Germany · 3 Days · 6 Moments · September 2017

Caitlin 's adventure in Munich, Germany

23 September 2017

Day trip to Würzburg! Not only did I go to a traditional German restaurant and sip wine by the river but I got to see my two German sisters!!!

22 September 2017

Dachau Concentration Camp was today. Unfortunately all the photos except this one got deleted. This is a photo of the crematorium at the camp. Inside was also a gas chamber used to kill small groups of prisoners. There was such a chilling and haunting atmosphere through the entire grounds. Hardly a sound. This was a very sobering experience.

21 September 2017

Never have I had such a great time at a festival. Oktoberfest was by far the coolest thing I've ever done. The beer tents were huge and decorated in Bavarian fashion, there were horses, the people were so much fun...10/10 would drink stupid amounts of beer again. Fun fact, each liter of beer weighs 5 pounds!
The day is finally here! Our entire reason for this trip...Oktoberfest!!
Guten Morgen Hauptbahnhof München 😍

20 September 2017

Aside from the hotel, our first stop was literally for Bratwurst, beer and Milka chocolate. I'm home!! 🍻