Europe, North America · 49 Days · 16 Moments · January 2019

California dreaming

2 March 2019

Is this the last time I will see blue sky for a while ??

28 February 2019

Last day in Huntington beach, LA. Bikes on land and on the water.

26 February 2019

Went on the USS Midway and Josh thought he was Tom Cruise. Then walked over the border and back within 10 minutes.

25 February 2019

Potato chip rock...a long hike but the view was worth it and then a sunset in San Diego.

23 February 2019

Joshua Tree National Park... unbelievable views. We had a great time climbing and looking at the views.

21 February 2019

Had a good day today. From LA to the Joshua Tree but lots of snow in sight :-(

20 February 2019

Seal lion at the end of Santa Barbara pier and Bubblegum Alley in Saint Luis Obisco, for some unknown reason people have been sticking bubble gum on these walls for years and Josh added to it :-)

19 February 2019

Santa Barbara is soooo nice :-)

18 February 2019

Josh has arrived and guess where we are :-)

9 February 2019

Some views in and around San Diego.

27 January 2019

San Diego :-)

26 January 2019

Had a walk in the Torres pines state reserve. Nice place but a lot of people doing the same.

25 January 2019

Sounds like a nice place for a hike.

19 January 2019

Some views nearby.

14 January 2019

More views from the villa before the rain moved in and stopped play.

12 January 2019

It's not as sunny as last time but still nice to wake up to.