Cambodia · 18 Days · 23 Moments · October 2016

Cambodian travels

26 October 2016

Dodge the cow! When biking you have to be prepared to dodge wildlife and have a 360 degrees appreciation as nobody seems to obey the rules. The ride is always an adventure and some of the things you see along the way are amazing!
On to Kampot! Arrived in Kampot and decided to hire a bike. This time we opted to share one to see how we get on with someone on the back! The ride was absolutely fine, the weather however was shocking! I drove 40k up windy roads through the National Park. It was a beautiful route and I'm sure the viewpoints would have been amazing if it wasn't for the thick cloud cover and the rain! At the top we found a posh little place to eat and warm up over a hot chocolate (didn't think I'd be needing one of those in Asia!) Luckily for me it was Jack's turn to ride on the way back just as the weather took a turn for the worse. A torrential rain storm hit along with even worse visibility, but we made it back safely and it was definitely an "experience".

24 October 2016

Boat trip, Koh Rong Tonight we took a boat trip out into the middle of the ocean and were lucky enough to swim with glowing plankton. It was such a magical experience, moving through the water and watching the plankton glow with every move you make. I definitely recommend doing this if you ever get a chance.
Island life Kids will be kids! No matter where in the world, seeing children play and hearing their laughter will always put a smile on my face.

23 October 2016

Koh Rong Hidden Beach We went on a stroll and came across a secluded part of the beach. It was the perfect spot to relax 👌

22 October 2016

Exploring the island Decided to trek through the jungle in search of long beach! It was a muddy, wet and steep walk, definitely should have worn our walking boots for this one! The walk in the breathtaking heat was worth it when we found ourselves alone on a beach that stretched as far as the eye could see.

20 October 2016

Animal Love Turns out the animals here want to come travelling with me!
Koh Rong Island Caught the speed ferry over to this little piece of paradise. Island life is laid back until dark hits, then the party vibe begins and shots are unavoidable! The island itself is beautiful, but the villagers need educating to preserve the beauty. It's such a shame to see how they are willing to litter the place on which they live on such a big scale!

19 October 2016

Sihanoukville Moved on to a seaside party town called Sihanoukville. I decided the bar wasn't colourful enough so painted everyone in it, great night!

17 October 2016

Prison museum & Killing fields The most upsetting piece of history that I've ever visited. 1/3 of the Cambodian people were killed under the Cambodian ruling of the Khmer Rouge in the 1970's. The rest of the world ignored the troubles here and let the rulers continue for many years to follow, the UK included. A sad and recent history which Cambodia carries today in generations of families still alive to live through the horrors of missing loved ones. It was very moving and disturbing viewing pictures of people butchered to death, particularly the amount of children involved. Seeing the skulls of thousands of people who had endured suffering as part of the regime literally bought me to tears. Upsetting and poignant day which I will never forget. A reminder of how fragile every country can become when influenced by the wrong people. Will our World ever be at peace? 😥 Picture: Memorial Stupa containing over 5000 fractured human skulls found buried in the killing fields.

16 October 2016

Phnom Penh Made up to bump into our travel buddy JJ who we met in Siam Reap earlier in the trip. Plan was to go out for a few, instead we ended up dancing the night away in some Cambodian nightclub!

15 October 2016

Sweeties! Christmas has come early in Asia! Jack was so happy to find these sweets at the roadside shack, much better than the stewed eel or other strange foods on offer.

14 October 2016

Killing Caves, Temple Views and Bats! Today we took a Tuk Tuk to visit the killing caves. This was a very sad sight, an underground cave in a hill which was used to throw the dead bodies down during the mass killings in Cambodia when ruled by the Khmer Rouge. Whilst there we walked to the top of the hill to see the views from a beautiful little temple surrounded by monkeys. We ended the day by watching 3 million bats fly out of a cave at dusk. Amazing and unusual sight, albeit a bit smelly!
Loo with a view! Jack found this little toilet on a hike up a hill and decided it was the perfect place to pee (minus the typical Asian squat toilet of course) 💩🚽
All aboard the bamboo train! Another highlight of Battambang was riding on the bamboo train! These little trains are powered by a small motor and are basically a frame covered in bamboo resting on 2 sets of wheels. They cruise along at up to 40km/h and used to carry up to 3 tonnes of rice all the way to Phnom Penh! They run along old, misaligned rail tracks left by the French and over some very suspect bridges. We had a 20 minute ride to a little village. I didn't expect much from this journey but it was so fun, feels like it travels at 100mph and is so rickety bumping along the tracks. When we were ready to return they simply lift the train off and turn it round to go back, brilliantly simple!

13 October 2016

Youth Circus, Battambang Today we ventured South to Battambang and booked tickets to see the circus. The circus and arts school was created for disadvantaged children to provide them with an avenue to learn and develop skills. It's been a huge success and puts on performances to maintain running costs. The kids hope to perform in Siam Reap at the adults circus, with some even making it to Cirque Du Soleil! It was a brilliant show with some very talented kids! They were so enthusiastic and funny to watch, even if the story was a little bizarre and they didn't get the moves perfect every time. All added to the fun of the circus 🎪

12 October 2016

Natures Swing Too cute seeing the local kids climbing, giggling and swinging on tree vines.
Ta Prohm (Tomb Raider Temple) This was my favourite temple to explore! It was so enchanting with nature entwined amongst the remains of history. Absolutely stunning scenery! They are starting a rebuild project and I'm so glad I witnessed it before they have. I think the magic is in natures destruction and to rebuild would be such a pity!
Angkor Wat We woke at 3:30am to see Angkor Wat at sunrise. This magnificent temple appeared from the darkness, absolutely in awe of this amazing piece of architecture 😍 after exploring Angkor Wat we spent the day exploring a whole host of different temples.

10 October 2016

Pub Street Nobody warned us that Siem Reap had a place called 'pub street'. Essentially another Khao San Road...budget blown, dancing in the street, strong drinks and sore heads... but a good night from what we remember!
Day of exploration! Temples, markets and more! Found our feet in Siem Reap by venturing around the city today.

9 October 2016

Siem Reap Arrived in Siem Reap after an extremely long journey! The drivers were in no rush and had to pay bribes at the border to be let through, needless to say we were so thankful when we arrived to find the sun shining and a pool!