New Zealand, Singapore · 5 Days · 22 Moments · December 2017

Butters Family in Singapore

11 December 2017

Singapore lit up at night is breathtaking.
Had an amazing time at Adventure Cove in Sentosa. Some highlights were snorkelling with fish, screaming our heads off on the tube rides and the awesome wave pool!

10 December 2017

There was a missionary in our ward from Singapore, so when we told him we were going, we asked what his ward was. We went to his ward and met his parents, and the ward members were excited to hear about how Elder Wong was doing.

9 December 2017

The boys went to Indonesia to see Tyler’s best friend Zaki. They didn’t get a chance to say goodbye when Zaki left NZ, so it was good to be able to reunite them.
At an outdoor hawker centre
The girls spent the day shopping at Orchard Road. We only managed to shop in one department store which was 8 stories high with brands from H&M to Gucci. Mika loves the complimentary charging station where you can lock up your phone and leave it to charge while you went shopping.

8 December 2017

Marina Bay Sands....the long bit at the top is the infinite pool.
Cool charging station 👍🏻
View from the bed 😍

7 December 2017

The view from our hotel!
The next stop was Christchurch. We stretched our legs before we hopped on the plane. It seems the kids are much more comfortable with travelling after our trip to Europe.
Bye Wellington!
The senior classes at Tia’s school had a Noho Marae yesterday, so we picked her up in the morning, packed up the car and we were off to the airport!