Japan · 6 Days · 14 Moments · September 2017

1 October 2017

And home we go!
Last day wanderings to Hamarikyu Gardens

30 September 2017

Last night in Tokyo!

29 September 2017

Yokiishe Ryokan
Yokiishe Ryokan
Out to Hakone on the Shinkansen

28 September 2017

Electric City and Baird Beer with tofu
Dipping noodles

27 September 2017

Robot Restaurant - part 2
Robot Restaurant - part 1
Today we visited Meiji Jingu, a Shinto Shrine in Shibuya. The surrounding park was very beautiful and peaceful - good for two slightly hungover people! Early evening we headed to Oikawe which LB was a bit fearful about, but definitely did not need to be! We were greeted at the door and lead to a room where we sat on the floor at a low table. We drank Plumb wine and ate some beautiful, fresh, raw scallops with seaweed and wasabi. We knew that there would be folk music, but for a while we were the only guests, so the musicians came a joined us and let us try their traditional instruments. They were all so lovely and welcoming. When their concert started we were blown away by their tightness and technical ability. The singing was amazing too. Yesss!!!

26 September 2017

First night in Tokyo and we did loads! We had Ramen at the famous Fuunji Ramen where we bought tickets from a machine and then qeued until the seats came free. Then we headed to Piss Alley where we tried sake and plumb wine in The Albatross Bar. Next up, Stone Flower at Golden Gai where we made friends wkth the lovely old, guitar playing landlord, jammed, sang and listened to jazz http://www.goldengai.net/shop/b/18/ And to finish off the night, Calum hired us a private karaoke room and we sang our heads off for an hour! Night 1. Complete!
5hrs until Tokyo!