Russia · 11 Days · 19 Moments · June 2016

Bud's adventure in St Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russia

11 June 2016

Our last trip to the local store in the rain. Hope air france is flying Sunday a.m.

10 June 2016

There are 13 churches within the monastery.
We spent morning and afternoon at the Sergiev Posad Monastery. One of the things you learn in Russia is that Communist Party was not nearly as effective in neutralizing the Church is it claimed.

9 June 2016

We walked along the Moscow River just across from the outer wall of the Moscow Kremlin. The Kremlin is not a building. It's a huge complex. We'll take a brief three hour tour of the major areas day after tomorrow. BTW, we were not prepared for the beauty of this city.
We visited GUM, the old Soviet department store. It's now privatized. The first floor looks like Rodeo Drive, the second like a U.S. mall while the is like a well kept Family Bargain Center.
Our day in Moscow began by taking the subway from the dock to Red Square which was the beginning of six mile guided walking tour. The subways were very nicely decorated. Very interesting.

8 June 2016

We had tea and cake in a small group. Things woman made the cakes and her husband made the homemade vodka. Folks started making their own Gorbachev limited legal consumption to 2 liters a month. I bought the doll of "eternal love" she made during the winter.

7 June 2016

The lifeboats deploy in a man overboard drill. They have five minutes to get to the person. Person dies of hypothermia in 10 minutes.

6 June 2016

Thoroughly modern Oma reads on her tablet.
Today we bused through provincial Russia to get the Kirillo monastery on the White Lake. Afterwards we were taken to local school that teaches creative arts and traditional crafts to children under 12. The provinces bear no resemblance to St. Petersburg.

5 June 2016

We've gone through many small locks but this the tightest fit yet. It is actually tighter than the photo conveys.
The high point of the trip today was complex wooden church of Kizni. We had the only rain so far in Russia while here. Hence no scenic photo of the two us. Very interesting comenary on the church

3 June 2016

The fortification that straddles the entrance to the Neva from Lake Ladoga. It had a ghostly appearance it the "white night" of these northern latitudes. In Moscow we should have dark night again.
This is the Church of the Risen Christ, known mostly as the church of the spilled blood because it was built on the spot where the reformist Czar Alexander II was assassinated.
We visited Peterhof, built by Peter the Great to be the showplace of Russia. For the Bolsheviks it became object lesson in ruling class decadence. It works both ways.

2 June 2016

St. Petersburg is awash with stuff related to Peter the Great. This commerates his time disguised as a ship builder in Zaandam.

1 June 2016

Full day at the Hermitage. The photo is inside the palace chapel.
Nellie working on journi in our state room before before the tour of the Hermitage.