United States of America · 9 Days · 5 Moments · December 2016

Caitlin's journi to Baltimore, MD, United ...

18 December 2016

We went on a ghost story/ history tour of a small portion of Savannah. We were treated to a monologue of scary stories by our hostess on the "trolley of doom" as it transported us to the Andrew Low house. We were able to explore the historic home once we stopped, and were informed of the tragic life of Andrew Low and the many deaths that happened in the home. Overall, a very fun adventure with a ton of historical tales shared and a sprinkling of good scares.
Nice little stop as we walked on river street. It's located in the tourist district, but I got the feeling locals came to hang out there too. The hubby loves that Savannah has PBR everywhere, and even more that you can take the drink to go!

17 December 2016

Parker's gas station is fascinating. While still a working gas station (only one lane to get gas), the rest of the lanes out front are devoted to parking. The inside is a mix between a Cracker Barrel gift shop, an artisan chocolate and wine shop, a convenience store, and a delicious fried chicken joint. A must see in Savannah!

10 December 2016

We spent last weekend in Baltimore watching the army football team break a 14 year losing streak! It was fantastic watching our boys' celebrate their victory!
Enjoyed a morning swim before the big Army/Navy game. It was great having the whole pool to myself.