Israel · 21 Days · 21 Moments · July 2017

Caitlin's adventure in Israel

24 July 2017

Day 21: Israel Museum of Jerusalem. Youth art from around the world

20 July 2017

Dan Nature Preserve and Walk

18 July 2017

Day 15: Ice Cream factory tour where they use 3% milk?? and 5 flavor tasting! So yummy!!

17 July 2017

Day 14: Well we had our last Ivrit (Hebrew) lesson and while I've learned a lot I can't wait to actually learn the language back in the states!

16 July 2017

Day 12: We finished on a strange note today. We visited a nature preserve dedicated to a soldier who lost his life while serving in the war with Lebanon in 2006. Although the grounds were beautiful and the place was special the whole thing felt awkward. Memorials and funerals are for the living, to give their lived ones a way to hold onto them and move on with their lives. This woman told us all about her son and then made us all share what the experience meant to us and how we would always have her son with us now. Her son was a special individual no doubt but it felt like she was trying to make her son live through us. We all have experienced loss and grief, however they may come. All we can do and hope for is that we can find the strength and live we need in each other, as well as ourselves. Rest in peace Ben. You were a good man and I'm glad to know of you.
Day 12: We just finished at a wine testing! The ( ) kibutz and winery allows adults with special needs to work and maintain the winery, gardens, and animals so that they can achieve everyday life skills and have a community of support. They follow Jewish law because if you look in the one picture you will notice some vines died due to lack of attendance or maintenance during Chabbat. The rules of Judaism require a lot of sacrifice and self-discipline but, also allow one to grow close to their family and community. It is all incredible work! #wine #goodtimes #seeaneedfillaneed #commitment
Day 12: Ethiopia is the countru of the day. We visited the home of an Ethiopian Jewess. She told us her story of walking from Ethiopia to Israel. I personally loved the tradition that when you enter an Ethiopian' s home you are immediately greeted with coffee! We had a traditional Ethiopian meal which killed most of our group with it's spice (I'm very happy and surprised to report the spice did not affect me at all!)We also participated in a couple dances complete with authentic clothing!

12 July 2017

Lecture on the Arab Spring (demonstrations and protests on the regime)

10 July 2017

This water treatment facility cares for water and waste treatment across Israel. It also recycles 100% of the waste towards keeping the plant running! Thanks to Li-at for a hilarious and honest tour through the tricked out visitors center. Amazed the group kept together as much as we did (giggles for days) during such a long day. And it's not over yet! #wpfulbrighthays #fhisrael2017 #help

7 July 2017

Day 4: It was a privilege to spend Chabbat with Eran, the man who has been with us as our overall tour guide for the week. His family was so welcoming and inviting. They allowed us to participate in the ceremonies and prepared a ridiculous amount of food. They concluded the night by telling us their incredible love story. I mostly took pictures of their garden because they did an incredible job landscaping. #lovestory #gardenfordays #experience #peoplearecrying
Day 4: School for the gifted! Oelia and Dr. Segev showed us how to be interactive and allow children to explore and find different solutions to problems.

6 July 2017

Day 3: a night out exploring Old Jaffa! Great fun with my group 🥂🍻
Day 3: Ron, our tour guide, told us all about the restored Templar settlement and ancient plants still found in the area today. We were all kind of distracted by the wedding photos, skaters, and soldier basically getting busy with his gf on a park bench, haha.
Day 3: Diaspora Museum! Our tour guide, Daisy, showed us how Jewish communities in different countries were inspired by their environment and adapted their synagogues based on the area. Also, the exhibit dedicated to the photographer Chim had so many powerful images!!
Day 3: lunch at 1 of the 4 universities in this country 😋
Day 3: we had our 2nd day of Hebrew lessons. I'm starting to get there with the conversation but the letters are ridiculous!

5 July 2017

Day 2: Guy Levi, Chief Innovation Officer of the Center of Educational Technology, showed us around the facility and then showed us the incredible technology available to educators in Isrsel.
Day 2: Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Our tour guide is great! We are exploring different types of Israeli art and the meanings behind each work. The symbolism and culture represented in all the different forms or mediums are truly fascinating. 🤓
Day 2: First day of Hebrew lessons! Can't wait to start learning this language. Also, at the coffee shop down the street they habe these awesome fig trees 🌲🌲 sorry about the thumb in the one picture.

4 July 2017

We have arrived! Israel our time together begins now!
Day 1 we went out for our first night 😀