family🎄!

21 December 2017

Every week I go to the movies at least once with Nadja😂 🎥 🍿.
My new room has a TV🙊. I really don’t need that but it is so cool!

20 December 2017

It is theme week in school! Garrett was an elf, Caiden went to the polar express and Addison was festive dressed that day😊.

19 December 2017

Some science with the kids: Their beloved slime😄
Kitty cat (Phineos) and me seem to become friends🤗 🐈

17 December 2017

Happy 3rd Advent🎉💝.
Breakfast with Santa! 🎅🏼

16 December 2017

After a really rough week with him, we still have good moments together.
There are no words for that.
For Addison‘s Sleepover party (she turned 10 more than one week after) we had those cute cupcakes🤗.
A get-together with 11 other AuPairs in p-jays😍. It was so fun and the girl who hosted it was so cute. She gave everyone a little ornament filled with M&M‘s😏!

13 December 2017

Sneaky little Daisy! She usually knows she is not allowed on my bed...☝🏼🙄

12 December 2017

Mum sent me a package for christmas! 📦 🎁 💝. It is hard to not open it before Christmas...

10 December 2017

Still the concert😍.
When Nadja and me drove back to Chicago, we had our 2nd Advent in the bus😅.
Just some impressions of Indianapolis, Indiana the day after the concert.
The sister of Chris Kiefhaber invited us for breakfast! That was so kind!😍 And the breakfast was so good🥞.

9 December 2017

...it goes on and back to my childhood😊.
Katy Perry concert!😍🎤.
Just arrived in Indianapolis, what is the first thing we go to? Of course something too eat 🥘😂🤗.

8 December 2017

First snow❄️. It‘s beginning to look a lot like christmas 🎄.
Garrett brought this ho,e from school😍.
On friday the 08th of December I was moving downstairs in the basement, at that point it was chaotic😄.

6 December 2017

Nikolaus day!!🤗🎉🎅🏼

4 December 2017

The basement is almost done🎉. We even have an exercise room 🙉.

2 December 2017

Daisy is always warming herself up in front of the fire😂. The kids had their favorite friend Jonny over and played ‚Looping Chewie‘, which is a game in Germany too (but a drinking game as well 🍷).
Daisy and me went to a dog park to meet Verena with Dunkin 🐕🐶.

1 December 2017

Chris just bought six jars of Nutella just for me even though I still had two🙈😍
We have a snowman on the porch😍 (and I built him ⛄️)

28 November 2017

Making some christmas cookies with Nadja 🍪🎄🤗

26 November 2017

First time in my life I ate at ‚The Cheesecakefactory‘. 😂😍🍰 It was my lunch by the way.

25 November 2017

I love our christmas decorations!🎄😊
I got my own stocking, what I never expected!😍😏

24 November 2017

Addison attended a parade with her Girls Scouts team, which Chris and I watched with the boys.
Obviously we went shopping on a perfect ‚Black Friday‘😍🛍

23 November 2017


22 November 2017

To pass the day before Thanksgiving faster, Nadja and I went to ‚Pump it up‘ with the kiddies😊

21 November 2017

Two days before Thanksgiving, Caiden had a show with his school. He was so proud speaking his few sentences! 🦃

20 November 2017

19 November 2017

Christkindlmarket discoverered❣️ Spent a day with Nadja there, even though it was inhuman expensive!
Mama packed me an Adventskalender from Kinder😍😏

18 November 2017

Lightsfestival in Chicago (good distraction by the way from being sad about Papas leave). It was so pretty but also cold and it started christmas season for me🤗🌟
Papa cameeee!!!😍❤️❣️

17 November 2017

Movie niight🎥 #peterpan

16 November 2017

The kids love it😏

13 November 2017


12 November 2017

When you are trying to get some space once a day but as an AuPair you are free of space mostly😂

11 November 2017

Laura and Chris bought me a chocolate cheesecake on a stick after dinner🤗
Finally the cat likes me a little (at least I like to think that😄🐈 Addison made me some jewelry😍

10 November 2017

As always...☕️🙄
The main thing is, I am running during –10 degrees (Celsius)😂🏃🏼‍♀️

9 November 2017

Skating with Addison for fundraising😍🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

8 November 2017

Perfect, beautiful morning exercising🏋🏼‍♀️

6 November 2017

4 November 2017

First (and to be honest probably last) visit in a night club!🙃

3 November 2017

Movie timee🎥🤗 after our first visit in American movies, we ordered a movie pass immidiately😏

2 November 2017

Those people are talking me through tough times!❤️

31 October 2017

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!🍭🍬
After we structured some things for college, Verena (from Austria) and I made cupcakes!😍🍦
The basement is getingelt ready🙌🏼

30 October 2017

... and not just once🤗

27 October 2017

Halloween is comiing😍🎃 Of course we (Nadja, Leonie and me) are carving pumpkins...
After that serious talk with Chris and Laura I made some note too, just to remember.

26 October 2017

Final I found „Brötchen“! And their taste was exactly the same as at home while they werde cheap😏🍞

24 October 2017

Apple Crumble🤗
It‘s Halloween time👆🏼🙃 - even in the stores 👻 🎃
Halloween in America isn‘t even with Halloween in Germany, their costumes here can be everything from scary to carnival to slut😂 🎃 👻
Catched the view I get almost every morning😅

22 October 2017

We (Nadja, Johanna, Annika and Leonie) met at a trampoline park in South Elgin where we spent two hours just jumping doing flips and stuff🤝💪🏼🤗

21 October 2017

Some more shots 📸
The annual family photoshooting at Leroy Oakes Forest Preserves and I was part of it!!🤗😍📷

20 October 2017

I can still eat kinda healthy food - sometimes at least🙈🙂🥗

19 October 2017

Movieniiight 🎥😍

18 October 2017

After the first pumpkinfarm we went to another one (Toms Pumpkin Farm) which was bigger and which had more things to play for Cai.
... just some more pumpkins😊
Nadja and I were at a pumpkinfarm with Cai - it was so cool and pretty 🎃

17 October 2017

Finally I could cut my hair it was soo long!💇🏼 ✂️ At Jasmina‘s (german friend of Laura) it is only 10$ for cut, was hand dry!

16 October 2017


15 October 2017

wir mussten dann eine halbe Stunde zum Zug joggen, damit wir ihn nicht verpassen😕😂 #bisschen verschitztaufdembild
...und das Fernsehen war sogar da!
Als Clustermeeting waren alle AuPairs rund um Chicago im Hoise of Blues: Ein 2,5 Stündiger Brunch während einer Gospelshow! Es war einfach soo toll!! Ich hatte zwischendrin sogar Gänsehaut und ich hatte so viele Glücksgefühle wie ich weiß nicht wann ich das das letzte mal hatte! Und das Essen war auch meega gut 😍😏🤗

13 October 2017

Ich muss ja auch mal Sport machen, nachdem ich immer so viel esse! #finally 🏋🏼‍♀️
Caidens soccer practice

11 October 2017

10 October 2017

Addisons Fußballteam hat das Oktoberfestturnier gewonnen!👍🏼 Sie war so stolz😏

9 October 2017

Phineos hat schon ein entspanntes Leben!😄
Ich war mit Nadja und Leonie Samstags Essen und dann in einer Halle bowlen🤗 Wir haben dort ein gutes Angebot bekommen: 12$ für 2h bowlen, eine 5$ Karte in der Spielehalle, Lasertag, die Bowlingschuhe und noch was eine Stunde!

8 October 2017

Richtig leckeres Frühstück gemacht bekommen von Chris: 'Brot' mit Omlett, Käse, Avokado und Bacon 🥓 🍳😊😍

7 October 2017

5 October 2017

Halloween is coming 🎃 👻😏
Garrett while his practice😊
Garretts soccer practice place, we were early and still could play a little.⚽️

1 October 2017

Als wir ein paar Schulbusse rumstehen sehen haben, haben wir, als typische Deutsche, natürlich direkt ein Fotoshootings gestartet😂🚌
War in dem Moment einfach nur glücklich🙂
Abends haben wir auch noch S'mors gemacht (Schoki, Marshmallow und Keks).