North America, Europe · 10 Days · 2 Moments · September 2017

Starting off Europe Trip: Prague!

30 September 2017

22 September 2017

Day One in Prague 🌟

21 September 2017

HAVE to start by saying there is no better way to start an your month long excursion to Europe than getting on your plane and being in the most exquisite first class I've ever seen.. I'm talking champagne waiting at your seat and food so good you question if you're up in the air. To top it off, I went the restroom to brush my teeth and came back to my seat completely converted into a bed... please and thank you. So I actually got some sleep for once which was so needed considering I was landing in Prague at noon and had to start my day immediately with only having two days in the city. My layover was in Frankfurt, Germany and even just flying in it was beautiful. Once I landed a car service took each of us to our gates and I was off to Prague! Although on this second flight there was no first class I got lucky yet again and had an entire row all to myself 😏 I requested an uber once I landed and was at my hotel within 25 minutes 👏🏼