Bulgaria · 4 Days · 8 Moments · December 2014

Bulgaria Ski Trip '14

8 December 2014

Out and around Sofia's outskirts... The poor constructed shackled houses gives the viewer a quick glimpse of how soviet comunism destroyed what people held dear and loved.... The ideology of freedom was long gone under the tyranny of soviet rule and along it the beauty of Bulgaria which due to this unfortunate encumberment gained its harsh vistas... A few landmarks still struck our eyes of how much the Bulgarians respect their lands with grace and virtue where one is to note that these people have long been close to god... Truly an amazing society.
Last day at cosy Balkan Jewel... A must stay lodging if in Bulgaria... Overall the staff was hospitable and charming.... The food close to perfection and the views were mind calming spectecular.... Views of vast pine forests and mountain peaks, open grasslands and somewhat of a bone shrivelling mist. All in all a heavenly tranquil nest.

7 December 2014

The Mind Busting task of Snowboarding.... A craze of adrenaline rush combined with the vivid white patches of freezing snow gives the trip to Bulgaria a whole new perspective... Just after this moment of ultimate hype... The champion posse' headed back to the jewel to enjoy the last dinner and a relaxed infant game of scrabble.
Snowboarding in Snowy Bansko... Thrilling feeling when your not flat on your arse buried in freezing cold snow.. Nevertheless the Cable car views gave us a good idea of how Bulgaria's harsh natural look wasn't keen on changing.. A truly heavenly experiance.

6 December 2014

Delicacy Delight... For Bulgarian Turtles... A strange array of food served cold on a colder night... Well apart from the scrumptious crepe which was amazing.... Well done to health freak Bulgarians.
Festival of Fun.... Snowy Freezy Todorka Mountain (Bansko).... The Champion Groups were supposed to hike their way to the peak's restaurant but got lost from the flock due to being young at heart and at mind... Nevertheless the mounds of snow left unchallenged by the skiiers was a priceless playground to us. Not to mention the frowned upon Damn Snowballs.

5 December 2014

Bansko by night.. Frantic Banskiac children singing Balkan Christmas Hymns followed by lighting a four metre tall shabby tree... After a visit to one of the most creative artisan craftsy shops in Bansko headed back to The Jewel for a strange enough Dinner which looked like a make believe Christmas Cuisine... Actually wasn't that bad, proceeded by a Moment of Chilhood in the lodging's Gamesroom
Sovietic Bulgaria... A 4 hour long flight took us to the eastern, post soviet arid land of Bulgaria, through poorly built Sofia, and through the byzantine monastery of Rila, where we were friended by two loving bulgarian dogs and a host tour of epic proportion madness.. Finally a relief to arrive at our chilly lodging The Balkan Jewel.