Vietnam · 9 Days · 8 Moments · March 2017

13 March 2017

Yesterday was a more of a chilled out day. A few of Philly bobs mates came and took him for the afternoon but that didn't phase us as we headed over to see Adam Datlanas waterfall which was fairly impressive but not as impressive as the rollcoaster down as we almost hit about 12 locals on the way down. We can back and chilled , the boys packed and then we headed to the night market which was busy busy. Didn't really get any photos so here's one of Sam in his new hat

12 March 2017

After another night of drinking and boogieing,with yours truly djing , we had to say goodbye to the girls who headed north to Hoi An . After we had a fairly busy day, we went to a really cool monastery and the crazy house which was actually madness . 1 of the top 10 craziest houses in the world 😎. We got back and got back on the booze but was a more laxed night . We headed to the maze bar and I decided to head the ceiling again and cut my head . After a few hours and few attempts at getting free beer ,Sam was forced to retire early due to some weird behaviour but we got to new episode of the big lez which is always going to be great .

10 March 2017

Yesterday we started off around 12 pm, with no hangovers to be seen after our year 10 night ending at 12 am.We all hired Peds and made the hours voyage to the pongour waterfall. A few dramas on the way with my bike making some horrible pops and Elouise taking a tiny tumble but luckily came out with a little bruise on her side but we made it. The waterfall was very impressive and we all took the opportunity to take a little dip in the the unsalted water . Took the trip back and made it back for family dinner . Again drinks started flowing and commander Phillybob led the games. We decided to stay here and have a wicked night boogieing to disco . All in all a fun day with everyone

9 March 2017

After a very brief stay in mini Moscow we ventured further up north to our third Vietnam stop , the town of Dalat . A really rubbish bus with a local smoking s behind me did not take away the views we saw coming up the mountain roads . We got to our hostel and we were greeted by a crazy enthusiastic women who said Sam and I couldn't stay here as we weren't single and the girls, who came rushing out to see us which was so nice . From there we decided we'd go on some pedalos on the lake which we didn't do because they were locked , but we had our new mate Phil with us so all was fine. We then came back and had a buffet style family dinner with lots of chips at the early time of 5:30. Drinks started flowing at 6 and Dr Phil taught us many new impressive drinking games . We all took a short taxi to the town to go to a maze bar which was mental but I hit my head 3 times and got an egg baguette , all in all a good day

7 March 2017

After we went on the most clapped bus of the journey so far , we didn't really do much yesterday . Before the bus we took advantage of the free sauna and the chance to eat McDonald's (again). The bus was fairly long but full reclined seats and the big lez show made it bareable. Today we are going to the dunes , wicked

6 March 2017

Yesterday the hungover boys opted to go to gym and not come on a culture trip with me to the independence palace and the war remnants museum. Palace was pretty cool but the museum hit home hard and was very sad. We then took advantage of the free beers and won the quiz . Had a good night out , got hit in the head by a local for leaving his bar and learnt a new dance, all in all a good day

5 March 2017

Maccys date night with these beauty

4 March 2017

Got into Ho Chi Minh after an 8 hour long coach ride sitting next to the blonde bomb shell. Didn't do much on the first night but did see Zlatan miss a penalty, unlucky Herrera mate . Today we are going on an adventure in the city and later meeting up with Georgie , hoh yeas.