Netherlands · 3 Days · 4 Moments · August 2017

Camila's adventure in India

22 August 2017

Packing for two days already, hope I can manage to take all the stuff I think I need! Already said by to so many things :( But im exciteddddd!! And will probably get rid of half my stuff on the way anyways haha

21 August 2017

Picked up the Indian Visa today, woop woop! Also went to the donations box at the Plein and gave some of my stuff away. Sold the camera and guitar so thats 80+ Euros!! And got some cool gadgets and accessories for the trip!

20 August 2017

Pretty awesome day cause we went to the airport to see Memi during his (way too short) layover. Progress has been made today. Things are getting sorted, tomorrow I am picking up the visa and passport, and I hope the heartache is a bit less :)

19 August 2017

T minus 5 days to begin the journey. So much still to be done, things to get rid off, paperwork to be managed, backpacks to be packed. Exciteddddd!! (And lowkey a bit scared)