Asia · 31 Days · 112 Moments · January 2018

Caitria and Mr Mukpateh in SE Asia

20 February 2018

Our excitement about finding a cafe run by an Australian!

19 February 2018

A waterfall which is apparently much more impressive in the rainy season
An abandoned palace from King Sihanouk
Buddha at the top of the mountain
Drove up a mountain
Arriving in Kampot! Our favourite place so far!

17 February 2018

We discovered we were living near a crocodile farm 😳
John and Nick continued on after I went back for a rest. John, ofcourse, made friends with the locals.
My first outing after my sickness. To the edge of a fairly disappointing lake, but one that is very large and important to Cambodia’s agricultural industry.

16 February 2018

And while I was sick, John was off exploring the 7th Wonder of the World...

15 February 2018

What the rest of our time in Siem Reap involved for me. Got so bored after 5 days in bed I started taking crazy pictures.

11 February 2018

Haven’t had pizza for a while!
Today John played football. Was a good match!

10 February 2018

Discovered a cool concert and some cool food
Some new clothes to match my new hair
Goodbye long hair!
The temple of the reclining Buddha
Welcome to the lovely Siem Reap

9 February 2018

Beers on the river
And some more Vietnamese food!
Back to Phnom Penh...found some pho!

8 February 2018


6 February 2018

Some more teaching
Our room

3 February 2018

Introducing our host family to uno
It pays to be an English teacher
John introducing you to our home for the next week

1 February 2018

The horrors of the Killing Fields

31 January 2018

How John and I decided to go to the country for a week.
Hello Cambodia!

30 January 2018

Found a deer park
I was a bit hot
National Mosque of Malaysia
Back in Malaysia

29 January 2018

We decided to have a feast for our last meal in Singapore
Trying to teach John how to smile in photos

28 January 2018

A photo that doesn’t do justice to the amazing light show in Singapore
The awesome, massive meals John and I got from a lady from Myanmar who just wanted to introduce us to her culture. She gave us a little of everything, my favourite!
Once again, exciting for those of us who are into politics
Singapore city
A bamboo maze on the rooftop of the gallery
We found a section of the old Supreme Court which explained the history surrounding the Malaysia-Singapore split, pretty interesting for us politics buffs
We even found an Impressionism exhibition
John and I walked into the Singapore National Gallery looking for free wifi, but we found an awesome gallery.
John and I went to a lovely Anglican service this morning. And they played my classic favourite! Was a funny realisation half way through when John realised it wasn’t Catholic! We think every church should have a fish pond like this!
Our breakfast in Singapore, I feel like my mother!

27 January 2018

Little India - so many crazy intricate temples here!
Paddle pop!
John thinks these Miner birds are cool...took many photos of them 😂
Some lovely time just chilling by the river in Singapore (we were allowed to sit on the grass!)
The grass was a bit wetter than we’d anticipated
Very cheap and tasty lunch! Some wanton soup, with sugarcane drink.
John was quite amazed by this ‘cricket’ 😂😂😂
Some of the cute little streets in Singapore
Another day, another church
We bought a KL->Singapore Border->Lavender overnight bus ticket, but our bus just left us at the Singapore border. We were stranded there at 5am in the morning! We went to the very helpful Malaysian transport police after we returned and found out that this company has been dropping people off who want to do business at the Singapore border and then returning without actually going in to Singapore. They probably thought that two foreigners wasn’t a good enough reason to make the effort to cross the border.

26 January 2018

Waiting for a bus to Singapore...already waited for two hours!
Some more tasty Indian food.
Another church. This one was much bigger and brighter.
Some tasty street food!
A very busy Masjid Jamek!
St Mary’s Cathedral. We both love visiting churches, it’s so cool that you can go inside and chill. This one was visited by Queen Elizabeth II.
Central Market selfies. Central market wasn’t so interesting for us though, no money to buy anything!
John and my weird looking food that tasted amazing. As far as I can tell it’s kale, pine nuts and some kind of anchovies on rice. You mix it all together and, even though it’s so simple, it tastes great!

25 January 2018

Trying some Chinese food to see how it compares overseas...was better haha.
I always laugh at how Chinese people wear the same clothes, these girls are aussies...
This is my book reading spot for this afternoon, those clouds look ominous...
Another day, another lunch

24 January 2018

Another day, another dinner
After a day of adventuring on my own, reading my book under cover to keep out of the pouring rain!

23 January 2018

The Petronas Twin Towers at night now! Last adventure before J caught the plane back to Guangzhou.
An awesome dinner! Especially the triangle one. Was filled with sweet potato, goats cheese and curry.
An awesome curry laksa for second dinner to make up for the first

22 January 2018

A not so good dinner...we consoled ourselves by promising ourselves a second dinner
The telecommunications museum which was surprisingly interesting!
We stumbled on a heritage trail and thought it was funny we could see our reflection
A really beautiful treetop walk...we preferred it to all the famous places we’d seen already
The KL tower, and an upside down house?
The good old Petronas Twin Towers again, J’s first time!
We queued for a good twenty minutes for this food. Saw a big line of people and just joined it, but it was worth it! We carried it to the Petronas towers to have a picnic next to the lake!
Our destination and a temple along the way
Strange burgers, but good after a day on a plane

21 January 2018

We made it!
Second and final stopover! Apparently Xiamen has some international marathon.
Had to take the bus from the airport to the plane, was so cold!
Goodbye terrible weather!
Soooo tired