Australia · 2 Days · 3 Moments · October 2017

Cameron's voyage in Australia

8 October 2017

Stairs had a chat with em trist didn’t feel great so he went to bed so it was just me and the girls we went upstairs waiting for mat and becks didn’t turn up so I message em saying join us if you want but we going showed where we were going aswell at this point we got to the Italian restraunt sat outside and order a cool meal and some fireworks went off near the bridge was quite a nice night said to josie and alanah If they wanted to visit the opera house quickly just to have a look at it at night so that’s what we ended up doing looked amazing and then we just walked back to the hostel and kipped and that’s the story so far good 2 days at the moment.

6 October 2017

8/10/17 so woke up at 7 tristIan messaged me said if I wanted to just go for a walk with em said yeah why not get breakfast aswell so we went out and just randomly walked and ended up at the opera house took a few selfies and looked for a place for breakfast at the same time looking where to go for lunch n that saw a cheap Italian place not far from the opera house thought it be a nice place to go later so we ended up having breakie In the Golden Arches header back to the hostel just talked n that in my room then headed out to get bits n bobs from shops met Alanah back at the hostel and had lunch with her and trist at darling harbour killed a few hours and went back to meet josie really nice girl just arrived from Fiji so we played cards in my room just killing abit of time then the girls went to sleep for abit and me and trist said if they wanted to join dinner with us they said ok invited Becky and mat aswell they said yes so time passed again we met alanah and josie in the bar down
Got to Heathrow on the 5/10/17 14 hour flight to Manila in Philippines on the 6th airport food n that was a disaster having to pay 200 of there currency flew over to aussie Sydney about 9.30am the next day baggage claim was proper packed with other people very busy took a while to get out but met Colin (our group leader) And mat n Becky who’s on the tour really nice people they looking to buy a house in Staffordshire got to the hostel got told we can only check in at 2 pm oz time so we put our bags n that into a storage room and had lunch at darling harbour at Hard Rock Cafe was a nice place after faffing with em we headed back to the hostel Had to fill out some weird app thing checked in had a walk about in Sydney after that met tristIan nice lad from Glasgow Then met my room mates who were proper cool and then went to sleep