Europe · 11 Days · 12 Moments · January 2018


18 January 2018

DAY 12 | JANUARY 18 Today was our last day in Amsterdam and the boys wanted to have a man date. So us girls went out for coffee and then hit the shops! There was a crazy storm apparently sweeping over Europe and somehow we missed the memo... left our hostel a little lasts at 3.45... and got to central station to find... ALL TRAIN LINES WERE OUT. And no direct buses... so we headed out to find a bus to the airport. With only 1.5hours till the flight left it was a bit of a gamble... So 3 of us jumped out and got into an Uber... but none of us made it... Missed the flight. 110 euro each to change to a layer flight!

17 January 2018

DAY 11 | JANUARY 17 This morning we went to the Anne Frank House! Such a cool little step back in time. Amazing house so well preserved! Then we went for a wander and found this bacon shop in a funky area and had the best bacon roll EVER Jared then took us to these dodgy as flea markets but next to them was this awesome second hand store where I got a sick handbag and a horrible jumpsuit!! We then walked to the Heineken Tour! Jumped on a boat up the canal... then up the A’Dam tower and went o. This crazy cool swing on the top floor!

16 January 2018

DAY 10 | JANUARY 16 Day one in Amsterdam... pretty crazy city. Weird... cool... amazing fashion... We got up nice and early and grabbed bikes and Jared took us and we headed for this old nunnery and then to a massive park and bikes around it for ages. It was beautiful We stopped at this cool old tram shed for lunch called De Foodhallen it was awesome! Stumbled across this old museum and next to it was an ice rink! Dropped the bikes back. And then at about 4.30 we headed back to the central station and jumped on the ferry and headed across to the other side super industrial. Stayed there for dinner and drinks!

15 January 2018

DAY 9 | JANUARY 15 The boys got home latteeee from dancing upstairs in the hostel. We went to see a world clock... that was broken and not working. Seems to be a thing on this trip every clock we go to see isn’t working! 😂 We got up and checked out of wombats and headed over to the rose garden for brekky before making our way to the airport: our next destination... AMSTERDAM 😬

14 January 2018

DAY 8 | JANUARY 14 Day two in Berlin... we got up and went for a walking tour! We meet in the old square next to the peace gate! And a kiwi guy took us around most of east Berlin and we crossed into West Berlin once. He was so great... so much information. We went through a lot of Berlin’s history! We had lunch at a local German pub. And then split off... Ally and Tom headed for the street art. While the boys and myself went back to the Jewish memorial and went underneath into the museum and then walked over to another gallery which was all about the SS and it was so interesting! Finished the evening in a German pub hall.. the boys had pork knuckles and litres of beer!

13 January 2018

DAY 7 | JANUARY 13 First day in Berlin ... what a cool place this is. Everywhere has a awesome vibe and such cool culture! We got up slightly late due to dancing till 4am... so as the others were sleeping I snuck out to a second hand shop and got 2 jackets to help layer up. Berlin is flipping cold. We then headed to the train station and made our way out to the east side gallery where the Berlin Wall remains have been graffitied 🤙🏽 We had burgermister which was a recommendation from a friend of ally’s and it was delicious. A tiny little container under the train line. YUM 😋 We went back to the hostel and went out for an early dinner.

11 January 2018

DAY 6 | JANUARY 12 We had the morning to explore the old town square and get brekkie before packing up the worlds smallest apartment and heading for the airport! It was so cold this morning. Jackets on top of jackets with beanies gloves and scarfs! I did not pack enough socks that’s for sure! We then headed for the airport and our next stop was Berlin... via Köln-Bonn .... which is totally the opposite direction... but the flights were $21 each WORTH IT! Arrived into Berlin and Ally had a booked in for a pub crawl: shivers!!! We went to some really cool places including a pub that literally looked like someone’s garage with a ping pong table in the middle of the room. And we managed to stay out dancing until 4am!!!
DAY 5 | JANUARY 11 Arrived in Prague at around 5pm yesterday. Today tommy was in charge of activities! We went downstairs and got fresh bread avocados and coffee for breakfast and ate in the apartment. We walked along the river and into the old city to a bike hire shop. Hired bikes... 3 singles and a tandem! And off we went on an adventure over the bridge through the gardens and into the Prague castle! How beautiful! Dropped the bikes off and grabbed late lunch at a local place which was delicious! Lots and lots of sausage! Home and we got cheese and wine and played cards on the balcony untill around 9pm. And the we went for a evening walk over the bridge to see all the buildings life up for night! We only had one full day in Prague which wasn’t enough. But I know I’d love to come back in summer! Me and ally went for a walk to get a hot chocolate and a chimney 😉

10 January 2018

DAY 4 | January 10 Last morning in Budapest. We went to the St Steven bascilica and walked up 303 stairs to the top to a 360 def view of the pretty city! Went back to the apartment packed up and headed for the airport! TIME TO FLY TO PRAGUE!

9 January 2018

DAY 3 | January 9 We had a sleep in after s night out at the ruins bars And me and Tom walked down and got some stuff for brekkie. Eggs avocado bacon tomato mushrooms a real cook up! Then we ventured out the house around 12... and walked to maregret island which sits in the river between buda and pest. Pretty quiet little island in winter but we found some cool bike buggy’s to ride around on. We went back home and relaxed for the arvo playing cards and red wine Then we went out for dinner to a hungerian place nearby Finished the night with a walk around the city looking at the buildings which are lite up at night and they are so beautiful it’s like a fairytale castle

8 January 2018

DAY 2 | January 8 We got up and Ally and Tom had been to the airport market and brought some muesli yoghurt and fruit for brekkie! We had to be in the city center at lion fountain at 10.30 for our walking tour! This took us all around the city and over the bridge. Budapest is split by a river buda on one side with all the castles and royal buildings. And pest where we stayed with the city and nightlife We then went to a Hungarian place for lunch and walked home to get swimmers and head for the thermal baths We got back to the apartment had showers and went out for Thai and into the Jewish quarter which has these cool old ruins bars Fun day 1!!
DAY1 | JANUARY 7 After a long night in the airport in Cairo. We stayed with karis micah shaun and Elyssa till around 10pm in their hotel and then we made our way to the airport. Our flight wasn’t untill 4.50am so we were very aware it was time to sleep on the airport floor We got on our flight and all fell asleep 😌💤 We stoped in Athens for an hour before continuing in to Budapest! When we arrived we made our way to our cute little air BnB! Everyone was so tired so we all had a nap before heading out for dinner close by at a Mexican place with the best tasting tequilla it was delicious. 🤙🏽