Cambodia · 7 Days · 7 Moments · November 2014

Cambodia in ten days.

4 December 2014

Took a trip to an old French town scattered over the top of a mountain. Was ok I guess. Can't wait to leave Cambodia to be honest. Back to the beach.

1 December 2014

Phnom Phen killing fields and genocide museum today....

29 November 2014

Finally caught a Liverpool match and they scrape a 1-0 win. After another crap nights sleep we catch a 10 minute bus to catch 20 minute a bus to catch a 10hour bus to Phnom Phen 😫😥
Temple day today and crossed paths with a gun slinging infant at a road side 'petrol station'. The temples have restored my liking for Cambodia, I might even go as far as saying it maybe the most charismatic place I've been to date. Shame about the money grabbing con artist that inhabit the place.

28 November 2014

Same same but different. Sun set was the only saving grace after a disappointing day. Hoping the temples are as I have been expecting is the only thing holding my ............ For Cambodia.
First day in Siem reap, same same. Tuk-tuks, temples and rip off merchants. Heading to a floating village around 2pm. I imagine it's much the same, apart from all the water.
Arrived at the Cambodian border only to be greeted by a gargantuan queue of backpackers. But I pulled through. Only another 4 hours till Siem Reap.