United States of America · 1 Days · 8 Moments · May 2017

Cali's adventure in Denmark

4 May 2017

Day 8 we spent the whole day heading back home when we got back home in Oklahoma I went and got some fried chicken from the gas station
Date 7 last day with the host family we got to sleep and woke up to an amazing brunch a little later that day we went with Liv and Josephine to a bagel shop and then to the park later that night we went to a handball match the crowd was very intense me and Sophie was cheering for the wrong team PS me and Sophie's team won later that night we had to say goodbye to our host families and they treated us very well and it was sad to say goodbye to these amazing people I think me and Sophie both will miss talking to Torben and watching him get embarrassed so easily and having Lotte cook amazing meals for us and their dog wanting afternoon cuddles with Sophie who is a cat person. This family really made us feel welcomed ,loved and part of the family
Day6 we started the day by traveling to a museum with the second-year students in this Museum it exhibited art made by the queen and other artists the artwork was mostly contemporary the very top of the building consisted of a tunnel that resembled a rainbow at the top of this building had a beautiful view of the city there was a point in the museum where me Taylor and Sophie had our flashlights on because we were scared something was going to jump out of us because the room was completely black and had sounds coming out of the wall after the museum we explored Old Town which consisted a different buildings and houses from different periods in Denmark history after Old Town we headed back to silkeborg and went to the bars.
Day 5 we traveled to the West Coast with the first-year students after a two-hour bus ride we finally arrived to the beach first we climb the Light Tower which was 177 steps after seeing the amazing view in the Army bunkers we headed down to the beach to collect some shells and take pictures in the sand after the beach we travelled to a historical town called ribe in this town we visited a viking Museum and then after the Viking Museum we had some time to go look and explore the town I saw a jacket that I like very much so I beg Sophie to go into the store with me little did we know we would get lost and have to find our way back to the museum by ourselves once we got back we went to visit Liv's mom at her work and made homemade pizza
Day four today is the day we gave our presentations I only had to give my presentation two times instead of 3 like my students today we met some of the first year students at their school the first years then showed us around their town into the harbor at the harbor we bought some ice cream in French fries after the first year students went back to school we met up with Liv or her sister and in climbed up a Hill Called Sky Mountain the whole way up the hill it snowed but up the hill was the best view in silkeborg and it was very beautiful the rest of the evening we spent with our host families
Day three our day started 8 a.m. Denmark time 7 hours ahead of our time we started by climbing the round Tower which gave us a beautiful view of the city after the round Tower we went to see the queen and the Crown Prince changing of the guards Dante got stomped at by one of the guards and it was very funny after all this we had about four hours of free time to explore the city and do some shopping I actually began to break out in hives so I only did about two and a half hours worth of shopping and then headed back to the hostel after everyone was done shopping they headed back to the hostel and we packed up headed towards the train station and was off to silkeborg the train to silkeborg was about three hours but once we got off we met our host families and spent the night our host family had it Asian dish prepared for us when we got there and then prepared for a presentation to next morning
Day two we headed to Sweden today and took a train across one of the longest bridges in the world we went to a castle Museum it included Aquarium history of the castle in art we then ate lunch at the Museum it tasted very good after Sweden we went back to Copenhagen and took a nap for a little bit and then went to town for shopping later that evening me Taylor Derek Zane Dante and Sophie all went out for drinks because the Denmark drinking laws allowed us to I had a margarita and Derek bought shots for the whole table in our bartender gave Zane a virgin drink and charged him for the liquor.
Day one I took a nap all the way to Dallas then once at Dallas we got to our connecting flight headed towards Frankfort then after Frankfort we got on our plane for Copenhagen but almost lost Derek and Zane because we had to ride a bus to our plane. Once arriving in Copenhagen we got settled in at the hostel and freshened up before meeting the Danish students. We then went on a boat ride and toward Copenhagen and then right after we ate at a Chinese buffet for our first dinner in Denmark.