United States of America · 8 Days · 6 Moments · July 2018

California here I come (again)

19 July 2018

Had a wonderful fun filled day at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk! A nice break from the hot weather up in Sacramento.

17 July 2018

Had a blast today in Old Sacramento. The downtown is beautiful and reminds me of the old west. We were lucky enough to catch a ride on the Sacramento Southern Railroad. A historic train ride next to the Sacramento river. Years ago we went to the Railroad meusem which is also located down there. After the train ride we walked the boardwalk with several different stores and shops. • • • Dressed in overalls and chaos she smiles as she rides a train.

15 July 2018

Had fun shopping around Folsom Outlet Mall for some great deals! Although it was quite warm out (100° F) I still had a lot of fun. Checked off some much needed items off my summer shopping list. • • • Hot summer deals called my name as I made my way through that hot summer day.

14 July 2018

Although the Missouri River will always be my favorite river in the world; the American River will always hold a special place in my heart. As my family and I made the almost one mile trek to the park we spotted a dear in the long grass. As the day drew to a close we made it to the river bank and waded in the water with pebble like stones under our feet. • • • Skipping rocks and watching the sunset disapear through the trees closes another day in my adventure.

13 July 2018

As we roadtrip across the U.S. for our regular California vacation we made a new stop at the Salt Flats West Rest Area, just outside Wendover, UT. A place that we have driven past several times before (as we make this trip every-other year). However this time we pulled off the interstate and decided to go exploring. • • • Salt under my feet and a smile on my face. A roadtrip stop that will go down in the books.

12 July 2018

Donner Pass has become one of my favorite stops on our way to Sacramento. It was truely one of the first places I recognized and appreciated the beauty of nature. Using old film cameras my sister and I captured the beauty around us. • • • We scaled the granite hills and walked the beaten path all while the summer sun was glaring down.